Tired Tortoise Mesh

The Tired Tortoise series consists of several sleeping turtle accessories that were released during the Midnight Sale 2019. During the sale, one Tired Tortoise accessory was released per day, with the exception of Day 3. All Tired Tortoise accessories were released with a timer. The Purple Tired Tortoise and the Green Tired Tortoise are the only ones to be a hat.


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  • All of the Tired Tortoise descriptions are very similar; all of which begin with "I'm so tired".
  • The Green Tired Tortoise is the only Tired Tortoise to have the genre of "Town and City". The rest of them have the genre of "All".
  • The Green Tired Tortoise is the rarest Tired Tortoise accessory, with only 1,694 owners.
  • The Purple, Blue, and Green Tired Tortoise were criticized due to their appearance looking similar to characters from various TV programs. BarneySquirtle, and Franklin to be more specific.

List of Tired Tortoise accessories

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