The United Clan of ROBLOX (UCR) is a well known superclan on Roblox and one of the original "big three" superclans, which also includes the Roblox Assault Team (RAT) and First Encounter Assault Recon (FEAR). It is the oldest clan that is active on roblox and once held the title as the largest group on roblox before being surpassed by R.A.T. The clan runs on the principles of honor, dedication, and respect. The clan is run as a democracy, unlike most groups, and is lead by an elected president. The United Clan of ROBLOX was founded in the summer of 2009 by Kinglime. One notable achievement is the destruction of the the rival clan The X-101st Legion, a splinter group from UCR. It is currently under the leadership of Tune. It is also currently in an alliance with F.E.A.R.


United Clan of ROBLOX was created on July 29, 2009 by Kinglime. He worked with Armitroner, GameRage, and Toonlink1995 to run the group's core features early on. The group grew quickly due to Kinglime's notability at the time. Around the time, members of UCR rebelled and formed their own clan called the X-101st Legion Main Army. They fought each other with many wars in August 2019 and ultimately destroyed the clan. On August 28 that year, Kinglime was banned for unknown reasons, which caused controversy within the group[citation needed]. Kinglime was also found to be refusing to pay Armitroner for their work creating uniforms for the group[citation needed]. After continued controversy, ownership of the group was given to ThePhantomHourGlass.

ThePhantomHourGlass made major changes to the group's ranking system and made promotions within the group. Due to ranks not being a feature of Roblox's group system yet, these were consolidated within separate groups. New uniforms were commissioned from Excelerate to replace the unusable ones used prior. Raiding was resumed on X-101st for a while, but later the groups became allies. This was later reversed.

Due to ThePhantomHourGlass's inactivity, high ranks of the group convinced him to give ownership of the group to Dboot98. This was finalized on September 17, 2009. Raids continued on X-101st until LordNathan, the owner of X-101st, was terminated for unknown reasons.

Dboot98 experienced a seven-day ban on October 24, 2009. Soccerpr89, co-owner of the group, exile-botted the group on October 29, and was later terminated. The group lost approximately 5,000 members at this time. While still banned, Dboot98 attempted to sell the group for 55,000 Robux. He resulted in scamming ShatteredDestroyer, the attempted buyer, and controversy arose due to the scam incident.[citation needed] This resulted in Dboot98 eventually giving the group to ShatteredDestroyer as originally agreed.

ShatteredDestroyer was initially banned shortly after gaining the group, which resulted in confusion due to no interaction from the owner. The group was given to McBud shortly after the ban expired, and then handed to Xephyrus on November 21, 2009. The group disliked Xephyrus as a leader, so the group was then given to Benblue9 on December 6, 2009.

After this, the group quickly gained members and popularity, but then was taken in reception by The Roblox Assault Team (RAT) in early 2010. The groups declared war on each other. UCR reportedly used unfair advantages and exploits to win in-game raid events, but also was accused of bribing RAT high ranks to join UCR instead.[citation needed] UCR was aided by X-101st for some time, but eventually the war between UCR and RAT stopped due to the groups losing too many members disinterested in the constant controversy. A successful attempt was made to take RAT from Stealthmatt via a scam[citation needed] that put both groups under the control of UCR.

During the time after this incident, the group reformed into other organizational structures based in democratic policy decisions, and set up separate divisions in subgroups directed by specific high ranks. However, the notability of the groups caused some confusion as the subgroups were mistaken as standalone groups.

The group's democratic voting system was tested when a new group owner was planned to be voted on between Benblue9 and Trick555. However, due to internal controversy, including finding that Benblue9 was demoting high ranks planning to vote against him, Benblue9 gave the group to Trick555 on July 7, 2010. An opposing war clan, ROBLOX Freedom Association, was created by Benblue9 in protest of UCR. It was later shut down by The Vaktovian Empire.

Trick555's first co-owner was Mattapplestar, who later left UCR to create The Sky Clan of ROBLOX to shut down UCR. Many members were exiled from UCR for trying to join The Sky Clan of ROBLOX, and the two groups participated in wars for a while before leaving each other alone. Luongo100 was appointed in his place, but Trick555 was treating many of his high ranks with skepticism due to many of them trying to cause problgems within the group. After these issues were mostly resolved, the United Clan of ROBLOX participated in raids against Noble Blade and The Roblox Assault Team.


