The United Clan of Roblox (UCR) is a well known superclan on ROBLOX and one of the original "big three" superclans, including the Roblox Assault Team (RAT) and First Encounter Assault Recon (FEAR). It is run on the principles of honor, dedication, and respect. Despite the fact that it is a war group, UCR is considered one of the most democratic clans on ROBLOX. The United Clan of Roblox was founded in the summer of 2009 by Kinglime to compete against and ultimately destroy the rival clan X-101st. UCR is currently led by Rapster2, claiming it after jkoscar02's unfair ban. Rapster2 claimed it on the 5th of January 2014. The group is currently the 16th largest group on ROBLOX, despite being larger than all others in 2009.


2009: Rise to power


UCR's original logo, created by Armitroner

It was the day of July 29th, 2009. The group system had just been released to ROBLOX and the first few groups were being made. UCR was one of the first groups to be created, and has the identifier 18. A person named kinglime made the group. Previously, he had been working with Armitroner (the original uniform creator), GameRage (the raid planner), and Toonlink1995 (the war general) to run the group as a pre-group system clan. Before the group system was fully developed, the high ranks of the group were marked by being friends with the user account "UCRSelect." UCR was never a big group before the group system, but on July 29th, 2009 that would all change.

At the time, more than he is now, kinglime was an extremely popular person on ROBLOX. His constant gain of place visits, and popularity certainly helped in the gain of UCR's members. The group surpassed 500 members in a day while other groups struggled at the feat of 30 members. Within 2 weeks time UCR had 5,000 members. At the time there were 3 ranks, Member, Select and Leader. These days many new ranks have shown up.

Then members began to like ThePhantomHourGlass even more than their founder, and on August 29th, 2009 he took ownership of UCR. Kinglime sadly quit, seeing that his members did not care for him anymore. Before this point, TPHG had no claim to fame, no stalkers; he was just a normal player who got lucky.

After that point many new ranks such as Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Co-Leader and Leader were established in addition to the old Select rank. Since group ranks were not out yet he had to make separate groups for each rank (Sadly, many of these groups have been captured by scammers and sold as novelties). TPHG quickly hired a staff of many people including Patrline, Excelerate, Bobberkins, Dboot98 and a few others as leaders. Soon co-leaders like Soccerpr89 and Jcdufus were selected. Many other co-leaders at the time became UCR stars, such as masonman99, Jcfudus and trick555. TPHG had new uniforms made by Excelerate and had many new promoters to get people fair promotions.

However, there was a problem about TPHG's ability to get on enough to take care of UCR. Dboot98, McBud,GameRage,and Soccerpr89 pressured TPHG to give UCR to DBoot98 (a mysterious but loyal individual). This pressure eventually fell onto TPHG, and on October 9rd, 2009, Dboot98 took ownership of UCR.

Dboot98, cleared out many of my staff and many of them quit themselves out of disrespect for dboot98. He took many of the co-leaders like Masonman99, Trick555, and Jcdufus and made them leaders in a desperate attempt to gain leaders fast. He also made peace with many clans such as M INC and even x101st, a clan UCR was created to destroy. This outraged members and many left, Dboot's sharp building talent did amuse many as he built shrines and bases to UCR. It was soon known that he was obsessed with this clan. He was loved by many for his promotions, but was also hated for corruptness. It went both ways for him.

On October 29th, 2009, when Dboot98 was serving the last two days of a seven day ban, ROBLOX user Soccerpr89, former co-leader of UCR, admin attacked UCR for revenge because he felt that he wasn't respected enough. Over the course of the two days, Soccerpr89 exiled 5,000 members, including High Ranks who threatened to inform Dboot98 about the situation. This caused UCR to go from 7,000 members to 3,000 members. Soccerpr89 was subsequently deleted from ROBLOX for eight months, but later got his ban lifted by the admins.

Soon after on November 3rd, Dboot sold UCR to ShatteredDestroyer plunging UCR into what is called UCR's Dark Age. Soon after this deal ShatteredDestroyer was given a 14 day ban, causing what is known as the 14 days of confusion and darkness. No one really led UCR during this time and it was an anarchy of confusion and anger. ShatteredDestroyer did not keep UCR for very long and soon gave it too McBud, a friend of his.

