The Urban Assault Forces (UAF) is a clan created by Sellethore with friends king132x and Lordvader1337 on February 21, 2010. The group was originally an unofficial division of Frost Clan intended to act as an ‘elite raiding force’, but is best known for its participation in the clan community created by the defunct Clans & Guilds (C&G) Roblox forum. Now, the group is the military of its nation parent group The Sovereign Nation of Patria (SNP) and actively participates in both the war clan and modern military clan genres.

Flaminquo is the current Commander of the Urban Assault Forces, as of August 16, 2018.


Sellethore’s Leadership

The Urban Assault Forces grew slowly as a division of Frost Clan, leading Sellethore to declare war on the x-101st Legion (x-101st) and the Roblox Assault Team (RAT). This declaration of war on two influential members of the C&G community is credited with establishing UAF’s independence. The wars ended with no declared winner, but UAF gained thousands of new members when players in x-101st and RAT pushed the group’s places onto the front of the Roblox Games page. Sellethore took an extended vacation shortly after the conflicts ended, appointing XNoBoomX to lead UAF.

XNoBoomX's Leadership

XNoBoomX, or ‘NoBoom’, began his leadership on October 19, 2010, with two wars against the United Clan of Roblox (UCR) and First Encounter Assault Recon (FEAR). UAF won both conflicts and continued gaining members rapidly as raids between the groups frequently pushed group places onto the front of the Roblox Games page. NoBoom used his influence as a high ranking member of Nightfall Clan (NFC) to align the group with UAF.

Sellethore Leads Again

Sellethore returned from his hiatus and changed his primary account to Infinitive before leading UAF again on December 31, 2010. His second term was short, and best remembered for the controversy surrounding his successor.

Lordvader1337 vs XNoBoomX

Despite a clan-wide election in favor of XNoBoomX leading again, Lordvader1337 was made the owner of UAF on January 21, 2011. NFC ended its alliance with UAF to support NoBoom’s campaign for leadership. When it failed, he was removed from UAF and dedicated his time to NFC. As a result, Sellethore was criticized by UAF members and the C&G for giving the group to Lordvader1337, who was in turn criticized for inactivity.

The Sale of the Urban Assault Forces

Former UCR leader Meowmixxed pooled his resources with RAT leader ColourTheory and approached Lordvader1337 in private. He agreed to trade UAF for a popular and expensive limited item, the Sparkle Time Fedora. Upon receiving the hat, he transferred ownership of UAF to ColourTheory on February 13, 2011. ColourTheory then passed the group to who gave the group to former UCR leader, and cousin of Meowmixxed, Benblue9.

Benblue9's Leadership

In the weeks leading up to his leadership of UAF, Benblue9 created a group called The New Regime to temporarily house his supporters. The group grew to over 200 members before operations were migrated to UAF at the start of his leadership on February 23, 2011, infusing the dormant clan with activity. Ben worked with developer Sunshine321 to create Fort Kopervich, the most popular UAF group place of all time, replacing UAF’s generic modern military theme with the grizzled camaraderie of the U.S.S.R., which he was learning about in school at the time. As part of his agreement with ColourTheory, UAF joined the Roblox Assault Team in the war against The Vaktovian Empire. The two groups coordinated their attacks and defenses, leading to a large amount of member crossover between the two groups. In August of 2011, NoBoom was made the leader of Nightfall Clan. Hostilities between UAF and NFC were put to rest, leaving the two clans neutral with one another. Contention over whether or not Benblue9’s leadership of UAF was ‘illegitimate’ prevented the clans from becoming allies. The Vaktovian Empire war ended inconclusively after a botched final battle, souring ColourTheory’s working relationship with Benblue9. MOOJL, a Roblox Assault Team loyalist who joined UAF at Benblue9’s request despite being in line for a high ranking position in RAT, was announced as Ben’s successor in a surprise move that further drove a wedge between UAF and RAT, upsetting UAF’s more senior members in the process.

