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The United Clan of Roblox (UCR) is a well known superclan on ROBLOX and one of the original "big three" superclans, which includes the Roblox Assault Team (RAT) and First Encounter Assault Recon (FEAR). It is run on the principles of honor, dedication, and respect. Despite the fact that it is a war group, UCR is considered one of the most pacifistic clans on ROBLOX. The United Clan of Roblox was founded in the summer of 2009 by Kinglime to compete against and ultimately destroy the rival clan The X-101st Legion.


2009: The Genesis Era


UCR's original logo, created by Armitroner

Kinglime's Presidency

It was the day of July 29th, 2009. The group system had just been released to ROBLOX and the first few groups were being made. UCR was one of the first groups to be created, and has the id 18. A person named kinglime made the group. Previously, he had been working with Armitroner (the original uniform creator), GameRage (the raid planner), and Toonlink1995 (the war general) to run the group as a pre-group system clan. Before the group system was fully developed, the high ranks of the group were marked by being friends with the user account "UCRSelect." UCR was never a big group before the group system, but on July 29th, 2009 that would all change.

At the time, more than he is now, kinglime was an extremely popular person on ROBLOX. His constant gain of place visits, and popularity certainly helped in the gain of UCR's members. The group surpassed 500 members in a day while other groups struggled at the feat of 30 members. Within 2 weeks time UCR had 5,000 members. At the time there were 3 ranks, Member, Select and Leader. Today there are many more ranks.

August 4th marked the beginning of UCR's first war. Lordnathan, the owner of the X-101st Legion, attempted in persuading Kinglime into calling off the war by trying to become his friend and complimenting UCR. Lordnathan did not take the UCR threat seriously until the groups feature was released, so Kinglime and UCR remained focused on the destruction of the X-101st Legion. Battles would rage for weeks and hundreds of people would become spies to find out information from the other side. Knowing who was on who's side and knowing who was a spy became very tough. Eventually on August 22nd, Kinglime exiled dboot98, a UCR member spying on X-101st and dboot98 was not happy. As this happened more and more often, people began to grow tired of Kinglime's leadership. He was then banned for unknown reasons on August 28th which caused heavy protests. People threatened to leave UCR because they thought that Kinglime had turned into a traitor. Some however remained loyal and optimistic that their leader would continue to help them overcome the X-101st and did their best to calm the chaos.

After a bit, the idea of a new leader came up and this was met with heavy approval from all. The popular opinion was that UCR wanted ThePhantomHourGlass as their second president, and they wanted it now. In addition to this, Kinglime refused to pay Armitroner for making the original uniform which caused him to quit and take the uniform off sale. To this day it still has not been put back up. Unrest grew in UCR even after Kinglime was unbanned, and ThePhantomHourGlass protested by leaving. The X-UCR Legion was then formed in an attempt to destroy UCR but remain independent of the X-101st. This was lead by Soccerpr89. People began to label Kinglime as a dictator as he rarely interacted with the group, rarely promoted people, and never replied to messages. The people wanted him dethroned. The biggest blow to Kinglime's leadership was when Excelerate called him out for his poor leadership. This fueled the fire even more and eventually Kinglime surrendered to the X-101st even though UCR was winning the majority of the battles and more and more people wanted him out. Eventually on August 31st, 2009 at 7:53PM EST, without notice, Kinglime left UCR and gave the clan to ThePhantomHourGlass.

ThePhantomHourGlass's Presidency

TPHG had no claim to fame, no stalkers; he was just a normal player who got lucky. Once he was given the clan, new ranks such as Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Co-Leader and Leader were established in addition to the old Select rank. Since group ranks were not out yet he had to make separate groups for each rank (Sadly, many of these groups have been captured by scammers and sold as novelties). TPHG quickly hired a staff of many people including Patrline, Excelerate, Bobberkins, Dboot98 and a few others as leaders. Soon co-leaders like Soccerpr89 and Jcdufus were selected. Many other co-leaders at the time became UCR stars, such as masonman99, Jcfudus and trick555. TPHG had new uniforms made by Excelerate and had many new promoters to get people fair promotions.

TPHG briefly restarted the X-101st war by popular demand but then an alliance was formed with them as he wanted UCR to focus on another clan named RoXzon. This was not a good move, as people were then calling for the return of Kinglime, but then UCR learned that Kinglime was rebelling against UCR with a group of his supporters in X-UCR, which, ironically, was the same clan that people joined when they rebelled against UCR to get rid of Kinglime. TPHG noticed people were not fond of the X-101st alliance, so the war the continued as the alliance was broken.

However, there was still the problem related to TPHG's inability to get on enough to take care of UCR so Dboot98, McBud,GameRage,and Soccerpr89 pressured him to give UCR to Dboot98. This pressure eventually fell onto TPHG, and on September 17th, 2009 at 6:04 PM, Dboot98 took ownership of UCR.

Dboot98's Presidency

Dboot98 was loved. For a long time, Dboot98 was often referred to as UCR's best leader. It seemed that as time went on, the UCR president would be even more in-tune with the people than the last one was. The members loved dboot98 for his charisma and his promotions. He was very involved with the clan and this made people happy. During his presidency, UCR finally defeated the X-101st, but only after LordNathan, the owner of the X-101st, was deleted. UCR, for the first time since its creation, was in a state of peace.

However on October 29th, 2009, when Dboot98 was serving the last two days of a seven day ban co-leader Soccerpr89 admin attacked UCR for revenge because he felt that he wasn't respected enough. Over the course of the two days, Soccerpr89 exiled 5,000 members, including High Ranks who threatened to inform Dboot98 about the situation. This caused UCR to drop from 7,000 members to 3,000 members. Soccerpr89 was subsequently deleted from ROBLOX for eight months, but later got his ban lifted by the admins.

After the admin attack, Dboot was left shocked. While he was still serving his ban on October 30th, he negotiated a deal to sell UCR for R$55,000. When he got unbanned, he bought OBC so that shattereddestroyer could pay him. However, he hesitated to give UCR away because he had calmed down from the admin attack incident. He had the money and the clan, but nobody in UCR knew about the deal until ShatteredDestroyers friends started to call him out for scamming on the wall. Dboot had no choice but to give UCR away now, and so he announced that he would be leaving, but not why or to whom he would pass UCR on to. People didn't want dboot to leave, they were begging him to stay as he had made UCR the clan that they all wanted it to be. This was the end of a generation for UCR as many of the high ranks quit due to the deal. Dboot kept his word, and handed over UCR to ShatteredDestroyer on November 1st, 2009.