Second UCR logo, changed in August 2011

In late 2010, many high ranks quit the group. TDFall was given ownership of the group on May 5, 2011. This was met with controversy within the group as Luongo100 was expected to be given ownership of the group.[citation needed] Regardless, TDFall enacted major changes within the group, known within the group as the "Three Reforms". The democratic election system was brought back with changes, officers now had to be tested before promotion, and "The Black Shield" division was created. Multiple other sub-groups and divisions were created during this time.

The Supreme Alliance was developed over the summer of 2011 by TDFall in order to bring together different clans from different backgrounds. The Supreme Alliance lasted for a long period of time, before it was dismissed due to tensions in the clans community.[citation needed]

UCR was involved in the war between The Grand Superclan Coalition and The Vaktovian Empire. They were considered "defeated" within this war as Vaktus wanted UCR to shut down. The war ended in a draw in November 2011.

TDFall went on to give UCR to Catlord5 on February 14, 2012. Due to personal issues, CakeTheory was given ownership shortly after. In late May, TDFall took back ownership due to group management issues. He reorganized the group into more modern rank systems. A database system was trialed for a short time, but was retired due to inefficiency.

During this time, UCR participated in raids with Sleet Clan and The Roblox Assault Team. The latter resulted in UCR gaining general popularity due to their games gaining many players. However, it also brought controversy, as Ice1377 baited into high ranks of UCR to cause problems during the raid. TDFall was banned and unable to do anything to counter the admin attack. Groups responded by mass-reporting Ice1377, which resulted in him getting banned.[citation needed] On September 17, 2012, TDFall quit UCR, as well as Roblox. TheEvidence was then given ownership of UCR. Due to inactivity, ownership was given back to Trick555 on November 3, 2012.

Trick555 promoted ThePhantomHourGlass (using the MeowMixxed account), who enacted a series of reforms to the Department of Justice. UCR began to make use of a blacklist. After a brief period of time, ThePhantomHourGlass left UCR. Trick555 became inactive in November and stayed relatively inactive until January which resulted in the group being in a standstill. Later, ownership was passed onto Poisonlava on January 14, 2013.

Poisonlava established simplifying of current policy and continued UCR's Department System. She held weekly events to increase group activity. TDFall returned to Roblox and subsequently UCR, and was promoted back to higher power to make policy. A form of political parties were established within the group, but was later deprecated due to problems. Ownership was given to dizzdazz4 on May 5, 2013, and Poisonlava remained as vice president. Poisonlava caused controversy within the group by rallying protest against dizzdazz4's decisions before leaving the group. Dizzdazz4 directed the creation of Fort Velocity prior to giving the group to jkoscar02 on October 27, 2013.


UCR's third logo.

During his ownership, jkoscar02 attempted to improve UCR's organization. Around this time, UCR participated in a war against WIJ, which included controversy on who won the war. Leading into 2014, the group also went to war with the United States Military (USM), which was also controversial as UCR claimed that USM's bases were unfair.[citation needed] The war ended in a draw.

On January 5, 2014, jkoscar02's account was terminated. and the group was claimed by Rapster2. He explained that Jkoscar02's deletion was allegedly caused by someone building inappropriate content on a UCR public build server and then reporting it to the Roblox administrators, claiming that jkoscar02 did it. Rapster2 gave UCR to JohnOscar2, jkoscar02's new account. After jkoscar02 successfully appealed his termination, he gave himself the group.

After major internal controversy surrounding the group's Departmental System, the system was deprecated and people were moved around in the ranks. On August 26, 2014, ownership was given to Growncool7. His ownership was noted by a surge of activity and new members, but also with taking on multiple wars against numerous groups, many of which resulted in UCR surrendering. After an attempted scam attempt held by Pragmatist and Poisonlava, some high ranks of UCR were demoted. Keeping a pact made between all the Head Officers in 2010[1], Growncool7 passed the clan on to Killer6199 on January 24, 2015.

Killer6199's ownership started with organizational changes and various successful raids against and new alliances with other clans. Most notably, a winning war with Sleet Clan was held, which resulted in the group becoming very active. Due to personal issues, in July 2015, ownership was passed onto Rapster2. The new ownership was met with controversial changes and extreme inactivity, which resulted in ownership being handed back to Killer6199 in August.