At this point UCR was thought of as cursed, it just passed from owner to owner to owner. McBud only held UCR for a mere 3 days until November 21st. On that date Xephyrus was given UCR. He really was only a friend of McBud, who was a friend of ShatteredDestroyer. UCR was being thrown around like no one cared. GameRage was the only one that cared of the group.

Eventually Xephyrus who did not do much with UCR gave it to dboot98's cousin, Benblue9. He had very little claim to fame before him but dboot convinced Xephyrus to let him own it. After a period where he needed to learn a good way to own clans he soon gained popularity among the members for his love of the lesser and average class of people. He would talk to the members, reply to them and promote them if they deserved it. His recruitment center soon became a place known by many for its comfortable feel. Benblue9 was known as one of the nicest members, but also was though of as corrupt by sceptics.


Eventually, this corrupt system was reformed and turned into the system UCR is run on today, with selected promoters and council members that are able to run things smoothly along with Benblue9's help.

Benblue9 eventually quit, he gave it to a UCR council member, Trick555, in July, 2010.

2011: Rebirth


Current UCR logo, changed in August 2011

Trick555 was a good and dependable leader. Eventually he couldn't handle UCR, UCR was starting to fall apart, many veterans quit. Then on 5/5/2011 at 5:55 pm (as a tribute to the legacy of the 555), Trick555 gave UCR to TDFall.

TDFall entered the presidency facing a hostile environment. Trick555 had promised to give UCR to Luongo100, but he questioned Luongo's leadership ability; he considered Luo too immature for the position. Instead of giving it to Luongo, he negotiated in secret with TDFall, recently-exiled RAT 2iC, and ploober33, a prominent clan leader and politician. On May 4, 2011, Trick and TDFall reached an agreement, but Trick did not let the secret out. The time for the leadership change came, and a hundred excited UCRians gathered at Trick's recruitment center, eagerly awaiting the change and shouting congratulations for Luongo. They refreshed and refreshed and refreshed, and to their surprise, TDFall's name appeared at the leadership position. Mass confusion erupted. Who was TDFall? Why was this random guy the new president?

TDFall's sudden appointment to the presidency provoked anger from some, who wanted a real veteran to lead, and relief from others, who thought TDFall was the leader UCR needed to revive. TDFall immediately consolidated his power by instituting massive changes to the UCR system, known as the Three Reforms. He already had written out plans for the leadership of RAT because he had been promised that position, but he would now put them to good use in UCR.

He first instituted an election system, similar to the one benblue9 had brought but implementing term limits and regular election cycles so that many more members would have a chance at a high rank. Next, he brought the officer exam to the clan, marking off "Officer" as its own, unique middle rank requiring applicants to pass a comprehensive written exam that tested leadership ability, personality, and practical knowledge. The third action was the create the division, The Black Shield, to highlight the elites of UCR's military force.

UCR entered the large GSC vs. VAK war in mid-May, though UCR did not take part in much of the fighting until later in Summer 2011. VAK, at the end of May, put all of the GSC clans (including UCR) on its "defeated list" following a controversial final battle with RAT forces. The war would rage on further into the year despite the battle, and to this day VAK has not taken of these clans off its enemy list.

TDFall and Brian987987 approached VAK generals in June 2011 to negotiate a truce in light of the fact that neither clan had engaged in large open hostilities against each other. The Vaktovian generals approved the measure, but Vaktus, the Vaktovian emperor, rejected it, stating that he would fight until UCR was shutdown. The war ended in a draw in November 2011. 

2012: Turbulent Times

TDFall gave UCR to Catlord5 on 2/14/12. After 2 days, Catlord5 was informed by his mother he could only play on weekends and Wednesdays, which he declared was not enough time to efficiently lead UCR. He later gave it to CakeTheory on 2/19/12.

TDFall was then appointed as president after UCR started to fall apart again. Since TDFall quit UCR, as well as ROBLOX (he came back since then), TheEvidence was given UCR. After leading UCR for a month or so TheEvidence gave UCR back to Trick555 on November 3rd, 2012.

