January 2020

  • January 6 – Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge event ends.
  • January 7 – UIGradient is released from testing.[1]
  • January 10 – Web endpoints relating to groups are replaced.[2]
  • January 11
    • Roblox begins searching for games to take part in the Egg Hunt 2020 event.[3]
    • Future is Bright: Phase 2.5 is released.[4]
    • Roblox releases an official statement regarding the recent controversy surrounding Roblox Death Sound.[5]
  • January 13 – The avatar editor on mobile devices is overhauled.[6]
  • January 15 – Roblox officially confirms on a Twitter post that the rumors of Roblox shutting down is a hoax and how they are not shutting down.[7]
  • January 17 – "Luau" Type Checking is released into beta.[8]
  • January 21 – Web endpoints relating to private messages are replaced.[9]
  • January 22 – Quick Open modal is implemented into Roblox Studio to help users and developers search through all instances in their place.[10]
  • January 23 
    • RDC 2020 is announced to take place in July 2020 and will take place in a larger venue than previous years.[11]
    • The player list receives an overhaul; it is now an improved design based on the version that was used temporarily on December 11, 2019. It was originally announced on the Developer Forum on January 17, 2020.[12] It is set in the same font as used in the website, and can be hidden by simply clicking the player's name in the top right corner; however, it cannot be expanded. The menu that is displayed when clicking on a player's name is also overhauled as the buttons have been enlarged to show icons as well as a picture of the player's avatar.
  • January 27 – The Configure Group page is released for all users.[13] Also, groups can now contain up to 40 roles.[14]
  • January 28 – Web endpoints relating to friends are replaced.[15]
  • January 29
    • Fast & Furious: Spy Racers event starts
    • The search bar becomes rounder and gets recolored to white with the outline scrapped for good.
  • January 30 – The sidebar icons on the website are changed.

February 2020

  • February 3
    • LoadLibrary is finally removed after its removal was postponed.[16]
    • A minor issue regarding image moderation is announced and resolved within the same day.[17]
  • February 13 – Changes are made to "sleeping" parts.[18]
  • February 14 – Roblox opens intern applications for the summer of 2020.[19]
  • February 19
    • Premium Payouts are implemented as another way for developers to earn revenue.[20]
    • The 7th Annual Bloxys are announced, with six initial categories to vote for.[21]
  • February 20 – Roblox begins a new "Global Compliance System" to follow the laws and regulations of certain countries, starting with China.[22]
  • February 26 – Roblox raises $150 million after a recent funding initiative by Andreessen Horowitz[23], allowing the company to become valued at $4 billion.[24][25]
  • February 28 – The Developer Forum "Member" and "New Member" trust levels are changed to "Regular" and "Member".[26]
  • February 29
    • Roblox begins testing a new feature live. The feature is called Roblox Video Streaming and there is a game dedicated to testing it.[27]
    • MeepCity was hacked by Harkinian and tubers93[citation needed]. The game teleported players to a darker version of the game, where users could hit Alexnewtron with a bat. Millions of MeepCity's in-game currency were also distributed to users. The game also reaches 5 billion visits, becoming the first Roblox game to do so. [citation needed]

March 2020

  • March 1 – Jailbreak and Roblox's Got Talent suffer from a service issue, causing the games to default back into the default Baseplate. The games were quickly restored with no issues.
  • March 7-12 – Players experienced issues joining games. This caused the front page to become featured with random games and inaccurate player counts. The issue was resolved an hour later.[28]
  • March 13 – The in-game topbar UI displaying the player list and other supplementary information is rehauled to better match the new player list design released earlier in the year.[29]
  • March 16 – Unified Game Permissions are released from beta.[30]
  • March 19 – Roblox clarifies how code is flagged for review.[31]
  • March 20 – 7th Annual Bloxy Awards game opens, marking the beginning of the event.
  • March 21
  • March 26 – At 3:36 PM EST, the RDC 2020 event is announced to become fully digital, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.[34]
  • March 29 – The Configure button on badge pages was somehow removed for users who can configure it. It was added back the following day.
  • March 31
    • Premium Payouts are tripled.[35]
    • A followup to Roblox's "Code Safety Review" process is posted.[36]
    • Support for the Outlines feature is fully removed, as the majority of games no longer use it.[37]

