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On the Internet, a Troll is a user who intentionally aims to cause grief or discomfort towards other users for either personal, malicious, or trivial reasons. Trolls are somewhat of a common occurrence on Roblox, and their behaviors may vary depending on the reason they are 'trolling' for.


A troll.

Mostly, trolls will have an objective to troll other players or annoy/mock them. Usually leading the victims to quit or leave the server or to the troll(s) having their fun. Their target is most commonly "ODers" or players wearing particular avatar types in order to insult them. Some may take it a step further and target players based on things such as their interests or their characteristics.


Trolls are often criticized for their reducent behavior across others. They often do not take situations seriously. These trolls are also complaint about due to their annoyance of calling others "ODers" even though the people they target are often not actually online daters.

Another common criticism of trolls is how some will willingly break the Roblox Community Guidelines by often attempting to bypass explicit or offensive messages past the chat filter and/or using assets like clothing and audio of similar nature in an attempt to annoy or harass other users. As stated before, some trolls have been known to target individuals based on characteristics like gender, race ethnicity, sexuality, religion, and so on.

Trolls also are usually seen as a problem in café games. Because of this many cafes have prohibited trolling.


The choices for most trolls will be in games with a lot of "ODers" in it/games without chat can be censored/games that have clothing customizer that shows the character without default clothing when entering the ID to 0. Here are some examples:

Trolls also have a low chance to rarely join normal games that contains inappropriate content. (such as Jailbreak)


Smurfing is the act of a highly skilled player creating a alternate account for the purpose to trick players into thinking they're new players. Usually, they join more competitive or PVP-oriented games. These include FPS games like Arsenal and Phantom Forces or obbies like Tower Of Hell. Sometimes, players can think they're hackers.

Avatar appearances

Most of the trolls will pick their appearance as annoying, visually unattractive, or even offensive as possible. The variety of items they have could be Man Face, Woman Face, ugly clothing, randomized packages, random body colors, etc. Some trolls may even use bypassed clothing items containing inappropriate or offensive imagery, content, or symbols.


Trolling has been a thing in Roblox since around 2008, but one YouTuber who influences the idea is CowCowManManThingIt (greenlegocats123 as his YouTube alias), since his trolling videos get thousands of views, eventually making the trend popular in the community.


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  • As of October 2018, Rthro heads became popular amongst trolls. One reason might be Flamingo using these heads a lot in his various avatars.
  • Scam bot appearances have become widespread as a trolling avatar since the rise of the scam/spambots.