ShatteredDestroyer's Presidency

Dboot selling UCR to ShatteredDestroyer plunged the clan into what was known as the dark ages. Soon after this deal ShatteredDestroyer was given a 14 day ban, causing what a great amount of confusion from the members, wondering why their new president made no interactions with the clan. No one really led UCR during this time and it was an anarchy of confusion and anger. ShatteredDestroyer did not keep UCR for very long and soon gave it too McBud, a friend of his. At this point UCR was thought of as doomed, it just passed from owner to owner to owner. McBud only held UCR for a mere 3 days until November 21st. On that date Xephyrus was given UCR.

Xephyrus's Presidencies

Xephyrus really was only a friend of McBud, who was a friend of ShatteredDestroyer, but unlike the previous two presidents, Xephyrus was trying to lead the clan. He didn't engage with the members any more than Kinglime did, but he wanted to try his best to be a leader. He was a kind person but his lack of interaction with the members made them call for Benblue9 to become president. Xephyrus was annoyed that nobody was giving him a chance so he demoted Benblue9 who then left. People once again were unhappy and as Xephyrus realized that he didn't have a clan that was loyal to him, he surprised UCR on the afternoon of December 6th, 2009 at 4:33PM EST, Benblue9 was leader.

2010: The Ascension Era

Benblue9's Presidency

Benblue9 had now gained ownership of UCR after a small unofficial trial run earlier in 2009. One of his main goals for his presidency was to make UCR the largest clan once more. People loved Benblue9 already so when he got the clan, many people joined to be a part of it. Within the first 4 months of Benblue9's leadership, UCR had regained its spot as the largest clan on ROBLOX for a short time.

As Benblue9's presidency went on, a small clan owned by Stealthmatt, named RAT, had become the talk of the town. Stealthmatt hired a famous game maker to build a recruitment center for RAT which quickly hit the front page and resulted in a rapid gain of members for them. Benblue9 was alarmed at the rate that RAT was gaining members and feared that he would lose the title of largest clan again. In a desperate attempt to stop this, UCR declared war on RAT which resulted in a bitter rivalry between not only RAT and UCR, but Stealthmatt and Benblue9 too. The war continued for a long time and was a stalemate until Benblue9 came up with a special plan. He thought that the only way to defeat RAT was to get rid of its high ranks. This lead Benblue9 to begin bribing and converting all of Stealthmatt's leaders to UCR. Without Leaders, RAT was left in chaos. Stealthmatt on the other hand, felt the only way to beat UCR was to show dominance in any way possible, even if it was immoral or frowned upon.Almost defeated after Benblue9's conversion of RAT highranks, Stealthmatt met with his remaining loyalists within RAT and worked on a secret plan of his own. RAT would hire exploiters to loopkill any member in the server if RAT was losing to prevent defeat. In addition, Stealthmatt prepared a mass invasion that would swarm over 8 UCR servers. UCR showed extreme prowess and force, repelling the invaders but RAT then set their exploiters out to do their jobs. RAT would often blame UCR for the exploits. The war seemed to be hopeless at this point.

LordNathan, who still didn't like UCR, decided to aid UCR during the second half of the war, for he disliked RAT even more than UCR. ThePhantomhourglass and Dboot98 would assist with a smaller clan named UFL as well to support UCR, but they surrendered to RAT and drew back. The war was snowballing now as RoXzoN also came to fight, but rather than choosing sides, they remained independent and attacked both UCR and RAT. These battles would now be commonly seen on the front page as it was the largest war in history up to that point in time. In the end, there was no victor as RoXzoN withdrew and UCR and RAT ended in a draw due to both sides losing members because of members getting bored of the war.

In the aftermath of this duel, Stealthmatt was unhappy as his high command was still in ruins and needed help running the clan. ThePhantomhourglass, vice president of UCR at the time, saw Stealthmatt's stress and formulated a devious plan to kick RAT while they were down. This began with UCR asking to ally with RAT, which Stealthmatt accepted. ThePhantomHourglass offered to help lead RAT to glory again now that the two clans were allied and Stealthmatt, thinking that UCR was not up to anything, accepted this too. The plan was to get RAT under UCR control. After many weeks of work, ThePhantomHourGlass was able to convince Stealthmatt to give him RAT by promising him 30,000 robux after he gave ThePhantomHourglass RAT. Stealthmatt foolishly took the bait and gave the clan to ThePhantomHourglass, who in turn did not give the money to Stealthmatt as this was all a set up from the beginning. ThePhantomhourglass exiled any and all Stealthmatt supporters and thus a new era in the clan world began where ROBLOX's two largest clans were owned by the same family, Benblue9 and ThePhantomhourglass.

Benblue9 quickly gained a reputation among the members for his love of the lesser and average class of people. He would talk to the members, reply to them and promote them if they deserved it. His recruitment center soon became a place known by many for its comfortable feel. Benblue9 was known as one of the nicest members, but also was thought of as corrupt by sceptics. Eventually, the corrupt systems and policies were reformed and turned into the system UCR was based on for the next year, with selected promoters and council members that are able to run things smoothly along with Benblue9's help. During this time, many friendships blossomed such as the friendship between Growncool7 and Killer6199 who would eventually, in Trick555's era, become head Officers wherein the promise was made that if one of them achieved presidency, the other would be the successor.

Benblue9 also attempted to make UCR a democracy, allowing the UCR members to vote freely on what went on within UCR. Because of this, UCR gained a great deal of respect it had lost during the Admin attack and inactivity between dark-age rulers in 2009 such as ShatteredDestroyer. Eventually, UCR had an election for President of UCR with the candidates being Benblue9 and Trick555, but the election was ruined due to corrupt campaigning procedures from both sides leading to Benblue9 keeping UCR for another month. Due to this, a revolt broke out led by DeathVader to put Trick555 in power. The clan was split in allegiance between Ben and Trick. Ben was not happy to see less support than he expected and he went on a purge, demoting any high ranks who were against him. When Ch3stern1mitz, one of Benblue9's most trusted leaders, betrayed him and Admin attacked UCR, Benblue9 was broken and on July 7th, 2010 at 3:39PM EST, gave UCR to Trick555.

