January 2020

  • January 7 – UIGradient is released from testing.[1]
  • January 10 – Web endpoints relating to groups are replaced.[2]
  • January 11
    • Roblox begins searching for games to take part in the Egg Hunt 2020 event.[3]
    • Future is Bright: Phase 2.5 is released.[4]
    • Roblox releases an official statement regarding the recent controversy surrounding the Roblox Death Sound.[5]
  • January 13 – The avatar editor on mobile devices is overhauled.[6]
  • January 15 – Roblox officially confirms on a Twitter post that the rumors of Roblox shutting down is a hoax, and how they are not shutting down.[7]
  • January 17 – "Luau" Type Checking is released into beta.[8]
  • January 21 – Web endpoints relating to private messages are replaced.[9]
  • January 22 – Quick Open modal is implemented into Roblox Studio to help users and developers search through all instances in their place.[10]
  • January 23
    • RDC 2020 is announced to take place in July 2020 and will take place in a larger venue than previous years.[11]
    • The player list receives an overhaul; it is now an improved design based on the version that was used temporarily on December 11, 2019. It was originally announced on the Developer Forum on January 17, 2020.[12] It is set in the same font as used in the website, and can be hidden by simply clicking the player's name in the top right corner; however, it cannot be expanded. The menu that is displayed when clicking on a player's name is also overhauled as the buttons have been enlarged to show icons as well as a picture of the player's avatar.
  • January 27 – The Configure Group page is released for all users.[13] Also, groups can now contain up to 40 roles.[14]
  • January 28 – Web endpoints relating to friends are replaced.[15]
  • January 29
    • Fast & Furious: Spy Racers event starts.
    • The search bar becomes rounder and gets recolored to white with the outline scrapped for good.
  • January 30 – The sidebar icons on the website are changed.

February 2020

  • February 3
    • LoadLibrary is finally removed after its removal was postponed.[16]
    • A minor issue regarding image moderation is announced and resolved within the same day.[17]
  • February 13 – Changes are made to "sleeping" parts.[18]
  • February 14 – Roblox opens intern applications for the summer of 2020.[19]
  • February 19
    • Premium Payouts are implemented as another way for developers to earn revenue.[20]
    • The 7th Annual Bloxys are announced, with six initial categories to vote for.[21]
  • February 20 – Roblox begins a new "Global Compliance System" to follow the laws and regulations of certain countries, starting with China.[22]
  • February 26 – Roblox raises $150 million after a recent funding initiative by Andreessen Horowitz[23], allowing the company to become valued at $4 billion.[24][25]
  • February 28 – The Developer Forum "Member" and "New Member" trust levels are changed to "Regular" and "Member".[26]
  • February 29
    • Roblox begins testing a new feature live. The feature is called Roblox Video Streaming and there is a game dedicated to testing it.[27]
    • MeepCity was hacked by Harkinian and tubers93[citation needed]. The game teleported players to a darker version of the game, where users could hit Alexnewtron with a bat. Millions of MeepCity's in-game currency were also distributed to users. The game also reaches 5 billion place visits, becoming the first Roblox game to do so.[citation needed]

March 2020

  • March 1 – Jailbreak and Roblox's Got Talent suffer from a service issue, causing the games to default back into the default Baseplate. The games were quickly restored with no issues.
  • March 7-12 – Players experienced issues joining games. This caused the front page to become featured with random games and inaccurate player counts. The issue was resolved an hour later.[28]
  • March 13 – The in-game topbar UI displaying the player list and other supplementary information is rehauled to better match the new player list design released earlier in the year.[29]
  • March 16 – Unified Game Permissions are released from beta.[30]
  • March 17 – The Xbox One S Roblox Bundle is officially released.
  • March 18 – Royale High reaches 3 billion place visits.
  • March 19 – Roblox clarifies how code is flagged for review.[31]
  • March 20 – 7th Annual Bloxy Awards game opens, marking the beginning of the event.
  • March 20 - Roblox Hit 2 000 000 Subscribers
  • March 21
    • 7th Annual Bloxys live stream begins in-game at 12:00 PM PST.
    • Roblox experiences issues with ExplorerImageIndex 46.pngMarketplaceService and other APIs.[32][33]
  • March 26 – At 3:36 PM EST, the RDC 2020 event is announced to become fully digital, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.[34]
  • March 29 – The Configure button on badge pages was somehow removed for users who can configure it. It was added back the following day.
  • March 31
    • Premium Payouts are tripled.[35]
    • A followup to Roblox's "Code Safety Review" process is posted.[36]
    • Support for the Outlines feature is fully removed, as the majority of games no longer use it.[37]

