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Facebook Connection was a feature that allowed you to connect your Roblox account to Facebook. When you did this you gained access to a few cool features.

How do I connect my account to Facebook?

This is a removed feature. When you wanted to connect your account, you would need to have a Roblox account already.

FacebookConnect Unconnected.png

You would click the FacebookLogin.png button to go to a page that asked you if you'd like to allow Roblox the ability to post things on your wall. You may have had to log in to Facebook if you weren't already. Then, when you scroll down on your homepage, you would see this:

FacebookConnect Connected.png

Your account would then be connected and you would gain access to now removed features.

Why should I connect my account to Facebook?

You would have gained access to now removed features, including:

  • You would have the option of logging into your Roblox account with the FacebookLogin.png button and using your Facebook login information.
  • You would have the now removed ability to "like" assets (hats, models, gear, decals, etc.) by clicking the LikeAssetButton.png button. This will make a post on your Facebook wall telling everyone that you like it.
  • You would also be able to show your Facebook buddies the cool place you made with the "Share with Friends on Facebook" link under the place's picture.
  • You would be able to show off your 1337 Robloxian to your friends with the ShareOnFacebookButton.png button.
  • You could sign in even if you forgot your password.

Disconnecting your account from Facebook

Disconnecting your account from Facebook was easy. You simply went to your homepage and scrolled down until you saw this:

FacebookConnect Connected.png

Then you would just click the DisconnectButton.png button and you would be disconnected from Facebook.