Trick555's 1st Presidency

After Benblue9 left, UCR members weren't happy at first, thinking nobody could be as charismatic and charming as him. As time went on, the members began to like Trick555 just as much, however his presidency was filled with far more drama.

When Benblue9 returned later down the line and created RFA (ROBLOX Freedom Association) because he was unable to get UCR back, Madigan7657 joined and was later given presidency. RFA became known as just one of the many rebellions to UCR during Tricks era. RFA was initially meant to be a brother clan to UCR, but this did not last long. It was later shutdown by VAK.

Trick555's first second in command was Mattapplestar. The two seemed to be a pair that would get together very well and Mattapplestar was almost set in stone to be the next president, but one day Mattapplestar left UCR, sparking the beginning of what would become the biggest uprising in UCR's history. Mattapplestar created The Sky Clan of ROBLOX, a group that was meant to rebel against UCR and defeat it. Many who were loyal to Mattapplestar would follow him over to SCR. These members were then exiled from UCR for treason. SCR and UCR would engage in a series of wars that defined UCR's rise to power and SCR's foundation. UCR would win every single war against SCR until finally, Mattapplestar lost interest in destroying UCR, and instead began to grow SCR into what it is today. After these wars ended, UCR would allow SCR members to rejoin UCR for their old ranks and the two clans would keep to themselves. Trick then appointed Luongo100 to be the Vice President of UCR but Luongo100 never received the presidency because, Luongo100 being good friends with Mattapplestar and High Rank in SCR, Trick feared Luongo would give the clan to Mattapplestar after.

Trick555 was right to worry however, as many of his High ranks rebelled against him, plotting to overthrow him in the past. Hacker1leo was one of these people. During the start of the Trick555 Era, feeling that Trick wasn't deserving of President, Hacker1leo recruited UCR loyalists in secret meetings and attempted to stage the first uprising against the Trick governance in secrecy with close associates such as B3njam1n and Mattapplestar. The eventual plan was to up-heave Trick555 as President and replace him with an undetermined UCR loyalist believed to be more in tune with the people. As Mattapplestar gave up with the UCR/SCR war, so did B3njamin. Hacker1leo continued with his ultimate goal of getting UCR into, what he believed to be, better hands nevertheless while working in the system. He never gave up because he believed that he was protecting the interests of true UCR loyalists. This rebellion inspired many other small revolutions in the future, but few would change the course of the clans history as much as this one.

UCR had many famous wars during this time. After a fight with the Noble Blade leader, jlcompton, Trick555 ended the alliance with what was considered to be UCR's sister-clan at the time. The announcement of war soon after, was to many people's surprise as these two clans had the closest alliance at the time. After a long and troublesome war, UCR emerged victorious, leaving Noble Blade in a state that it never fully recovered from since many Noble Blade members swapped sides to the evidently stronger UCR. UCR and RAT also had a famous war which ended in a stalemate. Neither side surrendered, and both fought with extreme pride for their clans. Neither side wanted to let the other win, but when they realized this, they came together and agreed to end the war without a victor. Along with this announcement, came the development of another strong alliance.

As trick grew tired of owning UCR, he planned his retirement. Many long-time veterans would quite during the late months of 2010, to give way for a new UCR. The motto "Old, Historic, Strong, Family" would be replaced by the preaching of progression and on May 5th, 2011 (5/5/11) at 5:55PM (To commemorate the legacy of the 555), Trick555 surpised the clan world and gave UCR to TDFall.

2011: The Pinnacle Era


Second UCR logo, changed in August 2011

TDFall's 1st Presidency

TDFall entered the presidency facing a hostile environment. Trick555 had promised to give UCR to Luongo100, but he questioned Luongo's leadership ability; he considered Luo too immature for the position. Instead of giving it to Luongo, he negotiated in secret with TDFall, recently-exiled RAT 2iC, and ploober33, a prominent clan leader and politician. On May 4, 2011, Trick and TDFall reached an agreement, but Trick did not let the secret out. The time for the leadership change came, and a hundred excited UCRians gathered at Trick's recruitment center, eagerly awaiting the change and shouting congratulations for Luongo. They refreshed and refreshed and refreshed, and to their surprise, TDFall's name appeared at the leadership position. Mass confusion erupted. Who was TDFall? Why was this random guy the new president?

TDFall's sudden appointment to the presidency provoked anger from some, who wanted a real veteran to lead, and relief from others, who thought TDFall was the leader UCR needed to revive. TDFall immediately consolidated his power by instituting massive changes to the UCR system, known as the Three Reforms. He already had written out plans for the leadership of RAT because he had been promised that position, but he would now put them to good use in UCR.

He first instituted an election system, similar to the one benblue9 had brought but implementing term limits and regular election cycles so that many more members would have a chance at a high rank. Next, he brought the officer exam to the clan, marking off "Officer" as its own, unique middle rank requiring applicants to pass a comprehensive written exam that tested leadership ability, personality, and practical knowledge. The third action was the create the division, The Black Shield, to highlight the elites of UCR's military force. Of course, these were only the corner stones in TDFall's consolidation of power. TDFall was responsible for the commission of many UCR organizations, including Project Bastion, AAA, and later MIB.

UCR entered the large GSC vs. VAK war in mid-May, though UCR did not take part in much of the fighting until later in Summer 2011. VAK, at the end of May, put all of the GSC clans (including UCR) on its "defeated list" following a controversial final battle with RAT forces. The war would rage on further into the year despite the battle. TDFall and Brian987987 approached VAK generals in June 2011 to negotiate a truce in light of the fact that neither clan had engaged in large open hostilities against each other. The Vaktovian generals approved the measure, but Vaktus, the Vaktovian emperor, rejected it, stating that he would fight until UCR was shutdown. The war ended in a draw in November 2011. TDFall went on to give UCR to Catlord5 on February 14th, 2012.

