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Trade Browser Window (Updated)

The trade system is a feature that allows Premium members to trade limited accessories, gears, and faces while nearly eliminating the risk of being scammed. It was released in the summer of 2012.[1] The trade system was often used and discussed in the now deleted Let's Make aDeal subforum. Several places have been created where players are encouraged to use the trading system, the most notable being Trade Hangout.


Value is an appraisal of how much an item is worth, either determined by previous transactions (proof based), or its RAP (RAP based). There are many value sites on the internet and on social media, the biggest being Rolimon's, Rarenthusiasts and RBLX.Trade. Value is not officially Roblox endorsed and is made up by traders.

Trade options

  • Accept: Clicking this button will redirect you to a screen that asks you if you really do know if you want to complete the trade, clicking "Yes" will give you the items that you will receive and the items you give to the requester. It will also be archived into your Completed trades.
  • Counter: Clicking this button will redirect you to the trade window, countering your trade partner's request will replace the trade and leave the requester a trade inbound, it is useful to change the circumstances to even the trade.
  • Decline: Clicking this button will redirect you to a message that asks you if you want to reject the trade, clicking "Yes" will archive the trade into your Inactive trades.

Adding Robux

There is also the ability to add Robux to the trade, which can be added at the bottom of the trading display. Anyone can add the number of Robux depending on how much each user has. The amount of Robux sent in a trade post-transaction fee's may not be more than 50% of the RAP of included items. There is also a 30% fee that will take away 3/10th of the original price which has that 30% of the Robux going directly to Roblox.


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  • Ever since the Trading System came out, many items and games in the catalog and game section are frequently flooded with messages asking them to trade, but this has died out due to the removal of comments, likely influenced by the rise of scam bots.
  • The Trade System was one of the most requested features by users before it came out.
  • As of April 16, 2013, a player can now own more than one of the same limited, or trade the same limited(s).
  • If at least one of the players has no limited items, has their privacy settings set disable trading, or doesn't hold a Premium membership, a trade cannot be done.


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