Hey, thanks for the reassurance. I was quite paranoid from leaving the site in the first place and left it up to my fellow editors. The past few months I've actually been minimally active due to school but since its summer break I have a lot more time for editing. My motivation to really edit nowadays is either when a sale is ongoing or when a new popular item comes out. Usually I prefer to change articles the majority favor from, or more specifically, items and events. For example, I've edited the Neapolitan Crown page countless times now since it's gained traction. Since Roblox has stopped making limiteds my editing patterns have changed significantly. Things just aren't the same as they used to be, and so forth I unfortunately can't be as active as others percieve me to be. Though I am one of the more notable editors on this site, don't worry, I have zero intentions of quitting unless under serious circumstances. The pleasure from putting out and creating pages for me was exciting, I always wondered what people would think of my "work." Anyways, I appreciate your concerns. Thank you for the compliment as well. I am really glad to be back.

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