The Supreme Alliance was developed over the summer of 2011 by TDFall in order to bring together different clans from different backgrounds. The founding members were UCR, UAF, run by benblue9, and RSF, run by fruitbox. The Supreme Alliance was based around having a strong body of members that would support each other, and thus made little discrimination based on member clan size. The Supreme Alliance had a rigorous vetting system, and it pulled in clans of all sizes, from FEAR, VS, and WIJ to RAA and VL. The Alliance lasted for a long period of time, before it became clear that the clan world was drifting apart into an era of mistrust and war. The Vaktovian conflict had brought everyone together, but, in its absence, there was no real reason to seek the alliance of another clan. Until TDFall's departure, it was a strong symbol that clans were there to support each other, not to tear each other apart.

2012: The Repulsion Era

Catlord5's and CakeTheory's Presidencies

After 2 days, Catlord5 was informed by his mother he could only play on weekends and Wednesdays, which he declared was not enough time to efficiently lead UCR. This resulted in an imminent crisis in UCR. TDFall advocated strongly for his second choice, CakeTheory, while hacker1leo argued he ought to be leader. In the end, after a brief period of hysteria, CakeTheory became leader on 2/19/2012. An unfortunate consequence of this exchange was that the UCR funds TDFall had built up over the previous year had been doubly taxed, and recruitment suffered during CakeTheory's term.

TDFall's 2nd Presidency

TDFall returned to the clan in late May 2012, noticing a sharp decline in activity and member participation. High ranks were lackadaisical and sloppy in carrying out their duties, and insubordination was rampant. CakeTheory attempted to patch the pieces together, but he decided he ought to transfer possession of the group back to TDFall.

The second term was marked by a significant resurgence in activity and a number of reforms aimed at diversifying the group. ROBLOX introduced more group ranks in late June 2012, and UCR was accordingly one of the first to adopt new roles into its leadership. The current hierarchy is largely inspired by the system of ranking introduced in this period, with each rank class (LR/MR/HR) separated into distinct parts.

By popular demand of his HRs, TDFall also introduced a database system for keeping track of members and ranks. However, this produced a decline in the overall performance and activity of the clan, as members were confused by this complex system. The database system was scrapped within two weeks, and TDFall vowed to never again introduce such overly complex systems into the clan for the sole purposes of being neat and organized.

Two notable clan conflicts in this period were a war with Sleet Clan that began and ended whilst TD was vacationing at the beach and a long, drawn out war with RAT which saw UCR's activity rise to an all-time high (post-2009), with Outpost ORION's weekly place visits exceeding 10,000. During the RAT war, a UCR member named Ice1377 rose through the ranks and became a HR, only to admin attack in order to gain ColourTheory's (RAT Grand Admiral) favor. He was unveiled as a Sparrow Corp member, which wrought controversy throughout the clan world. TDFall was banned and unable to do anything to counter the admin attack. However, through the admirable efforts of UCR members and right-minded clan members across ROBLOX, Ice was mass-reported for his actions and received a 7-day ban, which put an end to his admin attacks.

On September 17th, 2012, TDFall quit UCR, as well as ROBLOX (he has returned at various points since then). TheEvidence was then given UCR. After leading UCR for a month and a half with little significant changes or events, TheEvidence gave UCR back to Trick555 on November 3rd, 2012.

Notable People who emerged during this year included SeanyBiy, TheEvidence, Feraloxide, and Metsfan2009.

2013: The Malaise Era

Trick555's 2nd Presidency

Trick555 employed ThePhantomHourGlass, then using the account known as MeowMixxed, in his staff, a move which was intended to prevent instability. From mid November to mid December, TPHG would enact a series of reforms to the Department of Justice which would cause a stark division between members. For the first time in it's history, UCR made use of a blacklist, hacker1leo being the first placed on it. After a brief period of time, TPHG would leave UCR, but not without a lasting impact on the clan.

Trick would soon follow the example set by many leaders before him, and spiral into inactivity, being occupied with life. From November 26th to January 14th, it is established that Trick555 remained inattentive and left UCR at the mercy of it's traumatized cabinet who had no sense of direction, so they remained idle.

Trick555 then gave UCR to Poisonlava, the first female President, on January 14th, 2013.

Poisonlava's Presidency

Poisonlava set herself as one of the first modern Dictators to face UCR. Poisonlava lead her cabinet in what ways she fit, eliminating new and innovative ideas in support of ideas to her liking. Having leadership experience in smaller sized clans, many believed Poisonlava would do well with UCR. She continued the Departmental System established by TDfall, however without the autonomy departments were intended to have. In a bid to increase activity, she held a Sunday Ceremony among other events, to instill a sense of honor and celebration in being a UCR member.

TDFall would rise again in UCR to fix the damage caused by TheEvidence and Trick555. Poisonlava would allow for most of TD's actions to become policy in UCR. This was unfortunately also the case in an idea created by TDFall to finally amend the weak departmental system for an even weaker, more flawed political party System, where a group would act as a party, delegating it's own senators, whom would later be promoted to Senator in the main group. On September 14, 2013, the first ten Senators were elected; Victor24658, Scrappydoodle, Cman200137, Ilikeweirdstuff, Is811, Vaulcon, Hockeyrules141414, Flixal, Growncool7, and Rapster2. Party groups would as a whole develop their own specific proposals for reform, based on topics set by the President. Using a simple majority formula, the department which represented the majority of UCRians would have it's proposal enacted by Departments. Due to its many flaws and errors as well as Poisonlavas insecurities, the system was abolished. Other internal inconsistencies would occur, forcing her to step down. Then on May 5th 2013, Poisonlava gave UCR to dizzdazz4.

Dizzdazz4's Presidency

In the early days of the DizzDazz4's presidency, the Vice President of UCR Poisonlava had used her influence that was gained over the course of her leadership to start a strike of sorts against a decision taken by Dizzdazz4. As a result she ordered that various clans end their UCR alliance with immediate effect, along with several High Ranks refusing to complete their tasks if she wasn't the Vice President. Dizzdazz4 did not follow through with his decision afterwards. Poisonlava would later leave UCR for RAT, and Optiics/Igniited would take the spot as Vice President.