Killer6199's second presidency

Killer opened his presidency with a speech, stating he would set out to do what he did not in his last presidency and to turn UCR around before it died for good. Little time was wasted as Killer transformed UCR into a militaristic themed clan. Killer becoming president lead to the revival of the TGI alliance and UCR's elite division TBS. The TGI alliance however, was short-lived as TGI shut down three weeks later. The presidency was a fairly uneventful one in terms of foreign affairs as Killer had made it clear that he wanted to focus on internal development although some people argue that even internal development was heavily lacking during reign.

On September 7, UCR entered the VIP recruitment race with multiple front page games such as Arctic Warfare Tycoon and Future Warfare Tycoon. This was the beginning of a one-year deal worth 400,000 robux made between Killer and a well known game developer to give free VIP in the particular game. This instantly had a positive effect as UCR skyrocketed in member count by 18,000 members within one week. However, after this week, the game developer was terminated for using exploits to get his games to front page, disappeared, and was deemed as a scammer. As the VIP recruitment came to an end, UCR lost 4,000 of the 18,000 members they gained and their new-found spike in activity, averaging 30–35 members per event, was gone.

Soon after the beginning of the autumn season on October 8, Kimbob09 (dehale), Vice President at the time, announced her retirement from UCR. Killer decided to give Kim the clan for the day after having declined presidency multiple times in the past to commemorate her leave. The next day the clan was returned to killer but little did the rest of the clan world know what was about to go down.

A special ceremony was scheduled for October 9 which was hyped up to be one of the biggest announcements in UCR history that would change the clan for ever. Nobody expected what was about to happen. As the ceremony began at 6PM EST, UCR was shutdown by Killer6199 and the apparent end had come for UCR. This sparked confusion and uproar from not only UCR, but the rest of the clan community too. Killer6199 was called out by many people on the C&G forums for this decision by people who formerly stood by him and trusted him as a leader. One such person was CPTkurk. He quickly began to gather support from the clan community in an attempt to persuade Killer in handing the clan off to someone rather than killing it off. More people followed in trying desperately to get killer to reverse his decision, most notably Rapster2. He created a forum pleading Killer to pass on UCR instead of shutting it down, and in turn created the chant "PASS ON THE SHIELD!" which became one of the many rally cries of those who wanted to keep UCR alive. The next morning, a miracle. Many of the same people got together in a group chat and decided to speak to Killer6199 about his decision in one final effort to attempt to keep UCR alive. Killer6199 announced an election for the next president of UCR, and the clan would not be shutdown after seeing all the backlash from the community. The election was between Undecrypted and CPTkurk. The campaign began peacefully until a thread was leaked on C&G, showcasing Stimulus's past filled with bullying and abuse of UCR members. Undecrypted responded with a thread reminding people of the Poisonlava incident in late 2014 to which CPTkurk responded with a thread that warned RAA that Undecrypted was planning to scam them. This thread was made too late however, as the voting has already closed. Both candidates campaigned with cheap tactics and in the end, on October 18, 2015, Undecrypted won by two votes, leaving CPTkurk to lose out on presidency for the fourth time regardless of many accusations of Killer6199 rigging the elections.

Undecrypted's (Lordmerick) first presidency

Undecrypted began with the introduction of new division managers, keeping his promise of making CPTkurk the vice president if he lost the election, and a war declaration on Vortex Security. The war resulted in a tie due to multiple break downs in communications between both respective groups. After this the head of Foreign Affairs at the time, Malvus, proposed new Internal reforms for UCR to Undecrypted which he approved of on all fronts. That day, he announced the swapping in positions between Malvus, and head of Internal Affairs, CPTkurk. He was livid with this change as he too had been working on reforms. He would go on to be demoted after a flare of anger towards Undecrypted and Malvus would take over the vice presidency, eventually to become president.


