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Death Star Tycoon is a tycoon game created by Tycoon Typhoon.


Players start on a small rectangle, with the option to buy the Star Wars outfits. The first money-maker is a collector, which has to be manually clicked or touched to collect money. The player's goal is to fully complete their Death Star.

There are some upgrades that require Robux, codes, or KOs to buy.


There are eight teams in-game. These teams, in order from top to bottom, are Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Purple, and Black.


Weapon Room

The Weapon Room contains the player's spawn point, weapons, the collector, and outfits. This room is the starting section of the game. It aids the player in certain ways, like refilling ammo, or obtaining extra health. It also contains the Lightsaber, the Laser, and the Heavy Blaster. It also has the Kylo Saber, which costs 149 Robux.


The Hangar is where the player can take control of different ships, like the TIE Fighter, or the Star Destroyer. It has two platforms, called the Free Ships Platform, and the Robux Ships Platform.

Throne Room

The Throne Room is purely a cosmetic room. It has lots of glowing lights, which glow the color of your team. The throne requires 64 KOs to obtain.

Dropper Room

The Dropper Room is where the player makes most of their money. The room has conveyors, droppers, and cosmetic items.

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