2013: Malaise

Trick555's era

Trick555 employed MeowMixxed in his staff, a move which was intended to prevent instability. From mid November to mid December, Meow would enact a series of reforms to the Department of Justice which would cause a stark division between members. For the first time in it's history, UCR made use of a blacklist, hacker1leo being the first placed on it. After a brief period of time, Meow would later leave UCR, but not without a lasting impact on the clan. Several groups were formed in order to defend the sanctity of UCR's freedoms, all of which to this day continue to operate.

Trick would soon follow the example set by many leaders before him, and dally into inactivity. There is yet to be an exact name for this, though from November 26th to January 14th, it is established that trick555 remained inattentive and UCR at the mercy of it's traumatized cabinet.

Trickk555 then gave UCR to Poisonlava, the first female President, on January 14th, 2013.

Poisonlava's era

Poisonlava set herself as one of the first modern dictators to face UCR. Poisonlava lead her cabinet in what ways she saw fit, rejecting new and innovative ideas and instead instilling ideas that were to her convenience. Having leadership experience in smaller sized clans, many believed Poisonlava would do good on her word to help UCR. She continued use of the Departmental System established by TDfall, however without the autonomy departments were intended to have. In a bid to increase activity, she held a Sunday Ceremony among other events, to honor members and celebrate being a UCR member. These efforts would remain fruitless well until the end of her era, as would the inefficiency of her departmental system.

TDfall would eventually come to return to UCR simply to fix the damage caused by TheEvidence and Trick555. Poisonlava would allow for most of TD's actions to become policy in UCR. This was the case in a brilliant idea created by TDFall to finally amend the very weak departmental system as well as the poor communication of ideas between members and the UCR administration. TDFall engineered a Party System, where a group would act as a Party (left/right/moderate/etc), delegating it's own senators, whom would later be promoted to Senator in the main UCR. Party groups would as a whole develop their own specific proposals for reform, based on topics set by the President. Using a very simple majority formula, the department which represented the majority of UCRians would have it's proposal enacted by Departments. However, the system was aborted mid-trimester due to poisonlava's insecurities. Other internal inconsistencies would occur, forcing him to leave the UCR permanently.

Then on May 5th 2013, poisonlava than gave UCR to dizzdazz4. On October 27th, 2013, Dizzdazz4 resigned from his presidency due to being inactive, and gave UCR to jkoscar02.

Now UCR declared war on WIJ. They have not yet officially accepted, but they have had some mini battles. 12/4/2013 was a near historical event for UCR, as they raided them (UCR was winning) SilentSwords himself entered the server that TheEvidence was in. TheEvidence continued to talk to him but information was yet to be announced. This war was called off but not after UCR racked up more raid wins compared to WIJ, showing that UCR still had what it took to be a great clan once again.

2014: Treason

Jkoscar02's Era

UCR was looking at happy times going to the end of 2013 and into 2014. Reforms were being planned and Jko held a meeting discussing what he would do for UCR, which was met with great approval. However this all changed. On December 31st, 2013, UCR plunged into was with USA. The culprit was Poisonlava, and she was blacklisted from UCR accused of treason. Asfi2000 was immediatly appointed H1 of Warfare, and so this war began. Battles are yet to occur as of December 31st, expect this war to go into full swing by January 2014.


Ranks in the United Clan of ROBLOX
Rank Description
(L1) Member

The lowest rank in the group, but also the one with the most members.

(L2) Scout

The second rank in UCR. These members are usually slightly more trained in the group than Intrepids.

(L3) Operative

The third rank in UCR. These members are given more respect than the lower ranks.

(L4) Select

The fourth rank in UCR. These members had some experience in UCR and can start helping lower members with advice.

(L5) Vanguard

The fifth rank in UCR.

(L6) Excelsior The sixth rank in UCR.