Malvus's presidency

Malvus and Undecrypted upheld an agreement regarding the Presidency of the UCR. This agreement entailed that the two entrust one another with the reigns of UCR. Malvus, upon receiving UCR, had been met with some initial hostility. Having quelled an attempted rebellion involving several notable UCR veterans in his original H2 Council, such as sakurahokage and Timeforger(freddie94), Malvus emerged victorious. In particular, the initial rebellion held no realistic ground for ousting Malvus, who at the time held UCR just a few weeks over a month. As time went on, Malvus developed a mighty and well equipped developer presence in UCR. This was part of a master plan to propel UCR into the modern clan world. Part of this plan included very bold efforts to update UCR systems, from promotions, to events, to news, and so on and so forth. This required a strong high rank team to execute thoroughly. Initially, Malvus had the support of Froast, Killer6199, and CPTKurk. However, Killer6199 had lost interest in Roblox and soon endured hospitalization as a result of a car wreck. CPTKurk, at the same time, quit Roblox altogether. Around this time, other prominent names in UCR history emerged from the shadows. Malvus assembled a new team of high ranks, consisting of Elijahiscool, hacker1leo, and SeanyBiy. This new team merged with the existing high command, and set out to execute Malvus' plans effectively. Under this team, the following items were updated prepared for release: Promotions, Departments, Officers, Newsletter, and Development. The improvements to these subjects remain behind closed doors under very strenuous privacy, in compliance Need-to-Know Basis agreements in the high command. On Saturday, the March 12, 2016, Malvus held a special meeting for all of the UCR's members to attend. At the meeting he announced that he would be passing once again the Shield to Undecrypted. Malvus faced much criticism and hate prior to his resignation because members believed that he was not doing enough to help the clan and because of this, he was immediately exiled by Undecrypted when the clan was handed off.

Undecrypted's (Lordmerick) second presidency

Undecrypted, determined not to lose the clan again, decided he'd immediately begin working on reforms in the clan's High Command. However, his work was slowed with hostility provided from former United Clan of ROBLOX High Rank ProelioSeverloh and President Malvus. The Salvanian Legion, a clan owned by Proelio declared war on the UCR, which the UCR then formally declined, under the premise that much needed to be redeveloped in effort to begin with going into war. Proelio ignored all of the UCR's pleas and continued raiding the UCR, despite losing all hostile attacks. The vast majority of Malvus's high command was also demoted which lead to a rise in tension between multiple of these former High Ranks and Undecrypted. The high-ranks claimed that he lead the clan into inactivity and he was only appointing High Command positions to his friends. This led to more of the high ranks resigning and departing from UCR.

Within a week of Undecrypted owning the UCR, activity began to rise at a moderate tempo with some old faces reappearing as well as some fresh meat to assist. However, UCR once again began to fall further until the decision was made by Undecrypted to shut the original group down on July 11, 2016 despite numerous calls by members of the clan for it to remain functional. Many veterans of the clan voiced their concerns including former president dboot98, now known as Pragmatist or Flect. The clan community called for Flect's appointment as president and on July 15, dboot98 took ownership for the second time which was met with wide approval from both the veterans of UCR and the clan community.

Dboot98's (Flect) second presidency

Ucr logo

UCR's 4th logo

Flect's 2nd Presidency of UCR was met with positive feedback from a majority of the community. Flect quickly rallied followers from his circles of influence, from Sleet Clan to Veteran subgroups in UCR. His hyping and rapid buildup of resources led many to believe that success was on the horizon, while a vocal minority comprised of former presidents and disenfranchised former members maintained that Flect would treat UCR no different than the string of clans he had led in his time on Roblox. As the summer of his ascension came to an end and his first semester of college loomed, Flect proceeded cautiously so as not to overkill UCR with unfulfilled promises. This caution resulted in Flect ordering his chain of command to follow his example and do no more and no less than he would permit. Despite a sudden resurgence of activity over the winter break and close to new years, his caution in forbidding high ranks to act on their own inevitably halted activity and participation. Slowly, but surely, a growing number of members reneged about the Clan's apparent inactivity. Flect, knowing he would not have time to lead UCR, then gave the group to Vertillian on January 27, 2017.


Vertillian's presidency

Vertillian's presidency started out very strong even though many people first doubted him. During this early stretch, UCR had gathered various amounts of enthusiastic veterans returning to help the community grow and to provide support to Vertillian. This presidency was known to be the most progressive era since the second TDFall leadership thanks to the emergence of brand new technology and cultural advancements.

On July 30, 2017, President Vertillian resigned.[1] Some people rejoiced at Vertillian's leaving of UCR, however, his mid-com to hi-com were not as excited. However, The person Vertillian appointed to be president of the United Clan of ROBLOX, was Tune.