MOOJL's Leadership

A wave of high-rank resignations marred the start of MOOJL’s leadership, as many were annoyed at being passed over by Ben. The most notable of these was Fireantfive, who was simultaneously a high rank in NFC. MOOJL’s leadership was dotted with periodic reforms of ranks and systems, many of which were too complex, ambitious, or labor-intensive to pull off with a small pool of high-ranks and dwindling activity as members dedicated to Benblue9 quit in his absence. A focus on lore, world-building, and creating a coherent theme culminated with the release of 'UAF: The City' as other projects after that failed to launch on time due to many issues, including a lack of dedicated developers. Despite this, UAF’s activity picked up as he found his footing as a leader specializing in alliances, coalitions, and C&G politics. 'The Tri-Force', named by UAF’s acting Head of War RodgerDodger and created with Sleet Clan and The Grand Imperium, was the first clan alliance that acted as a single entity. Leaders from each clan were given access to the Group Shout in every other clan, and members of each group were directed to treat each other group’s leaders as their own.

From MOOJL to DiscoHeaven

MOOJL feared for the safety of UAF after his account was breached during the Roblox Admin Panel Exploit of 2012. For several hours, a vulnerability in the Roblox website allowed some users to access the site’s administrator functions, enabling them to take over accounts. During that time, an exploiter used a credit card to purchase Builder's Club for the account. Due to legal complications with how Roblox determines the owner of a Roblox account, UAF was transferred to the alternate account DiscoHeaven, and the MOOJL account was deleted by Roblox Support due to the ownership dispute.

DiscoHeaven passed UAF to Bbal on March 1, 2012.

Bbal's Leadership

Bbal, a veteran from Infinitive’s era, partnered with Tenal to release an updated version of Sellethore’s Fort Deuce, renaming it Fort Sapphire. DiscoHeaven recolored the blue windows of Fort Sapphire red, causing Tenal to cancel his projects and leave UAF without a head developer. Bbal declared war on x-101st in hopes of re-capturing the nostalgia of Infinitive’s era but resigned before the war ended. While no extensive reason was given for her early resignation in her farewell post, gender-based jokes and insults from members of UAF, enemy clans, and the C&G community were said to have played a role. DiscoHeaven intended for Bbal to lead until he was ready to return, but when he was told she wanted to resign as soon as possible, he agreed it would be best for Shadowsword to take over.

Shadowsword's Leadership

Shadowsword was given UAF on April 3, 2012, and tasked with winning the x-101st war. He challenged their leader to a final battle against the UAF Preliator division at the WIJ Battlegrounds.

OwningDutchMan Holds UAF, Briefly

Late on the night of April 12, 2012, Shadowsword feared his account may have been compromised. OwningDutchMan, a General at the time, briefly took ownership of UAF for a few hours while he reset his login and attached a credit card to the account to prevent it from being stolen in the same way as MOOJL. This incident was never officially disclosed to the members of UAF because DiscoHeaven, acting as Shadowsword’s second-in-command, feared invoking the instability that occurs when a clan changes ownership. Despite this, DiscoHeaven asked OwningDutchMan in private about the possibility of him receiving the group instead of it being returned to Shadowsword, leaving the decision entirely up to him. OwningDutchMan felt Shadowsword had not yet led long enough to determine whether or not he was a good leader, and the two agreed he should continue leading once his account was safe.

OwningDutchMan returned UAF to Shadowsword's ownership the morning of April 13, 2012.

A week later, UAF defeated the x-101st, earning nearly twice as many points in the final battle. Soon after, Shadowsword declared war on and defeated John's Cobras, Valor Legion, United States Military, and the Alversian People’s Navy. He also declared victory over R.A.A., but they refused to admit defeat. Shadowsword approved the writing of the Constitution and Codex of the Motherland by second in command DiscoHeaven and Chief Justice Falsewarrior000. These were the first official documents outlining the rights of UAF’s members. On July 10, 2012, Shadowsword returned the clan to Discoheaven.

