The Trowel is a classic weapon that deals no damage, but can be used for protection. It creates a small wall that lasts for 20 seconds. The wall, however, can be demolished with an explosive weapon. It can also be used in a variety of ways, such as getting up to something high, and you could put it directly on the void and make walls to walk across which is helpful to sneak into bases.


The trowel is the most underrated of the brickbattle weapons, but it can wield good power.

  • The trowl is mostly used for ricocheting projectiles such as the bomb, and superball. This is used well against campers and can allow for good bomb launches. Many of the top tier brickbattlers master the trowel.
  • It can make cover! Don't forget that! It can simply be used as a temperorary wall
  • In Doomspire Brickbattle , it is possible to do a wall save. I means if you're about to fall into the void, you can place a wall to save yourself. This trick is often used to bomb bases quickly.


  • This can be seen in ROBLOX's Rocket Arena game.
  • Used in most old ROBLOX game's such as Glass House, Crossroads, The pre mentioned Rocket Arena, Chaos Valley, Revenge of the Slimes
  • This item is off-sale
  • The bricks that it spawns can be different colors,such as blue and orange [just to name a few]
  • It is in every brickbattle kit from ToB to GloriedRage's tools.


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