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Transformers Prime was an event that took place on February 11, 2011. It was to promote the new series on The Hub, called Transformers Prime. There was a total of 10 games created by the account TransformersEvent for the event. The 10 games were divided into 5 games for the 2 teams.


There were 2 teams for this event. One team worked for the Autobots, and the other team worked for the Decepticons. If users worked for the Autobots, they had to find 5 Autobot coins. If they worked for the Decepticons, they had to find 5 Decepticon coins.


If users found all 5 coins for the Decepticons, they won the Decepticon Recruit hat. If they found all 5 coins for the Autobots, they won the Autobot Recruit hat.

Name Image Objective
Autobot Recruit Cap
Autobot Recruit Cap.png
Find all 5 coins for the Autobots.

Decepticon Recruit Cap

Decepticon Recruit Cap.png
Find all 5 coins for the Decepticons.


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  • There was a rumour spreaded in the community when the event was on-going that if you get all 10 of the coins in the event, you would get another hat, however this rumour was debunked as players never received another hat after getting all the 10 coins.
  • ROBLOXians often called the Decepticon currency a "Decepticoin", and the Autobot coin an "Autobling". [citation needed]
  • This is the first Transformers event.