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Limited Simulator is a popular simulator game created and developed by the famous group known as Trade. The game is a simulation of buying Limited items when they are released. As of February 2, 2020, the game has acquired an approximate amount of 9.5 million visits.


Playing the game is fairly simple. You start off with 0 RAP (Recent Average Price) and an automatic currency that gives you 100-200 Robux every second.


The objective is to become the richest player in the server; having more RAP than anyone else in the server.

Purchasing Limiteds

When playing the game, a notifier that a new limited item has come out will appear in the bottom right corner and can be clicked to direct to the catalog page, there you can buy it.


  • Catalog: The catalog is where players can see all of the limited items that have came out and are selling. They are able to purchase items from bots or other players.
    • To sell an item, you have to click on any item you own, go to resellers, and input your chosen price in the "Enter Price Here" box.
  • Inbox: The inbox is where players can see history of them declining, countering, or completing a trade. They can also see who has bought the items they have sold.
  • Inventory: The inventory is where players can see all of the items they currently own. They can also wear hairs, particles, trails, and other items that are rewarded to them in progression of leveling up.
  • Trade: The trade feature is where players can trade items they own to other players.
    • To trade, click the player you want to deal with and a trade box will show up. In here you can trade and trade for up to four items but can trade duplicates of items.
  • Store: The store is where players can see all of the Extra items, particles, and trails you will earn when leveling up, the highest level you can reach is Level 25 and you can obtain all special items when you reach this level.
  • Tags: The tags feature is where players can earn special name tags in-game that are visible to have a special animation or color.
    • Obtaining a tag requires you to do something in-game.


  • This game used to be called "Limited Universe", until it was changed for marketing.
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