Dizzdazz's era is marked as an era of little to no significant strides to change UCR, in fact many criticize dizzdazz4 for causing UCR's ultimate downfall. His inactivity was like poison to the clan. The only progress made, was the creation of a new fort. The name of this fort had changed frequently, the original name being Fort TDFall and the final name being Fort Velocity. After Optiics staged his resignation from UCR as it's sole second in command, dizzdazz would soon give away UCR to the conspirator of the idea to deal this damaging blow to dizz's pysche. On October 27th, 2013, Dizzdazz4 resigned, and gave UCR to jkoscar02.

2014: The Desperation Era

Jkoscar02's Presidency

Soon after achieving the presidential rank, Jkoscar made it a point to plan out the future of UCR. Hosting a series of high rank meetings. He attempted to use the systems in place and slowly

UCR's third logo.

phase out the old and beaten structures of UCR. It was not long before UCR declared war on WIJ. They never officially accepted, but they have had some mini battles. December 4th, 2013 was a near historical event for UCR, as they raided them (UCR was winning) SilentSwords himself entered the server that TheEvidence was in. TheEvidence continued to talk to him but information was never announced. The war was called off but not after UCR racked up more raid wins compared to WIJ, showing that UCR still had what it took to be a great clan once again. Sadly, UCR was unfairly added to WIJ's defeated list.

UCR was looking at happy times heading into 2014. Reforms were being planned and Jko held a meeting discussing what he would do for UCR, which was met with great approval. However this all changed. On December 31st, 2013, UCR plunged into war with USA. The culprit was Poisonlava. She was blacklisted from UCR and accused of treason. Asfi2000 was immediatly appointed Head of Warfare, took control of the situation, and the war began. The battles were fierce and UCR was dominating USM until UCR administration got fed up with the unfairness of USM's bases. The war was halted for a week where all major exploits were fixed. The battle then continued for a short amount of time until their base was updated once more with much lag. This caused UCR to focus on defenses, in protest of the base updates. Eventually USM decided to ignore the war. UCR then proposed a draw that heavily favored UCR. USM accepted and on January 22nd, the war was over.

On the 5th of January 2014, Jkoscar02 was deleted by the ROBLOX staff. UCR was quickly claimed by Rapster2. He explained over xfire that Jkoscar02's deletion was caused by someone making something inappropriate about UCR and then reporting it to the ROBLOX administrators, explaining that Jkoscar02 did it. Rapster2 gave UCR to JohnOscar2, jkoscar02's new account, about 2 hours later. After that, Jkoscar02 negotiated with the moderators of ROBLOX to get his account back which he did. He then got UCR back from his alt and everything was back to normal.

In the early morning of January 24th, 2014, Hacker1leo proposed a constitutional set of Demands known simply as "The Ultimatum". These demands were centered around a democratic system where the majority of the power is given to the elected body known as the Senate. he claimed that the United Clan of ROBLOX's leaders have failed to provide effective solutions and effective leadership of the clan. The demands made were to be accepted within 24 hours of it's publication. He threatened that if the administration failed to accept and abide by the demands made, a war of unprecedented magnitude will be waged. This left an uneasy feeling in the minds of UCR members. The next morning UCR members engaged in a heated debate on the response thread which was ultimately a denial to Hacker1leo's demands. He later stated that this was all a bluff to separate suck-ups from loyalists. Elijahiscool quickly followed in his footsteps after Hacker resigned. His attempts did not do much more than Hacker1leo in plain sight but were the spark for major restructures in UCR government. Elijah resigned from UCR to pursue new oppurtunities in RAT.

After this cluster of uprisings and protests, Jkoscar02 decided to scrap the Departmental system as it was a great cause of conflict and division within the UCR administration. Most of the Directors (High Ranks) were demoted to Middle Ranks and started anew due to great inactivity in the High ranks. TDFall took notice that UCR was going down the drain and called a meeting on February 7th, 2014. He told all Middle Ranks and remaining High ranks to step up their game and give their full effort or UCR will die without a doubt. This caused the Middle ranks to take initiative and recruit to bring new blood to UCR. However, the rebellions started to die down.

In late August of 2014, Jkoscar02 and the UCR High ranks at the time believed he needed to step down and pass on presidency. So on the evening of August 26th, 2014, Jkoscar02 resigned and officially discharged the presidency to Growncool7.

Growncool7's Presidency

This change of hands was highly anticipated by the members of UCR. The high ranks and low ranks were unhappy with Jkoscar02's presidency and were begging for another president. Growncool7 beat out competitors such as Pragmatist (Dboot98) and Trick555 to claim UCR for his first shot at leading. His first days were met with positive reactions from the members of UCR but the Clans & Guilds forumers were skeptical. Growncool07 immediately began work on helping fix UCR and improvement would show almost immediately with the number of members attending events rising dramatically since the end of Jkoscar02's presidency. Things were finally looking up for the United Clan of ROBLOX. As Growncool07 began slowly spiraling into inactivity like the previous presidents, Jkoscar02 publicly expressed his disappointment in Growncool and regret in selecting him as his successor. The High ranks of UCR were still confident that Growncool07 would manage UCR like a true leader.

Throughout this time of Growncool's apparent inactivity, many questionable moves were made by High Ranks who's activity also began to fall. The United Clan of ROBLOX began taking on clans such as Skilled Force, and Fleetcom, hoping that they could pull off a miraculous victory and assure their ascendance to the top of the clan world once again. These wars started off with high levels of confidence. However UCR ended up surrendering in these wars to save energy against overwhelming odds. These actions were very controversial and hurt UCR's reputation significantly.

During this time, high rank and second in command CPTkurk, was highly criticized for some of his actions both inside and outside of the clan's affairs. After evaluating UCR's alliances he came to the decision to remove UAF because he believed that they were not contributing to the alliance and were leeching off of UCR more than they were helping. The clan world and UCR were very evenly split on the decision with CPTkurk remaining confident that he made the right choice even after UAF declared war in retaliation, which was soon cancelled.

