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Example of a simple tie.

A Roblox Tie is a Hat in the shape of a tie and is worn around your neck instead of on your head, like most hats. Most ties are as simple as. the ROBLOX Logo on a colored background, but some can be more complex, such as the Art Tie and several Bowties.


A list of all ties, and special ties:

  • Normal Ties
    • Red Striped Tie - 55 Robux
    • Clown Tie - 100 Robux
    • Zebra Tie - 75 Robux
    • Zombie Tie
    • ROBLOX Tie - Limited
    • Blame John Tie
    • Earth Day 2011 Tie
    • Egg Tie
    • Spring Tie
    • Treehouse Silk Tie
    • TREEmendous Tie
    • Nick's Tie
  • Bow Ties
  • Various Builders Club Only Ties
    • Think Tie - BC Only, 10 TIX

      Am example of a ROBLOX tie, with ROBLOX's slogan on it.

    • BC Business Tie - BC Only, 75 R$
    • TBC Business Tie - TBC Only, 75 R$
    • OBC Business Tie - OBC Only, 75 R$
  • Variations of Shape
    • The Skinny Tie - 25 R$
    • Bolo Tie - 75 R$
    • Woah! Tie Headband - Came from face
    • Candy Corny Tie - Offsale
    • Nickelodeon Slime Tie - 1 Tick
    • Canada Tie
    • Lightning Tie
    • Ghost Tie
  • Limited/Limited U Ties
    • Umadbro? - LimitedU, 50 R$
    • Art Tie - LimitedU, 5 R$
      Art Tie

      The Art Tie.

    • Epic Face Tie - LimitedU, 50 R$
    • Vaiobot's Moneylicious Making Tree - LimitedU, 5,000 R$
    • Humbug Tie - LimitedU, 100 R$

T-Shirt Tie Cheat

Some players have modified Ties and uploaded them as T-shirts. These T-shirts give the same look as a person wearing a real tie without actually buying the tie.

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