Trade is a popular group owned by materking. The group is dedicated to players that use the Trade System often, as well as often post in the Let's Make a Deal forum. Most players in the group offer trades on their Limited and LimitedU items to other players on the group wall. The group is currently the largest group that is dedicated to trading on ROBLOX. Trade is currently the largest Builder's Club only group on ROBLOX.

Overview and History

The founder of the group is currently unknown, as the group has been passed down through several different leaders. Some of the more famous leaders include Bryanswaqq and current co-owner Simoon68. When the group had around 7,000 members, Simoon68 gave Trade to its current leader, Shwaq. The group gained much of its members through the popularity of Shwaq, Simoon68, and Voxhall's games, as well as the recent spike in popularity of trading and posting in the Let's Make a Deal sub-forum in general. On April 18, 2013, Shwaq was terminated, ownership of the group was claimed by UltraAgreement, who then sold the group to Merely on the same day for 28k. Ownership of the group was then given to Voxhall. Voxhall later sold ownership to mygame43 and rainbowfist as part of a bigger deal, and in 2014 the group was handed over to materking around 31k members, as of July 12, 2018 the group has 110k members and is now owned by WhooseTrade. The group now holds games like Limited Simulator, Epic Mining, and Trade Central.

Trade. won second place in the 2014 clan battle's event 'Medieval Melee Arena' and clan members were awarded a Trade. themed hat . The next year Trade. was nominated for Favorite Social Group Bloxy award, however was beaten by Apocalypse Rising Community.

All new members of Trade start at the rank of Trader upon joining the group. Once players become more active within the group, they are then promoted. After a while, players must have a certain value of limited items in order to achieve a higher rank within the group. Most of the highest-ranking members of Trade are often friends with the creator.

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