April 2020

  • April 1
    • Roblox releases the Robox hat as part of their April Fools prank from the previous year.
    • Roblox reveals the first two eggs for the Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G. event on their Twitter account after users successfully reached the goals in less than a day.
    • A Lua Dragger is released in the "Beta testing" phase.[38]
  • April 2 – All users, regardless if they are a Premium member or not, are now given a 30% marketplace fee on sold gamepasses and developer products.[39]
  • April 3 – Roblox releases a "Play Together" sort meant to "bring friends, families, schools, etc. together in digital reality and to provide a way for everyone to stay connected during these difficult times.".[40] This was later changed to "Play Together (10 Robux VIP)" to popularize cheap VIP servers. However, this sprouted confusion temporarily[41] until it was changed to "Play Together (10 Robux VIP Servers)".
  • April 4
    • Mad City becomes the thirteenth game to reach one billion place visits.
    • Jailbreak becomes the first game to beat Adopt Me! in place visits since June 15, 2019.
  • April 5 – Adopt Me! surpasses MeepCity as the game with the most place visits.
  • April 7 – Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G. officially begins.
  • April 11
    • Adopt Me! becomes the first game to reach over a million concurrent players. At its peak, it reached 1,615,085 concurrent players. Due to the player record, the Roblox website briefly experienced issues.
    • A group of hackers, supposedly including tubers93, a hacker who had previously hacked MeepCity in February of the same year, temporarily open a voice chat game using a website to speak into and the game only worked for mobile and the Windows 10 Store client to prevent exploiters
  • Mid-April – The UI redesign announced in March 2020 is launched via A/B testing.
  • April 15
    • Piggy becomes the fourteenth game to reach one billion place visits, less than three months after its release.
    • Weight Lifting Simulator 3 gets content deleted from Roblox. With over 980 million place visits, it is the most-visited game to be deleted.
  • April 16 – Roblox announces the One World: Together At Home Virtual Concert, but doesn't officially begin until a day later, with the opening of the official hangout.[42]
  • April 17 – A game sort for the One World: Together At Home event is added to the Games page.[43]
  • April 18
    • Hide and Seek Extreme becomes the fifteenth game to reach one billion place visits.
    • Adopt Me! becomes the first game to reach 6 billion place visits.
  • April 21 – Game developers can now use the "Migrate to Latest Update" feature to smoothly roll out new updates.[44]
  • April 22
    • Welcome to Bloxburg becomes the first paid game to reach two billion place visits.
    • Roblox adds the ability to migrate users to a recently updated server.[45]
  • April 24
    • Epic Minigames becomes the sixteenth game to reach one billion place visits.
    • Roblox begins a ban wave action against exploiters who used free exploits and a specific popular paid exploit. Innocent accounts were somehow caught in the action and were falsely terminated, although most to all innocent users got unbanned the next day.
  • April 28
    • The Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G. event ends.
    • A bug concerning ExplorerImageIndex 20.pngStarterGear and ExplorerImageIndex 20.pngBackpack replication is fixed.[46]
  • April 29 – The page for uploading advertisements gets updated with a new look.[47]
  • April 30 – The COVID-19 Relief event begins.
  • April 30 to May 3rd –

May 2020

  • May 4 – A major security breach occurs where an unknown user gains access to the Roblox admin panel from a bribe, allowing them to theoretically access all user data; despite this, the user only gained access to the info of 10 users, most notably Linkmon99.[48]
  • May 6
    • The "SmoothingAngle" property is added to ExplorerImageIndex 0.pngPartOperation.[49]
    • ExplorerImageIndex 48.pngScrollingFrame gets updated with a new layout, and has also been adjusted to scroll smoother and now allows for trackpad scrolling.[50]
  • May 10 – A new Game Sort was added to the games page on Roblox for games that are popular among Roblox Premium players.
  • May 11
    • Piggy reaches 2 billion place visits in under a month of it reaching 1 billion place visits.
    • Adopt Me! becomes the first game to reach 7 billion place visits.
  • May 13
    • A new in-game Topbar is released to all users.
    • The WorldModel Instance is released for use with ExplorerImageIndex 52.pngViewportFrame.
  • May 17 – Nimblz passes away at age 21. Cause of death confirmed to be suicide.[51]
  • May 25 – Tower of Hell reaches 2 billion place visits.
  • May 28 – A Developer Forum post is made regarding the death of Nimblz on May 17.[52]
  • May 30
    • Adopt Me! becomes the first game to surpass the entire human population in amount of place place visits.
    • Mega Fun Obby becomes the seventeenth game to reach 1 billion place visits.