MOOJL Leads Again

DiscoHeaven retired UAF: The City, symbolically ending his focus on world-building. Instead, UAF used an updated version of Fort Kopervich with upgraded weaponry and a new capture system implemented by second-in-command Tbarpo, leading him to rename the fort 'Tbarpovich'. ColourTheory approached DiscoHeaven in hopes of setting up a ‘for fun’ war with RAT to boost UAF’s activity. However, he didn’t want anyone to know the war was for fun, in hopes of simulating a more intense war. This led to a rivalry and level of animosity between members of the two groups that ended the alliance and forced many to pick sides. Despite this, a portion of DiscoHeaven’s XFire social circle was made up of RAT high ranks for the remainder of his leadership, including ColourTheory. After Tbarpo quietly quit Roblox, FalseWarrior000 was made second-in-command and Bloxman26 was made third. DiscoHeaven and FalseWarrior000 quickly became too busy to lead, and UAF was passed to Bloxman26 on April 12, 2013. DiscoHeaven had stated his intention to stay and aid the fledgling leader but ultimately failed to do so.

Bloxman26's Leadership

Bloxman26 immediately attempted to reform the ranks in order to combat inactivity amongst the high command. His leadership also saw the construction of Fort Aries.

Blox declared and fought wars against Electro Legion, the Federation of Supremacy, and Black Wolf Empire. The clan was also involved in the UAF/TGI-VAK/UNITY war, where UAF fought and defeated the Unity Coalition.

FalseWarrior000 returned to Roblox and was made Commander of UAF on November 15, 2013.

Falsewarrior000's Leadership

WIJ declared war against UAF, UCR, and RSF on the first day of FalseWarrior’s leadership, later ending it in a draw. False then declared war on RAT, then led by Cjsaurusrex, and aligned UAF with a RAT rebellion group led by ColourTheory, the New Frostarian Union. The war led to “Operation Occupation”, the occupation and annexation of RAT's Fort Borealis by UAF. With ColourTheory reinstated, the alliance between RAT and UAF was restored. UAF and FC declared war on BWE and EL, defeating both clans. A short war with Green Gods (GG) took place immediately thereafter. UAF later declared war on Fruitbox’s RSF, defeating the clan 50-0. False followed up by declaring war on Sleet Clan after rising forum hostilities, defeating them. UAF also went on to declare the “War of the ROBLOXian Succession” with UCR and RSF over Benblue9’s legacy, defeating both clans. Increasing forum hostilities led UAF to remove itself from the Coalition of Steel and launch the UAF-TRA War of 2014. False declared war on the Vaktovian Empire in mid-2015, ending it a draw. The UAF-RAT alliance was broken in early 2016, leading to increased animosity between the clans. DiscoHeaven returned and was granted Co-Vizier, which made him second in command alongside Acestrum. A high rank in RAT as well, he resigned as Vizier in protest of how quickly DiscoHeaven received the rank and False's inactivity. UAF then fought and lost a war against The Chivalrous Dominance, owned by Kroxon, but formed an alliance with them against RAT immediately thereafter. False assisted APN in their war against the Concord of Exiles and VOID, forcing the latter clans to a draw. The oft-referenced Urban Assault Forces Rap was insulted by the acting leader of John's Cobras, SteffJonez, leading False to declare the “War of the Rap” against JC. Tad’s Cobras, Veloxic Empire, Lortex Security, and R.A.A. rushed to defend JC while APN, TCD, UCR, Fire Warriors Clan, and The Brotherhood (a JC rebellion) decided to assist UAF. This war led to the collapse of the Cobra Alliance and the purchase of JC by EmperorRyzoft of GG, who returned the clan to AtomicRXN (then leader of The Brotherhood).