The more famous incident was referred to as Operation Mockingjay. CPTkurk was contacted by Pragmatist, ThePhantonHourGlass, and Poisonlava one night in an attempt to persuade him to join their cause. He was extremely skeptical as this happened before to him earlier that year but declined their offer. This time however, him and Pragmatist would reach an agreement. Pragmatist would take ownership of the clan from him after Growncool7 retired and he would help CPTkurk fix UCR, and then return the group to him. Pragmatist later contacted the other High ranks of UCR who said that they agreed to this proposition but instead began to form an operation to sabotage the two and prevent them from taking control of UCR. CPTkurk told Growncool7 about the proposition and he had no issue with it seeing as there would be no harm done. Growncool7 asked to be kept in the loop on everything and CPTkurk complied. Killer6199, leader of Operation Mockingjay, never tried to convince CPTkurk that Pragmatist was up to no good, leading CPTkurk to believe that Killer6199 wanted to get rid of him.

As the members of Operation Mockingjay chased off Pragmatist, an apology came from CPTkurk for being "gullible" and he claimed to have "nothing but good intentions" when speaking with Pragmatist. He continuously stated that Growncool7 was told all about it while the discussions were had and that the event was not meant to be a rebellion regardless of what Killer6199 thought. Killer6199 denounced CPTkurk, calling him a traitor, and convinced Growncool7 to replace himself with CPTkurk, who Growncool7 promised was going to be the next president. On new years eve, CPTkurk was demoted for the first time since his return to UCR 14 months ago and later resigned altogether not to return until Rapster2's presidency.

Keeping an older promise of passing on the clan to his friend and old fellow head officer, Growncool7 passed the clan on to Killer6199 on January 24th, 2015.

2015: The Oscillation Era

Killer6199's 1st Presidency

On January 19th, 2015, Growncool7 announced his resignation from the seat of power in UCR. Growncool admitted the difficulty and failure of his Presidency of UCR, and in the announcement said that one of his Head of Officers would come to take the reins of UCR.

On the afternoon of January 23rd, 2015, Killer6199 was appointed the President of UCR. Killer's appointment was met with optimism and hype from all corners of the clan world. The following day, Killer issued a formal address announcing few major changes in the structure of UCR, such as a database and focus on recruiting fresh high ranks. In weeks following, UCR made waves after winning various raids on clans such as TRA and SC. UCR alliances saw immediate fortification, namely with UCR allying TGI, VOID, SC, and other notably amazing clans.

The change of the presidency to Killer6199 brought a new image, new description, and new style to United Clan of ROBLOX. Killer6199 lead the clan in a different and more interactive way with the community, combining activity with interactivity and enjoyment. United Clan of ROBLOX reached the attention across the clan-world with this new era - and change for the better could be seen.

On February 22nd, UCR formally declared war on Sleet Clan. UCR ended up winning the war and Killer6199's influence became more apparent as UCR had become a far stronger clan than under the previous three presidencies. This new war brought peaks of activity seen only before in TDFall's 2nd era and destroyed the past enemies of United Clan of ROBLOX. UCR went on to defeat TCC, Ice Legion, and Electro Legion. Soticule Forces took notice of this surge in power and declared war in attempt to bring UCR back down to earth. This fight was lost barely yet United Clan of ROBLOX held its own against a notable enemy. As July came, however, Killer6199 suffered through family loss and struggles in real life. Due to this, Killer6199 stepped down as President.

Rapster2's Presidency

Rapster's presidency was short lived. In its first week not much happened aside from newly appointed high-ranks SLPM's controversial pushes for many changes. Few people supported these reformations leading to SLPM getting angry and eventually getting run out of the clan by high ranks and low ranks alike. Foreign influence plummeted as its vice President was on vacation for the majority of the presidency, resulting in a lack of leadership in the department. Internal affairs did not do well either as the lack of leadership caused inactivity among the council, which then lead to UCR reaching arguably its most inactive point in history.

As the final days of the presidency approached, Killer6199 started to make jokes about starting a "New Shield Union", a reference to the RAT rebel group "The New Frostarian Union". As the joke died down, it was revealed that Killer was truly planning on returning to lead UCR a second time as it was evident that Rapster had failed to do his job. Rapster admitted that due to being busy with school and his social life, he wasn't able to lead anymore. Because of this, on the 18th of August, at 6PM Eastern time, Killer6199 began his second presidency.

Killer6199's 2nd Presidency

Killer opened his presidency with a speech, stating he would set out to do what he did not in his last presidency and to turn UCR around before it died for good. Little time was wasted as Killer transformed UCR into a militaristic themed clan. Killer becoming president lead to the revival of the TGI alliance and UCR's elite division TBS. The TGI alliance however, was short-lived as TGI shut down three weeks later. The presidency was a fairly uneventful one in terms of foreign affairs as Killer had made it clear that he wanted to focus on internal development although some people argue that even internal development was heavily lacking during reign.

On September 7th, UCR entered the VIP recruitment race with multiple front page games such as Arctic Warfare Tycoon and Future Warfare Tycoon. This was the beginning of a one year deal worth 400,000 robux made between Killer and a well known game developer to give free VIP in the particular game. This instantly had a positive effect as UCR skyrocketed in member count by 18,000 members within one week. However after this week, the game developer was terminated for using exploits to get his games to front page, disappeared, and was deemed as a scammer. As the VIP recruitment came to an end, UCR lost 4,000 of the 18,000 members they gained and their new-found spike in activity, averaging 20-25 members per event, was gone.

Soon after the beginning of the autumn season on October 8th, Kimbob09 (dehale), Vice President at the time, announced her retirement from UCR. Killer decided to give Kim the clan for the day after having declined presidency multiple times in the past to commemorate her leave. The next day the clan was returned to killer but little did the rest of the clan world know what was about to go down.