Tune's presidency

Tune became president on July 30, 2017.  On July 7, 2018, UCR entered an open-ended, three-sided war with the Vaktovian Empire and USF. The war ended with all sides claiming victory, though this was somewhat intentional, as "we all came together and actually had a solid war for once and that they battled for the sake of battle." (AstralStrike's farewell address from the end of the war.) As of July 18, 2018, former president jkoscar02 has returned to active clan duty as the Honorary representative in the Cabinet.

November 5, 2018 Tune's account was broken into with all his items stolen. UCR was not touched, and still remained in the care of Tune. However, as a safeguarding measure Tune installed jkoscar02 as the acting President to give him time to secure his account.

It would be found that these measures achieved very little, on November 12, 2018 Tune's account was again compromised. This led to UCR being stolen by the account, HjAuiKo. Tune along with his Council, and the rest of UCR made representations to Roblox and it's administrators in order to restore UCR to its rightful and legitimate President. UCR was given back to Tune on November 14, 2018. Due to this failure in account security, former Vice President evilpuffle was installed as the regent of UCR until such time as Tune was able to ensure the security of his account. Evilpuffle relinquished his authority over UCR on November 27.

Because Tune could not be certain that his account was safe, he then reappointed jkoscar02 as the acting President whom would serve in that position until December 2, 2018. At which point he discharged the Presidency back to Tune, albeit on the account 'TuneGeometry'.

On December 19, 2018 that Devinzeth was removed as the Vice President by Tune. It came to light that jkoscar02 submitted a motion of no confidence in Devin on September 25, which managed to secure a majority of the Council in favour of removal. However, Tune at the time did not implement the ruling favouring giving him a chance to be more active within the clan. Devin who was also Chancellor of NFC was allegedly pressured by his High Ranks into declaring a state of war on UCR and its allies.

Following much debate and discussion amongst the Council, it passed the Nightfall War Declaration Act on December 20, 2018 that called for a Head of Warfare to be installed and for the President to recognise a state of war.

UCR during this time did not have a Vice President or a Head of Warfare. After securing support from a majority of its allies, the Council authorised Members to engage in raiding and defending against NFC. Following assurances from the leader of Imperial Armada pledged her support to UCR, in this battle. It transpired that IA then declared war on UCR instead of NFC.

On December 21, 2018 Tune signed his first Executive Order declaring a state of war against NFC and all affiliated clans. The United Superclan Federation was in support of UCR, and RSF which previously left rejoined in order to offer its backing to UCR. FEAR opted to remain neutral in this war due to its conflicting alliances, RAT was unable to pass the necessary votes to allow it enter the war in time.

As of December 24, 2018, former President, trick555 was appointed to the Head of Warfare to oversee negotiations over the terms of war between USF and the Pact of Titans (PoT). Jkoscar02 was appointed to the Vice Presidency.

Though there was a war being waged at the rival coalition's forts, there was another war of words being waged within the negotiation room of USF and PoT. Where there was intense political disagreement, and at most times stalemate. However, it was clear by January 1, 2019 that USF was clearly in the lead with the number of raid and defences wins it had racked up.

On January 8, 2019 after a majority of the PoT clans starting with the traitorous IA resigned themselves from the war – a victory was declared in favour of USF and its allies.

On February 15th, 2020, Tune opened a new Fort Leo to replace Fort Gemini, to the pleasure of those who attended the meeting.

Rank Description

The lowest rank in the group. Ability to post on the group wall is restricted.

[L1] Member

This rank is received by passing the UCR Intrepid course which features an obstacle course.

[L2] Intermediate

The second rank in UCR. These members have attended several trainings, raids or defenses. 25 Unity requirement

[L3] Advanced

The third rank in UCR. These members had some experience in UCR and can start helping lower members with advice. 50 Unity Requirement

[L4] Vanguard

The fourth rank in UCR. The Halfway mark in a members journey through the UCR low ranks. 75 Unity Requirement

[L5] Specialist

The fifth rank in UCR. Above average soldier in combat, leadership, or development. 110 Unity Requirement

[L6] Warrior The sixth rank in UCR. At this stage an L6 member can apply for the rank of Operator 150 Unity Requirement

[L7] Unifier

The seventh rank in UCR. Members tested in combat, leadership, or development. Once you reach this rank you are given trust and possibly the chance to become an officer. 250 Unity Requirement.