False found himself becoming increasingly busy and passed UAF to DiscoHeaven on August 7, 2016.

MOOJL Leads a Third Time

DiscoHeaven began his third term by opening up high-rank applications to try and fill the gaps in FalseWarrior's high command. UAF restored diplomatic ties with an ailing NFC under NoAlias' ownership, occasionally being asked to beta test the group integration features in 'Sword Champions' before its release rather than raiding or defending with them. UAF joined The Pact of Titans, created by FoA representative BlackMask2020 to deal with an increasingly aggressive RAT, with DiscoHeaven soon becoming co-owner. He later found out that BlackMask2020 had not gotten approval from DystraTala before starting the Pact, and that he was intending to use his coalition as leverage against FoA. In a forum post ending with "Never cross me again." DiscoHeaven publicly shamed BlackMask for his misdeeds, convincing him to give up ownership of the Pact. Upon taking ownership of the group, Disco immediately shut it down. His leadership also saw the termination of the UAF-FoA alliance after DystraTala expressed white nationalist views towards a non-white UAF member in the UAF Discord server, ending the longstanding alliance formed during his first tenure as leader. This led to an FoA invasion of UAF, which UAF defended against but did not return.

He had originally considered breaking the line of succession and passing UAF to his Head of Diplomacy, Flaminquo, to allow BakuganChamp7 more time to work on his UAF RPG project while simultaneously preventing him from making UAF into an empire. Shadowsword heard about this and threatened to release personal information about Flaminquo if she was given UAF, leading Disco to hand the clan to Bakugan on January 22, 2017, citing the success of other developer-leaders such as Silentswords and Kroxon as his reason for changing his mind.

In his last act as leader, DiscoHeaven released an executive order titled 'Hardline Stance Against Bigotry & Harassment' to address racism, sexism, and doxing in the UAF Discord, blacklisting several members who violated the new rules, including Shadowsword.

Bakuganchamp7's Leadership

Bakuganchamp7 began his reign by changing his 'Commander' rank to 'Emperor', followed by an inauguration at the UAF Immortals' Arena. Flaminquo and Saumi were appointed as joint second-in-commands to prepare for a hiatus he was taking to work on UAF’s first roleplaying game, The Far East. Saumi later decided to resign after harassment by ex-Commander Shadowsword. UAF declared war on UCR after they severed their alliance, declaring a hollow victory due to UCR's inactivity. The construction of UAF’s first sword-only fort, Katyusha, was commissioned from UrbanPhoenix at this time. UAF then formed an alliance with Roblox Special Forces, Sky Clan of Roblox, and Electro Legion.

Bakuganchamp7 returned to UAF and blacklisted Flaminquo. Within days, RSF, JC, NFC, and SCR terminated their alliances with UAF. Frost Clan terminated their alliance with UAF as well, holding a memorial at Fort Wolf III to honor the end of the longest continuous clan alliance in Roblox history.

The Trial of BakuganChamp7

After an investigation by UAF's Supreme Court, Bakuganchamp7 was put on trial for his actions against Flaminquo and was found guilty of violating UAF's Fundamental Principles. He was offered a plea deal to step down from the rank of Commander, which he accepted. He stepped down from the position of Commander and handed UAF over to Kroxon, the leader of The Chivalrous Dominance, who held the clan for one hour between the tenures of Bakugan and RW3.

RW3e's Leadership

RW3e began his leadership on September 3, 2017, by replacing the second in command position with a Council of high-ranks to prevent the power struggle politics of Bakugan’s era. RW3e intervened when ally Electro Legion was threatened by Shield Company, forming a UAF-EL Alliance. This led to Shield Company declaring war on UAF as well, ending in a UAF victory. On the morning of New Years 2018, RW3e had announced the official release of UAF's first ever sword training arena. This ignited UAF's push to expand into the Sword Clan Community. UAF joined Noble Blade's coalition, The Grand Assemblage, with the goal of "restoring the old way of clanning" to the C&G community.