(L7) Lieutenant

The seventh rank in UCR.
[-] Diplomat

A rank for diplomats from other allied clans

----------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(M1) Major The first mid-rank in UCR, users with this rank are granted shouting powers for trainings.
(M2) Captain A rank that is obtained by completing an exam, same powers as Major
------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[H1] Colonel Chosen by an [H2] Brigaider General to assist them with their work.
[H2] Brigaider General Selected by the Lieutenant Generals within UCR, this rank has the ability to promote/demote people.
[H3] Lieutenant General They are supervisors within the UCR Organization, to judge any actions made by a Brigaider General. Selected by the Vice Commander and Commander.


Vice President The second in command of UCR, Oversees all operations within UCR and reports directly to the Commander. Chosen by the Commander himself.
President Grand overseer. Or you could say leader of the entire UCR Organization itself. Oversees all departments within the group


  1. Kinglime
  2. ThePhantomHourglass, now known as Benblue (NOT Benblue9)
  3. Dboot98, now known as Pragmatic
  4. ThePhantomHourGlass (2nd Term)
  5. Benblue9
  6. Dboot98 (2nd term)
  7. ShatteredDestoryer
  8. Mcbud
  9. Xephyrus
  10. Benblue9 (2nd term)
  11. Donkeyo4 (ColourTheory; owned it for a day as a troll)
  12. Benblue9
  13. Trick555
  14. TDFall
  15. Catlord5
  16. CakeTheory
  17. TDFall (2nd term)
  18. TheEvidence
  19. Trick555 (2nd term)
  20. Poisonlava
  21. dizzdazz4
  22. jkoscar02
  23. Rapster2 (Not official, but technically a UCR leader at the moment.)



The Black Shield

These are some of the official divisions of UCR, led and owned by the president. There are more divisions than just these.

The Black Shield

The most elite division in UCR, these members are highly skilled in combat, discipline,  teamwork, and intelligence. Members of The Black Shield are extremely respected throughout UCR.

The Black Shield Academy

The division you must pass through to get into The Black Shield.

United Clan of Roblox Council

This most prestigious group is for the high ranking members of UCR. The Council is for communication between the high ranks, meetings, events etc.

United Clan of Roblox High Council

The UCR High Council consists of the head of departments and the Grand Overseer.


Supervised by the Head of Technology and owned by the Vice Commander, the group consists of the UCR Development team.

United Clan of Roblox Mx Academy

The mentoring program in the Mx Council. Lieutenants are required to spend 1-2 weeks in the Academy to learn how to be a leader. After 1-2 weeks, they must take the Mx Exams to be promoted to Major in the main group.

Revolutions within UCR

Hacker1leo has led many rebellions and is a prominent anti-establishment figure within UCR's culture.  The ill feelings stem from far back to 2010 during the start of the Trick555 Era.  Feeling that Trick wasn't doing an adequate job as President, Hacker recruited UCR loyalists in secret meetings and attempted to stage the first uprising against the Trick governance in secrecy with close associates such as B3njam1n (Who got promoted into the Council rankings with Hacker the very same day) and even the 2iC at the time, Mattapplestar. The eventual plan was to upheave Trick555 as President and replace him with a UCR loyalist believed to be more 'in tune with the people'.  Over time, prominent anti-establishment figures such as B3njam1n and Mattapplestar eventually gave up hope on UCR with each moving onto their own projects, RT and Sky Clan, respectively.  Matt later launched a massive war on UCR.  Hacker1leo continued with his ultimate goal of getting UCR into, what he believed to be, better hands nevertheless while working in the system.  Numerous other attempts have been tried and many underground UCR unions have been formed but many have been unsuccessful (Although they have gained significant support).  

In the early days of the DizzDazz4's presidency, the Vice President of UCR Poisonlava had used her influence that was gained over the course of her leadership to start a strike of sorts against a decision taken by Dizzdazz4. As a result she ordered that various clans deally UCR with immediate effect, along with several High Ranks refusing to complete their tasks if she wasn't the Vice President.


  • UCR was founded on July 29th, 2009 by Kinglime.
  • UCR's longest running President was TDFall
  • The oldest standing UCR HR with all his UCR HR time put together is Jkoscar02
  • UCR's motto is "Qui non proficit deficit," which means "He who does not progress falls."
  • Poisonlava was the first female president of UCR.
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