The top poster feature was an old obtainable reward on the forums. During 2008-2010, popular forumers could earn a mark on their forum posts, saying that they are a top poster. The system is currently broken, and the administrators don't plan on fixing the feature.

Becoming a Top Poster

To earn it, you had to be recognized on the forums, AKA had to have more than 10K posts and be recognized by the admins/members. There was also a rumor that you couldn't get your post "[Content Deleted]" on the forums for a year or longer.

Types of Top Poster Ranks

  1. Top 25 poster
  2. Top 50 poster
  3. Top 100 poster

System Failure

During the year of 2010-2011, the system broke. The administrators tried to fix it a bit, but to no avail. After that, the moderators abandoned the feature, and said that you had to get it before it broke. The administrators won't repair the system and won't be motivated by e-mails. The community became a bit angry, but then understood the complication of the system. The community has died down the anger, but is still a bit furious that they are now unable to achieve the top poster line on their posts. Since the forums were closed nobody has it anymore.

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