RW messaged Councilors Chatika and Saumibane, asking someone to take over UAF's leadership. Chatika responded to his message first, becoming leader of the Urban Assault Forces on January 23, 2018.

Chatika's Leadership

Chatika began her leadership with a promotion ceremony, withdrew from The Grand Assemblage, and mended relations with Shield Company to form an alliance with them. In Executive Order #001 Chatika repealed DiscoHeaven's Hardline Stance Against Bigotry & Harassment policy on the grounds it impeded on the Freedom of Expression guaranteed by the UAF Constitution, lifting the blacklists associated with it as well. She continued RW3e's the push to enter the Sword Clan Community by forming alliances with Black Hawk Brigade and Astric Imperial. Frost Clan, UAF’s longest-standing ally, held a memorial service for the group as it prepared to shut down. Members of UAF and Frost Clan spoke about their fondest FC memories, with Dignatio representing FC and Flaminquo representing UAF. Chatika appointed Flaminquo as Acting Commander while she took a break from Roblox. In this time Flaminquo re-wrote the Fundamental Principles, UAF’s statute of laws, for the sake of greater clarity and ease of reading.

After pressure from high ranks to step down, Chatika agreed to swap ranks with Flaminquo, taking on her second in command position.

Flaminquo's Leadership

Flaminquo was appointed leader of the Urban Assault Forces on August 16, 2018, and still leads as of January 2019.


  1. Sellethore (Infinitive) February 21, 2010 - (11 Months, 1 Day)
  2. Lordvader1337 January 21, 2011 - (24 Days)
  3. Benblue9  February 13, 2011 - (7 Months, 26 Days)
  4. MOOJL (DiscoHeaven) [1ST TERM]  October 8, 2011 - (1 Year, 1 Month, 26 Days)
  5. Bloxman26  April 12, 2013 - (7 Months, 4 Days)
  6. Falsewarrior000  November 15, 2013 - (2 Years, 8 Months, 24 Days)
  7. MOOJL (DiscoHeaven) [2ND TERM] August 7, 2016 - (5 Months, 16 Days)
  8. Bakuganchamp7 January 22, 2017 - (7 Months, 13 Days)
  9. RW3e September 3, 2017 - (4 Months, 21 Days)
  10. Chatika January 23, 2018 - (6 Months, 25 Days)
  11. Flaminquo August 16, 2018 - (Present)

[TERM]- only applies to leaders who have led multiple times, denotes separate periods of leadership.


Divisions are held by Chancellor Flaminquo.




The ATASOU are the Advanced Tactics And Special Operations Unit of the Urban Assault Forces, consisting of the most loyal and dedicated Patrians. They are a prestigious wartime division who organize strategy and deploy for special operations when needed. Acceptance is invitation only.



Primicerius: Marshal SgtTurner

Preliators are a group of elite marksmen of the Urban Assault Forces. These soldiers have a duty to act as and represent the Forces as the members we have to offer. The Preliators aspire to be role models for the people of Patria, and are an example for all to follow. Acceptance is invitation only.



An official teaser of UAF's first major base release of 2019, the Twin Phoenix District.