A special ceremony was scheduled for October 9th which was hyped up to be one of the biggest announcements in UCR history that would change the clan for ever. Nobody expected what was about to happen. As the ceremony began at 6PM EST, UCR was shutdown by Killer6199 and the apparent end had come for UCR. This sparked confusion and uproar from not only UCR, but the rest of the clan community too. Killer6199 was called out by many people on the C&G forums for this decision by people who formerly stood by him and trusted him as a leader. One such person was CPTkurk. He quickly began to gather support from the clan community in an attempt to persuade Killer in handing the clan off to someone rather than killing it off. More people followed in trying desperately to get killer to reverse his decision, most notably Rapster2. He created a forum pleading Killer to pass on UCR instead of shutting it down, and in turn created the chant "PASS ON THE SHIELD!" which became one of the many rally cries of those who wanted to keep UCR alive. The next morning, a miracle. Many of the same people got together in a group chat and decided to speak to Killer6199 about his decision in one final effort to attempt to keep UCR alive. Killer6199 announced an election for the next president of UCR, and the clan would not be shutdown after seeing all the backlash from the community. The election was between Undecrypted and CPTkurk. The campaign began peacefully until a thread was leaked on C&G, showcasing Stimulus's past filled with bullying and abuse of UCR members. Undecrypted responded with a thread reminding people of the Poisonlava incident in late 2014 to which CPTkurk responded with a thread that warned RAA that Undecrypted was planning to scam them. This thread was made too late however, as the voting has already closed. Both candidates campaigned with cheap tactics and in the end, on October 18th, 2015, Undecrypted won by two votes, leaving CPTkurk to lose out on presidency for the fourth time regardless of many accusations of Killer6199 rigging the elections.

Undecrypted's Presidency

Undecrypted began with the introduction of new division managers, keeping his promise of making CPTkurk the vice president if he lost the election, and a war declaration on Vortex Security. The war resulted in a tie due to multiple break downs in communications between both respective groups. After this the head of Foreign Affairs at the time, Malvus, proposed new Internal reforms for UCR to Undecrypted which he approved of on all fronts. That day, he announced the swapping in positions between Malvus, and head of Internal Affairs, CPTkurk. He was livid with this change as he too had been working on reforms. He would go on to be demoted after a flare of anger towards Undecrypted and Malvus would take over the vice presidency, eventually to become president.

2016: The Current Era

Malvus's Presidency

Malvus and Undecrypted upheld an agreement regarding the Presidency of the UCR. This agreement entailed that the two entrust one another with the reigns of UCR. Malvus, upon receiving UCR, had been met with some initial hostility. Having quelled an attempted rebellion involving Sakurahokage, victor205, and other notable UCR veteran names, Malvus emerged victorious. In particular, the initial rebellion held no realistic ground for ousting Malvus, who at the time held UCR just a few weeks over a month. As time went on, Malvus developed a mighty and well equipped developer presence in UCR. This was part of a master plan to propel UCR into the modern clan world. Part of this plan included very bold efforts to update UCR systems, from promotions, to events, to news, and so on and so forth. This required a strong high rank team to execute thoroughly. Initially, Malvus had the support of Froast, Killer6199, and CPTKurk. However, Killer6199 had lost interest in ROBLOX and soon endured hospitalization as a result of a car wreck. CPTKurk, at the same time, quit ROBLOX altogether. Around this time, other prominent names in UCR history emerged from the shadows. Malvus assembled a new team of high ranks, consisting of Elijahiscool, hacker1leo, and SeanyBiy. This new team merged with the existing high command, and set out to execute Malvus' plans effectively. Under this team, the following items were updated prepared for release: Promotions, Departments, Officers, Newsletter, and Development. The improvements to these subjects remain behind closed doors under very strenuous privacy, in compliance Need-to-Know Basis agreements in the high command.

Undecrypted's 2nd Presidency

On Saturday, the 12th of March, 2016, Malvus held a special meeting for all of the UCR's members to attend. At the meeting he announced that he would be passing once again the Shield to Undecrypted. Undecrypted, determined not to lose the clan again, decided he'd immediately begin working on reforms in the clan's High Command. However, his work was slowed with hostility provided from former United Clan of ROBLOX High Rank ProelioSeverloh and President Malvus. The Salvanian Legion, a clan owned by Proelio declared war on the UCR, which the UCR then formally declined, under the premise that much needed to be redeveloped in effort to begin with going into war. Proelio ignored all of the UCR's pleas and continued raiding the UCR, despite losing all hostile attacks. Currently, at the time of updating this information, TSL is still considering the UCR as a threat. Tension has also been rising in the UCR, between some former High Ranks and Undecrypted, claiming that he is leading the clan into inactivity and he is only appointing High Command positions to his friends. This lead to multiple people resigning and departing from the UCR.

Within a week of Undecrypted owning the UCR, activity began increasing. Some old faces reappeared into the clan as well as some fresh meat to assist in protecting and fighting for the Shield.


Ranks in the United Clan of ROBLOX
Rank Description

The lowest rank in the group. Ability to post on the group wall is restricted.

[L1] Trooper

This rank is received by passing the UCR Initiate course which features an obstacle course, and a quiz about UCR.

[L2] Sentinel

The second rank in UCR. These members are usually slightly more trained in the group.

[L3] Select

The third rank in UCR. These members had some experience in UCR and can start helping lower members with advice.

[L4] Specialist

The fourth rank in UCR. The Halfway mark in a members journey through the UCR ranks.

[L5] Auxiliary

The fifth rank in UCR. Above average soldier in combat, leadership, or development.

[L6] Excelsior The sixth rank in UCR. These members are given more respect than the lower ranks.

[L7] Vanguard

The seventh rank in UCR. Members tested in combat, leadership, or development.

[Mx] Officer

An Officer holds trainings and other events for the clan.

[H1] Captain Captains have been recognized for their hard work, loyalty, and dedication towards the group. Commandants are eligible to begin doing workloads of departmental work or high rank responsibilities.
[H2] Consulate Consulates are the heads of the group when the President and Vice President are not present. They’re the leaders of the group alongside the Vice President and President.
Vice President The second-in-command of the United Clan of ROBLOX. The Vice President has nearly equal power to the President and is recognized as a leader of the clan.
President The President runs the clan and has absolute power in all saying. The President is responsible for managing and developing the clan.


The Presidents are those who have lead the might United Clan of ROBLOX throughout the years. This rank was not always known as "President" and the vast majority of these leaders were never voted in but rather selected. However, UCR still refers to all of their former, current, and future leaders as "Presidents". Here is an up-to-date list of all of UCR's presidents since it's formation in 2009.