June 2020

  • June 3 – Roblox crashes, causing all games on Roblox to receive error code 260.[citation needed]
  • June 4
    • DreamCraft/Adopt Me!|Adopt Me!]] becomes the first game to reach 8 billion place visits.
    • Piggy reaches 3 billion place visits.
  • June 12
    • Arsenal becomes the eighteenth game to reach 1 billion place visits.
    • Developers can now make their game have free private servers.
    • Reginald creates a Badge Walk with 10K badges, being the game with the most badges and the first to surpass 10,000 badges in a game.
  • June 16 – At 9:55 PM EDT, a server error causes Roblox to go down unexpectedly. Many users experience 502 Bad Gateway errors, as well as 503 Service Unavailable errors, overload errors, and the inability to connect to the site at all.[53] Roblox Studio was down as well. Though it was fixed the same day. On the time that this happend the Roblox players online went down to 430k although it manage to recover after the issue was resolved.
  • June 23 – Thousands of Roblox accounts were hacked and repurposed as bots.
  • June 25 – Wonder Woman event starts.
  • June 28 – Adopt Me! becomes the first game to surpass 9 billion place visits.
  • June 30 – COVID-19 Relief event ends.

July 2020

  • July 1 – Any attempt to go to the old Roblox card page is redirected to a revamped version.
  • July 2 – All 4 letter usernames on Roblox were taken[citation needed].
  • July 3 – Piggy becomes the third game to reach 4 billion place visits.
  • July 5
    • A shared administrator account known as playeneer is discovered to have a place known as "Voices" which contained evidence of voice chat functionality possibly being added to Roblox. The account was later terminated and the place was deleted.
    • Tower of Hell reaches 3 billion place visits.
  • July 6 – Playeneer's termination was revoked. Voices is closed to the public.
  • July 8 – Murder Mystery 2 reaches 3 billion place visits.
  • July 9 – Adopt Me! becomes the first game to reach 9 billion place visits.
  • July 15 – VIP servers are renamed to private servers.[54]
  • July 16
    • Build It, Play It event begins.
    • Jailbreak becomes the fourth game to reach 4 billion place visits.
  • July 19 – Adopt Me! becomes the first game to reach 10 billion place visits.
  • July 21 – Royale High becomes the fifth game to reach 4 billion place visits.
  • July 23
    • Roblox forcefully changes a lot of old users' avatars to wear R15.[citation needed]
    • Players in China visiting roblox.com are redirected to roblox.cn, the migrated website which is run by Tencent Games.
    • All servers in the United Kingdom break, causing the website to not load.[citation needed]
  • July 25 – Roblox partners with Monstercat Media to bring modern music to the platform, accompanying the APM music library.[55]

August 2020

  • August 1 – Users were able to exploit Roblox by changing their username using Fiddler, a web debugger. It was quickly fixed.[citation needed]
  • August 3 – The Roblox website experiences major issues.[56]
  • August 5
    • Piggy reaches 5 billion place visits.
    • Tower of Hell becomes the fifth game to reach 4 billion place visits.
  • August 11 – The Roblox website experiences issues, causing the website to become much slower, the chat bubbles in Friends' chats to change into a weird shape, as well as having many users load into games with a blocky noob-type avatar or an incomplete gray avatar. The latter only occurred to some users in specific games, such as Adopt Me!, Royale High and others.[56]
  • August 12 – The Roblox website again experiences issues starting around 5:48 EST.
  • August 13 – Bee Swarm Simulator becomes the nineteenth game to reach 1 billion visits. It is also the first simulator to reach 1 billion visits.
  • August 16 – Dungeon Quest becomes the twentieth game to reach 1 billion visits.
  • August 20 – MeepCity reached 7 billion visits.
  • August 21 – Fashion Famous (Mobile) becomes the 21st game to reach 1 billion visits.
  • August 26 – Dialogue with chat was replaced with a new font, new background color, colored text, and more.[57]
  • August 31 – Tower of Hell reaches 5 billion visits.