[L8] Excelsior

The highest Low-rank in UCR. These members are more than qualified to pursue the Operator rank, but choose not to. 500 unity requirement.

[M] Operator These are the official Middle ranks in UCR. To achieve the rank of Operator, one must have at least 150 Unity (Acquire the rank of Warrior) And are split up into several classifications. The department of Foreign Relations, Warfare, Training, and Community Affairs.
[X] Honorary Highranking members of UCR past that have been given the rank out of respect for their positions and their knowledge of how the clan works. These members speak for the Veteran community of UCR.
[X] Automation Rank for the UCR Unity/Promotion bot.
[H1] Senator The first highranking position in UCR, these members are assistants to the Cabinet members in their respective departments.
[H2] Cabinet Cabinet members are the heads of the various departments in UCR, and meet with the president to vote and discuss major clan issues.
[H3] Engineer The development heads of the UCR, they build and cde all of UCR's major forts and training facilities.
Vice President The second-in-command of the United Clan of ROBLOX. The Vice President has nearly equal power to the President and is recognized as a leader of the clan. Picked by the President.
President The undisputed leader of the United Clan of Roblox. The Outgoing president chooses their Successor.


The Presidents are those who have lead the mighty United Clan of ROBLOX throughout the years. This rank was not always known as "President" and the vast majority of these leaders were never voted in but rather selected. However, UCR still refers to all of their former, current, and future leaders as "Presidents". Here is an up-to-date list of all of UCR's presidents since its formation in 2009.

  1. kinglime July 29, 2009 - (1 Month, 2 Days)
  2. ThePhantomHourglass August 31, 2009 - (17 Days)
  3. Dboot98 (Pragmatist/Flect) September 17, 2009 - (1 Month, 15 Days)
  4. ShatteredDestroyer November 1, 2009 - (20 Days)
  5. Xephyrus  November 21, 2009 - (15 Days)
  6. Benblue9  December 6, 2009 - (7 Months, 1 Day)
  7. Trick555 July 7, 2010 - (9 Months, 28 Days)
  8. TDFall May 5, 2011 - (9 Months, 9 Days)
  9. Catlord5 February 14, 2012 - (5 Days)
  10. CakeTheory February 19, 2012 - (3 Months, 29 Days)
  11. TDFall  [2ND TERM] June 17, 2012 - (3 Months)
  12. TheEvidence September 17, 2012 - (1 Month, 17 Days)
  13. Trick555  [2ND TERM] November 3, 2012 - (2 Months, 11 Days)
  14. Poisonlava  January 14, 2013 - (3 Months, 21 Days)
  15. dizzdazz4  May 5, 2013 - (5 Months, 22 Days)
  16. jkoscar02  October 27, 2013 - (9 Months, 30 Days)
  17. Growncool7 August 26, 2014 - (4 Months, 29 Days)
  18. Killer6199 January 24, 2015 - (5 Months, 17 Days)
  19. Rapster2 July 11, 2015 - (1 Month, 7 Days)
  20. Killer6199 [2ND TERM] August 18, 2015 - (2 Months)
  21. Undecrypted (Lordmerick) October 18, 2015 - (1 Month, 1 Day)
  22. Malvus November 19, 2015 - (3 Months, 22 Days)
  23. Undecrypted (Lordmerick) [2ND TERM] March 12, 2016 - (4 Months, 3 Days)
  24. Dboot98 (Pragmatist/Flect) July 15, 2016 - (6 Months, 12 Days)
  25. Vertillian January 27, 2017 - (6 Months, 3 Days)
  26. TuneJuly 30, 2017 - Present


