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This article is about the 2016 event. For similar titled events, see Roblox Universe.

Universe (2016) was a sponsored event that sponsored Rogue One, a spin-off Star Wars film. The games used in this event are Phantom Forces, Galaxy and Skybound 2. The event started on December 8 and ended on December 17.


Name Image Creator/Group
Phantom Forces Phantom Forces Thumbnail.png StyLiS Studios
Galaxy Galaxy Thumbnail.png rcouret
Skybound 2 Skybound 2 Thumbnail.jpg Imaginaerum


Name Image Game Objective
The Major's Helmet The Major’s Helmet.png Phantom Forces Get a 5 kill streak and find the secret Codex room on the Base Luna map.
Helios Headphones Helios Headphones.png Phantom Forces Win 3 matches on the Base Luna map.
Interstellar Sunglasses Interstellar Sunglasses.png Galaxy Get a quest from Luca Sky in the Mega Base. Then spawn a Wyrm ship and transfer the Medicine and Supplies that Luca gave you to the Wyrm. Then get in the Wyrm and fly it to the Freedom Base. At the base, park your ship, go inside and give the Medicine and Supplies to the base while avoiding pirates. This had to be done three times.
Galactic Sun Hat Galactic Sun Hat.png Galaxy Get a quest from Billy Ray Joe in the Mega Base. Then spawn a Wasp ship and fly near the Derelict Station. Once there, mine twenty Uranium Ore with the Mining Laser. Then dump all of the Uranium Ore at the Derelict Station.
U.Fun.O U.Fun.O.png Skybound 2 Destroy five Space Fighter spaceships.
Celestial Scimitar Celestial Scimitar.png Skybound 2 Destroy the Mothership.


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  • None of the items were based on the sponsored film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  • During February 2018, you could still get the Interstellar Sunglasses and the Galactic Sun Hat in Galaxy since the creator hasn't disabled the event badge.
    • As of February 20, 2018, you can no longer obtain the items.
  • It is the final event to feature the old Roblox logo.