September 2020

  • September 8
    • Roblox experiences an issue with CoreScripts which causes multiple games to have issues when joining. The most notable games known to have been affected by this were Counter Blox, Arsenal, and Islands.
    • A new default avatar has been added.
    • An update starts to roll out to users in certain areas where genders on the sign-up screen have been removed, and there is a new avatar for new users. However, players can still change their gender through the Settings tab.
  • September 11 – Roblox starts a digital gift card design contest, with the winner being awarded $100 USD.[58]
  • September 14 – VideoFrames are released to the public.[59]
  • September 19 – Welcome to Bloxburg reaches 3 billion place visits.
  • September 22
    • Roblox removes the feature to view sales on all avatar shop items, except on mobile. Now, only the creators of their item(s) can only view the sales of their item(s). This has already sparked controversy and many people have been discussing their thoughts on social media. Many users have supported the idea of re-adding this feature as many have dubbed it useful.
    • Piggy becomes the third game to reach 6 billion visits.
  • September 25 – The Ava Max Heaven & Hell Launch Party event launches to celebrate Ava Max's upcoming album, Heaven & Hell.
  • September 26 – Numerous hijacked accounts start mass messaging users with a phishing link through an XSS Vulnerability. This was quickly patched within a few hours.
  • September 27
    • Tower of Hell becomes the fourth game to reach 6 billion visits.
    • Ninja Legends becomes the twenty-second game to reach 1 billion visits.

October 2020

  • October 7 – Flee The Facility reaches 2 billion visits.
  • October 10 – Adopt Me reaches 1 million concurrent players for the fifth time (1.7M at its peak). At this time, Roblox was experiencing unrelated issues and the massive player count caused even more issues, such as player data not saving.
  • October 11 - Adopt Me reaches 1 million concurrent players for the sixth time. Players report experiencing issues with accessing the website and the servers.
    • Roblox experiences even more issues shortly after the previous issues were fixed, such as R6 idle and walking animation breaking, the friends list not appearing, and other issues.
  • October 15 – Roblox adds 25 new fonts to Roblox Studio.[60]
  • October 20 – Roblox experiences in-game data loss, leading to some of the most popular games to briefly close, including Adopt Me!, Royale High, Shindo Life, and Work at a Pizza Place for a bit.
  • October 22 – Roblox announces on the Developer Forum a then-upcoming adjustment to pending sales, increasing the time from 3 days to 3 to 7 days, resulting in backlash.
  • October 29 – Proximity prompt was put into beta in Roblox Studio.[61]

November 2020

  • November 3 - Roblox rolls out an update which puts the Roblox Website UI into Roblox Player, instead of being in the browser for a small minority of players. Reverts after 6 hours of use. This update received criticism from the playerbase hours right after it was released.
  • November 6 - Roblox officially reaches 2 billion users.[citation needed]
  • November 10 – Lil Nas X Concert Experience event begins to promote Lil Nas X's new song, Holiday.
  • November 13 – Dynamic Skies enters internal beta.[citation needed]
    • Phase 1a introduces procedurally-generated clouds into the game.
  • November 14
    • Roblox experiences a major issue, which caused everyone unable to edit their avatar while it is broken.[citation needed]
    • The Flamingo Junkbot Raid occurred, resulting in the Roblox game Da Hood reaching upwards of 200k players.
  • November 16 – RB Battles Season 2 event begins.
  • November 23 – The Ready Player Two event begins a day after the main hub for the event opens.

December 2020

  • December 2 – The tax for VIP servers, paid access places, and plugin marketplace sales is changed for non-premium users from 90% to 30%.[62]
  • December 3
    • An unknown "Runtime Error" crash happened at around 6:00 PM EST. A unique error screen was seen during on that short period.
    • The VehicleSeat is updated so that the player can zoom into the dashboard in first-person. Prior to this, the player could only zoom above the head, and in most cases their vehicle. This update received criticism from the playerbase right after it was released.
  • December 4
    • Website bug occurs that resulted in players having their Robux, limiteds, clothing, etc. being missing from their inventory. This was quickly fixed.
    • Roblox temporarily closes account creation for maintenance around 10 AM PST.
      • Ban wave occurs targeting exploiters around the same time account creation was disabled.
  • December 9
    • Roblox joins TikTok.[63]
    • Some Roblox users experience problems when joining games. Roblox Studio also reports with issues.
    • Roblox makes it so that non-Premium users can upload shirts for 100 Robux. This has received harsh criticism from the community.[64]
  • December 10 – Roblox begins rolling out new avatar headshots. New editing of the avatar will cause the avatar headshot to be forward. It has received criticism due to users calling it "creepy".[65]
  • December 11 – Proximity prompt was released to the public.[66]
  • December 14 – Roblox has acquired the company Loom.ai in efforts to help bring facial expressions and animations as well as more realistic 3D avatars to the platform.[67]
  • December 18 – A beta for new terrain, parts, and built-in materials was released.[68]
  • December 28 – Roblox collabs with Microsoft, allowing players to get 100 Robux from Microsoft Rewards. This was quickly taken down due to players abusing it for free Robux.[69]


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