Here are some tips to be a better fighter.

Level 1 - Practicing

  1. Join clans that focus on fighting.
  2. Start with a game that is NOT a tournament. An example is Woofbot75's Animal Crossing: World War.
  3. Practice with team battle games...

Level 2 - Battling

  1. Always keep your camera pointed so it looks on the top of your character. This can help look for incoming rockets and players. Stay focused.
  2. Pick the best weapon/s. Take ROBLOX Battle for example. The sword is just a melee weapon. It is not useful for people with rockets and other tools. However, it CANNOT be reflected. The superball has high damage but slow reload. It is the 3rd best. The slingshot has low damage but fast reload. It is the 2nd best. The bomb will bounce, and it takes a while to explode, and you can cook it, so if you know what is the time to fuse, it is a good weapon, since it CANNOT be deflected. The Rocket is a gun that explodes, but beware of reflectors. The reflector is the best tool. it can reflect anything except swords and bombs. it however has a long reload, so you could be killed by slingshot. The sword cannot be reflected.
  3. Try to find out who to KO first. The people who arent moving are a good idea. People who have a better sword than you is not.

Level 3 - Rank Up

  1. Get points and buy upgrades with them.
  2. Go to raids to help your team.
  3. Never give up! Most people who were not good battlers (like Woofbot75) are starting to get better. 
  4. If your group holds training sessions, do so.
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