Date Enemy Result Enemy Leader UCR Leader
August 2009 X-101st Loss LordNathan Kinglime
August 2009 X-UCR Loss Soccerpr89 Kinglime
September 2009 X-101st Tie LordNathan ThePhantomHourGlass
September 2009 X-UCR Win Kinglime ThePhantomHourGlass
September 2009 RoXzoN Win Masterblock ThePhantomHourGlass
September 2009 X-101st Win LordNathan Dboot98
2009 RHC Win Benblue9 Dboot98
2010 RAT Tie Stealthmatt Benblue9
2010 Vampire Knights Win BodyThief Benblue9
2010 RAT Win ColourTheory Trick555
2010 SCR Win Mattapplestar Trick555
2010 RAT Win ColourTheory Trick555
2010 NB Win Jlcompton1 Trick555
2010 JC Win pspjohn1 Trick555
2010 RAT Win ColourTheory Trick555
2010 FEAR Win Sonicthehedgehogxx Trick555
2011 X-101st Win Artia44 TDFall
May 2011 VAK  Loss Vaktus TDFall
2011 RIC Win Thecaptain97 TDFall
2011 NFC Win Darxia TDFall
2012 TGI Loss Castellian TDFall
2012 VS Loss justgoaway1 TDFall
2012 RAT Tie ColourTheory TDFall
June 2013 HAU Win Practice Jkoscar02
November 2013 HAU Win Practice Jkoscar02
December 2013 WIJ Loss SilentSwords Jkoscar02
January 2014 USM Win Lumidas Jkoscar02
2014 TCI Win LiberatorEvan Jkoscar02
2014 GG Win EmperorRyan Jkoscar02
2014 RS Win UNKNOWN Jkoscar02
2014 IE Loss Valhalas Jkoscar02
2014 RAT + SC Rat Loss, SC Tie Polymorphic + Rivalize Jkoscar02
2014 HAU Win Rainway Growncool7
2014 EL Win xMaleden Growncool7
2014 UAF Tie Falsewarrior000 Growncool7
2014 X-101st Loss LordBespin Growncool7
2014 Skilled Force Loss Enflare Growncool7
2014 TCC + Fleetcom + CA Loss Ciocksmith + Campy + Surgeiano Growncool7
2015 SC Win Campy Killer6199
2015 VS + Soticule Forces Loss Imnotaguestimagirl + Paul321321 Killer6199
2015 TCC Win Ciocksmith Killer6199
2015 EL Win Undefined_meme Killer6199
2015 IL Win Lasurak Killer6199
2015 VS Tie imnotaguestimagirl Undecrypted
2016 A-SOV Loss Seviro Malvus
2017 UAF Tie Bakuganchamp7


Win %: 0.587

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 26-12-8


These are the official divisions of UCR, owned or approved by the President.

The Black Shield

Tbs logo

This is the elite gun division of UCR. One is only able to join through invitation or tryouts. The UCR members in this division are the best active gun fighters UCR has. When a final battle is called for during war, this is where the UCR administration selects their final battle team. The division makes the best gun fighters of UCR even better with advanced trainings.

The Fall Force


The elite sword division of UCR. Created during the TDFall Presidency, it was suggested to be the home of UCR's sword division by Former President Growncool71 ]. It hosts the best swordsmen UCR has to offer and is a product of a unique and modern administration dedicated to keeping the group competitive and active.

United Clan of ROBLOX Council

UCR Council

The former candy of all prospective UCRians eyes, this group now sits as a token of an era before applications such as teamspeak and Discord when High Rank meetings were held in-game with only members of this group being granted access. Now it sits as a hardly updated division of UCR whose new mission, crafted by Growncool7 while logged in as Tune1, of celebrating former high ranks that aren't at the level of honorary sits half completed.

United Clan of Roblox Veterans

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United Clan of Roblox Veterans

The veterans division is unlike the rest, not owned by the president and is still active today. Established in 2010 by Electricfirebolt, the group was created as a means for ex-members to stay intouch and for the preservation of UCR history. The group has consistently grown over the years and is currently owned by ExistenceTheorem. The group currently serves as a place where old members of UCR can socialize and remember the days that they spent in the clan. Current Members can also get to know past presidents and past HRs within the group. On March 18, 2017 VanyaTheGreat, an original member of UCR, also known as the GrandMotherOfUCR's account was terminated however she still remains a member of the Veteran Group under a different account, the username is unknown.


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  • UCR was founded on July 29, 2009 by Kinglime.
  • Under TDFall, UCR had a true democratic-republican government where any UCR member was allowed to nominate and vote for candidates.
  • UCR's longest raid took 4 hours and 30 minutes against HAU at Diamond Outpost 2 on February 16, 2014.
  • TDFall was the first president to institute a merit-based promotion system for middle ranks.

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