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  1. First, open ROBLOX Studio by going to Start > All Programs > ROBLOX > ROBLOX Studio.
  2. Secondly, go to My ROBLOX > Profile > Edit my place.
  3. Once it is loaded, go to Insert > Object > ScreenGui.
  4. Drag the new ScreenGui into the StarterGui node in the explorer.
  5. Make sure the 'ShowDevelopmentGUI' checkbox is checked.
  6. Now, go to Insert > Object > TextButton.
  7. Move the TextButton into the ScreenGui you inserted before.
  8. Set the TextButton's name and text properties to "Reset".
  9. Set the TextButton's XAlignment property to "Center".
  10. Set it's position to: {0, 0}, {0.5, -10}

The position is a UDim2 position. The first table is the X and the second table is the Y. In both tables, the first number is the scale. The scale is on a scale of 0-1. Halfway would be 0.5, Quarter-way would be 0.25. The second number is the offset. The offset on the Y table is -10 because I want the TextButton to be halfway on the Y axis take away 10 pixels.

  1. Set it's size to: {0.1, 0}, {20, 0}
  2. Set the BackgroundColor3 to any color you like.
  3. Set the TextColor3 to any color you like (make sure it stands out from the background color.)
  4. Now, go to Insert > Object > Script and move the script inside of the TextButton.
  5. Double-click the script. Copy and paste this in:
local player = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent -- Get the player
function onMouseClicked()
if player.Character ~= nil then -- If the player isn't respawning then
if player.Character:findFirstChild("Humanoid") then -- If we can find the player's humanoid then
player.Character.Humanoid:TakeDamage(100) -- Take away the player's health.

script.Parent.MouseButton1Down:connect(onMouseClicked) -- Connect to the onMouseClicked function when the button is pressed
  1. Make sure everything is setup then try it out!