  1. Kinglime July 29th, 2009 - (1 Month, 2 Days)
  2. ThePhantomHourglass (Meowmixxed) August 31st, 2009 - (18 Days)
  3. Dboot98 (Pragmatist) September 17th, 2009 - (1 Month, 16 Days)
  4. ShatteredDestroyer November 1st, 2009 - (21 Days)
  5. Xephyrus  November 21st, 2009 - (15 Days)
  6. Benblue9  December 6th 2009 - (7 Months, 1 Day)
  7. Trick555 July 7th 2010 - (9 Months, 29 Days)
  8. TDFall May 5th, 2011 - (9 Months, 9 Days)
  9. Catlord5 February 14th, 2012 - (5 Days)
  10. CakeTheory February 19th, 2012 - (4 Months, 4 Days)
  11. TDFall  [2ND TERM] June 17, 2012 - (3 Months)
  12. TheEvidence (Jcdufus) September 17, 2012 - (1 Month, 17 Days)
  13. Trick555  [2ND TERM] November 3rd, 2012 - (2 Months, 11 Days)
  14. Poisonlava  January 14th, 2013 - (3 Months, 21 Days)
  15. dizzdazz4  May 5th, 2013 - (5 Months, 22 Days)
  16. jkoscar02  October 27th, 2013 - (10 Months)
  17. Growncool7 August 26th, 2014 - (5 Months, 29 Days)
  18. Killer6199 January 24th, 2015 - (5 Months, 17 Days)
  19. Rapster2 July 11th, 2015 - (1 Month, 7 Days)
  20. Killer6199 [2ND TERM] August 18th, 2015 - (2 Months)
  21. Undecrypted (Lordmerick) October 18th, 2015 - (2 Months)
  22. Malvus19th November, 2015 - (4 months and counting...)


UCR Win-Loss History

Date Enemy Result Enemy Leader UCR Leader
August 2009 X-101st Loss LordNathan Kinglime
August 2009 X-UCR Loss Soccerpr89 Kinglime
September 2009 X-101st Tie LordNathan ThePhantomHourGlass
September 2009 X-UCR Win Kinglime ThePhantomHourGlass
September 2009 RoXzoN Win Masterblock ThePhantomHourGlass
September 2009 X-101st Win LordNathan Dboot98
2009 RHC Win Benblue9 Dboot98
2010 RAT Tie Stealthmatt Benblue9
2010 Vampire Knights Win BodyThief Benblue9
2010 RAT Win ColourTheory Trick555
2010 SCR Win Mattapplestar Trick555
2010 RAT Win ColourTheory Trick555
2010 NB Win Jlcompton1 Trick555
2010 JC Win pspjohn1 Trick555
2010 RAT Win ColourTheory Trick555
2010 FEAR Win Sonicthehedgehogxx Trick555
2011 X-101st Win Artia44 TDFall
May 2011 VAK Tie Vaktus TDFall
2011 RIC Win Thecaptain97 TDFall
2011 NFC Win Darxia TDFall
2012 TGI Loss Castellian TDFall
2012 VS Loss justgoaway1 TDFall
2012 RAT Tie ColourTheory TDFall
November 2013 HAU Win Practice Jkoscar02
December 2013 WIJ Loss SilentSwords Jkoscar02
January 2014 USM Win Lumidas Jkoscar02
2014 HAU Win Practice Jkoscar02
2014 TCI Win LiberatorEvan Jkoscar02
2014 GG Win EmperorRyan Jkoscar02
2014 RS Win UNKNOWN Jkoscar02
2014 IE Loss Valhalas Jkoscar02
2014 RAT + SC Rat Loss, SC Tie Polymorphic + Rivalize Jkoscar02
2014 HAU Win Rainway Growncool7
2014 EL Win xMaleden Growncool7
2014 UAF Tie Falsewarrior000 Growncool7
2014 X-101st Loss LordBespin Growncool7
2014 Skilled Force Loss Enflare Growncool7
2014 TCC + Fleetcom + CA Loss Ciocksmith + Campy + Surgeiano Growncool7
2015 SC Win Campy Killer6199
2015 VS + Soticule Forces Loss Imnotaguestimagirl + Paul321321 Killer6199
2015 TCC Win Ciocksmith Killer6199
2015 EL Win UNKNOWN Killer6199
2015 IL Win Lasurak Killer6199
2015 VS Tie imnotaguestimagirl Undecrypted
2015 A-SOV Loss Seviro Malvus


These are the official divisions of UCR, owned or approved by the President.


The Black Shield

The Black Shield

This is the elite division of UCR. One is only able to join through invitation or tryouts. The UCR members in this division are the best active fighters UCR has. When a final battle is called for during war, this is where the UCR administration selects their final battle team. The division makes the best fighters of UCR even better with advanced trainings.

United Clan of Roblox Veterans

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United Clan of Roblox Veterans

The veterans division is unlike the rest, not owned by the president and is still active today. It is currently lead by ExistenceTheorem and the division was the most isolated from the main group. This is a group where old members of UCR can socialize and remember the days that they spent in the clan.


  • Founded on July 29th, 2009 by Kinglime.
  • The longest running president was Trick555 with 12 months and the shortest was Catlord5 with the minimum required time to be considered a legitimate president of 5 days.
  • The person to hold a High Rank position for the longest time without being demoted was CPTkurk with 14 months.
  • Under TDFall, UCR had a true democratic-republican government where any UCR member was allowed to nominate and vote for candidates.
  • The longest war losing streak was under Growncool7 with 3 consecutive losses, while the longest war winning streak was under Trick555 with 7 consecutive wins.
  • The year with the most wars was 2014 while 2013 had the least.
  • UCR's most warred clan is RAT with a total of 6 wars.
  • Jkoscar02 was the president with the most wars under his ownership of the clan with 9 wars.
  • The leader that UCR has declared war on the most times is LordNathan/LordBespin with 4 wars.
  • Poisonlava was the first female president of UCR.
  • Catlord5 was the youngest president of UCR while Jkoscar02 was the oldest.
  • Rapster2 declined offers of up to 500k ROBUX for UCR after he claimed it during Jkoscar02's deletion.
  • UCR's longest raid took 4 hours and 30 minutes against HAU at Diamond Outpost 2 on February 16th, 2014.
  • TDFall was the first president to institute a merit-based promotion system for middle ranks.
  • The average presidential tenure lasts 3 months and 21 days.
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