April 2020

  • April 1
    • Roblox releases the Robox hat as part of their April Fools prank from the previous year.
    • Roblox reveals the first two eggs for the Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G. event on their Twitter account after users successfully reached the goals in less than a day.
    • A Lua Dragger is released in the "Beta testing" phase.[38]
  • April 2 – All users, regardless if they are a Premium member or not, are now given a 30% marketplace fee on sold gamepasses and developer products.[39]
  • April 3 – Roblox releases a "Play Together" sort meant to "bring friends, families, schools, etc. together in digital reality and to provide a way for everyone to stay connected during these difficult times.".[40] This was later changed to "Play Together (10 Robux VIP)" to popularize cheap VIP servers. However, this sprouted confusion temporarily[41] until it was changed to "Play Together (10 Robux VIP Servers)".
  • April 4 - Mad City becomes the 13th game to reach one billion visits.
  • Jailbreak becomes the first game to beat Adopt Me! since 6/15/19.
  • April 5 – Adopt Me! surpasses MeepCity as the game with the most place visits.
  • April 7 – Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G. officially begins.
  • April 11
    • Adopt Me! becomes the first game to reach over a million concurrent players.  At its peak, it reached 1,615,085 concurrent players. Due to the player record, the Roblox website briefly experienced issues.
    • A group of hackers, supposedly including tubers93, a hacker who had previously hacked MeepCity in February of the same year, temporarily open a voice chat game using a vulnerability in Windows 10, iOS, and Android clients.[citation needed]
  • Mid-April – The UI redesign announced in March 2020 is launched via A/B testing.
  • April 15
    • Piggy becomes the 14th game to reach one billion visits, less than three months after its release.
    • Weight Lifting Simulator 3 gets content deleted from Roblox. With over 980 million visits, it is the most-visited game to be deleted.
  • April 16 – Roblox announces the One World: Together At Home Virtual Concert, but doesn't officially begin until a day later, with the opening of the official hangout.[42]
  • April 17 – A game sort for the One World: Together At Home event is added to the Games page.[43]
  • April 18
    • Hide and Seek Extreme becomes the 15th game to reach one billion visits.
    • Adopt Me! becomes the first game to surpass 6 billion visits.
  • April 21 – Game developers can now use the "Migrate to Latest Update" feature to smoothly roll out new updates.[44]
  • April 22
    • Welcome to Bloxburg becomes the first paid game to reach two billion visits.
    • Roblox adds the ability to migrate users to a recently updated server.[45] 
  • April 24
    • Epic Minigames becomes the 16th game to reach one billion visits.
    • Roblox begins a ban wave action against exploiters who used free exploits and a specific popular paid exploit (Synapse X). Innocent accounts were somehow caught in the action and were falsely terminated, although most to all innocent users got unbanned the next day.
  • April 28
  • April 29 – The page for uploading advertisements gets updated with a new look.[47]
  • April 30 – The COVID-19 Relief event begins.

May 2020

  • May 4 – A major security breach occurs where an unknown user gains access to the Roblox admin panel from a bribe, allowing them to theoretically access all user data; despite this, the user only gained access to the info of 10 users, most notably Linkmon99.[48]
  • May 6
    • The "SmoothingAngle" property is added to ExplorerImageIndex 0PartOperation.[49]
    • ExplorerImageIndex 48ScrollingFrame gets updated with a new layout, and has also been adjusted to scroll smoother and now allows for trackpad scrolling.[50]
  • May 10 – A new Game Sort was added to the games page on Roblox for games that are popular among Roblox Premium players.
  • May 11
    • Piggy reaches 2 billion visits in under a month of it reaching 1 billion visits.
    • Adopt Me! becomes the first game to reach 7 billion visits.
  • May 13
    • A new In-Game Topbar is released to all users. 
    • The WorldModel Instance is released for use with ExplorerImageIndex 52ViewportFrame.
  • May 30
    • Adopt Me! becomes the first game to surpass the entire human population in amount of place visits.
    • Mega Fun Obby becomes the seventeenth game to surpass 1 billion place visits.


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