January 2015

  • January 7 – The player list receives a major revamp, with the background being more transparent, the font being replaced with Source Sans Light, the players' names and the player's own username above the list and the list itself being smaller in size, and the lines between the players' names being thinner. Also, the button used to hide the list was removed, players will now need to simply click the area with their username in it to hide part of the list. Also, backpack receives a revamped too, due to their buttons were updated. Roblox also releases fog for players with their graphics quality setting set to 7 or higher.
  • January 19 – The 2015 Winter Games start.

February 2015

  • February 1 –The ROBLOX 2015 Winter Games comes to an end.[1]
  • February 3 –
  • February 4 – Friends lists are changed to followers/following lists, and best friends are changed to friends as part of the "Friends and Followers" update.
  • February 9 – The Name List is updated.
  • February 12 – New game templates added; City, Medieval, Obby, Racing, and Shooter.
  • February 24 – Roblox adds the ability to follow players from within a game. Now, friends turn into followers and best friends turn into friends.
  • February 26 – New Surface Lightings are shown.

March 2015

  • March 1 – Updated game menu when you select a game to play.
  • March 1 – Big Hero 6 event ends.
  • March 5 – Game pages are updated.
  • March 18 – Roblox now supports .ogg audio files.
  • March 23 – Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2015 event starts.

April 2015

  • April 1 – In honor of April Fool's Day, the Roblox Twitter made a tweet saying that "old ROBLOX" was back. On Roblox's Facebook page, it was announced that all characters were changed to BLOXikins.
  • April 5 – The Egg Hunt 2015 ends.
  • April 23 – The in-game navigation bar is updated, as well as the default smile.
  • April 24 – Custom Particles are released.
  • April 30 – taymaster is the first developer to earn $50,000 in one month using DevEx.

May 2015

  • May 7 –  The default face is updated again
  • May 11 – ROBLOX Ultimate Competition event starts.
  • May 22 – Memorial Day Sale 2015 begins.
  • May 25 – Memorial Day Sale 2015 ends.
  • May 27 – Roblox adds smooth terrain for ROBLOX Client and ROBLOX Studio. A week later, new players begun starting with a place made with smooth terrain.
  • May 27 – ROBLOX Ultimate Competition event ends.
  • May 28 – Group users can now earn money off of Group Owned Games.

June 2015

  • June 1 – Jurassic World event begins in anticipation of the release of the movie of the same name.
  • June 1 – The ROBLOX 2015 Summer Games event starts.
  • June 3 – Roblox releases Game icons, making it easier to navigate, as well as the new beautiful UI. The extra search bar on the games page is removed. Also, new players begin starting with places made of smooth terrain. The first user to start with this place is freddybear246.
  • June 14 – ROBLOX Summer Camp 2015 event starts.
  • June 15 – The ROBLOX Summer Camp starts. Also, the Jurassic World event ends, and a Teen Titans Go! sponsorship begins at Work at a Pizza Place.
  • June 23 – The Smooth Terrain Contest starts.
  • June 26 – Dragons: Race To The Edge event starts
  • June 30 – The Smooth Terrain Contest ends. The winners of the contest were also announced.
  • June 30 – ROBLOX Summer Camp 2015 event ends.

July 2015

  • July 1 – A sponsorship of the Illuminations' movie Minions begins, and also the "ROBLOX Summer Games" event ends and the Lunchables sponsor starts.
  • July 2 – A new kind of material is added to Roblox under the name of Neon, which makes blocks seem bright without light.
  • July 6 – Dragons: Race To The Edge and Teen Titans Go! event ends.
  • July 8 –
  • July 10 –
  • July 12 – The ROBLOX 2015 Summer Games event ends.
  • July 20 – We Bare Bears event starts.
  • July 23 – The loading screen was updated with a background and a circular spinner, but however, it did not show how many voxels/instances/bricks/connectors it was loading. They also broke the in-game player list, making it so it could not close.
  • July 26 – Due to a glitch in a site update, many players were automatically logged off couldn't log in. It was fixed within an hour after the discovery.
  • July 30 – An update in the Roblox client broke Local Scripts that can hide the in-game player list and also, A free model which is the old cursor was glitched out and broken again, just like what happened to the top bar update. It broke old Roblox simulators and some FPS games.

August 2015

  • August 2 – The Lunchables sponsor concludes.
  • August 5 – 6 months and lifetime options for Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club and Outrageous Builders Club are removed.
  • August 14 – The paint palette on Roblox Studio got a new look, and more colors were added.
  • August 21 – We Bare Bears event ends.
  • August 30 – Hotel Transylvania 2 event starts.

September 2015

  • September 2 – Profiles are changed and now have more features, but some people said they couldn't see what their friends are playing and even lost a number of badges.
  • September 14 – A new in-game menu is introduced which featured keyboard shortcuts for the Desktop version and makes reporting people to ROBLOX moderators much easier.
  • September 27 – Hotel Transylvania 2 event ends.

October 2015

  • October 5 – New physics are introduced. Unfortunately, this introduction broke some older game mechanics like Trains using Cylinders as wheels.
  • October 7 – New shaders are added.
  • October 9 - The name list is checked and fine.
  • October 16 – A new website chat interface was added, which showed whether your friend's are offline or online and their current face appearance.
  • October 27 – The Peanuts Movie event starts.
  • October 29 – A new logo for the ROBLOX icon on the desktop is introduced. Also, the old ROBLOX word is back in its entirety.

November 2015

December 2015


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