  • Fort Infinitive - Sellethore
  • Fort Deuce - Tenal, TaaRt
  • Recruitment Center - Sellethore
  • Fort Mettenrich - Sunshine321
  • Fort Bonaparte - Sunshine321
  • Fort Kopervich - Sunshine321
  • Fort Prometheyus - Sunshine321
  • Fort Vorkuta - WannaBet
  • The City - MOOJL, Brickster1234, CraktheRaven, and TaaRt
  • Fort Tbarpovich - Sunshine321, Tbarpo, Tenal, MOOJL
  • Fort Aries - Urban Development
  • Fort Sapphire (Deuce 2)- Tenal, TaaRt; retouched by MouldyNukeBombAbs
  • Fort Sapphire: Rainy Day - Bakuganchamp7
  • Fort Sapphire 1.5: The Final Generation - Bakuganchamp7
  • Outpost Genesis (The Genesis Islands) - Phoenix Technologies
  • Fort Sapphire II (Deuce 3) - Phoenix Technologies 
  • Fort Borealis - Rulzalot, ColourTheory, Unclear, Sparrow Corp
  • Phoenix City - Phoenix Technologies 
  • Recruitment Center II - Phoenix Technologies 
  • Fort Kopervich Redux - Bakuganchamp7 
  • Red Sandstorm - Phoenix Technologies 
  • Stonecarve River Valley (Deuce 4) - Bakuganchamp7 and UrbanPhoenix 
  • Outpost Genesis (Retouched) - Phoenix Technologies 
  • Ashfall - Bakuganchamp7 
  • Stonecarve River Valley (RPG Edition) - Bakuganchamp7, UrbanPhoenix, and GearsOfPower 
  • Kopervich (2016) - Bakuganchamp7 
  • Katyusha (2017) - UrbanPhoenix, DiscoHeaven 
  • Outpost Genesis Retouched - VorciferThorn 
  • Plateworks - Urban Development & Design 
  • Scarsborough - Urban Development & Design 
  • Twin Phoenix District - Clone3102, Thepizz 


This list includes all of UAF's recorded wars over our entire group's history. It does NOT include organized coalition wars such as "REDFOR v. BLUFOR," "The Egalitarian Front v. Proponent of Liberty," and so on.

Year Enemy Result Enemy Leader UAF Leader
2010 RAT Victory StealthMatt Sellethore
2010 X-101ST Victory LordNathan Sellethore
2010 UCR Victory Trick555 XNoBoomX
2011 NFC Draw XNoBoomX Lordvader1337
2011 TRC Victory Physics12 Benblue9
2011 APN Loss Bobatheman Benblue9
2011 VAK Loss Vaktus Benblue9
2011 RO-Force Victory porkchops007 Benblue9
2011 TRC Victory Physics12 Benblue9
2011 RAA Draw Synoan Benblue9
2011 VAK Draw Vaktus Benblue9
2011 IL Loss LordNathan Benblue9
2012 RO-Force Victory Porkchops007 MOOJL
2012 UCR Victory TDFall MOOJL
2012 NFC Victory Fighters1234 MOOJL
2012 VL Victory Connorking88 Shadowsword
2012 USM Victory Lumidas Shadowsword
2012 JC Victory Pspjohn1 Shadowsword
2012 X-101ST Victory Pspjohn1 Shadowsword
2012 APN Victory Bobatheman Shadowsword
2012 RAA Victory Sasuke Shadowsword
2013 UCR Victory Poisonlava MOOJL
2013 GG Victory EmperorRyan MOOJL
2013 EL Victory Electrifying123 Bloxman26
2013 IF Victory UNKNOWN Bloxman26
2013 BWE Victory EmperorJD Bloxman26
2013 FWC Victory CoejoeTheGreat Bloxman26
2013 VS Draw Mr Qweeba Bloxman26
2013 RoC Victory UNKNOWN Bloxman26
2013 BWE Victory EmperorJD Bloxman26
2013 BWE Victory EmperorJD Falsewarrior000
2013 WIJ Draw SilentSwords Falsewarrior000
2014 RAT Victory Cj10127 Falsewarrior000
2014 BWE Victory EmperorJD Falsewarrior000
2014 EL Victory xMaleden Falsewarrior000
2014 GG Draw EmperorRyan Falsewarrior000
2014 RSF Victory Fruitbox Falsewarrior000
2014 TRA Victory KingConXII Falsewarrior000
2015 VS Victory Imnotaguestimagirl Falsewarrior000
2015 SC Victory Rivalize Falsewarrior000
2015 SF Draw Paul321321 Falsewarrior000
2015 RAA Draw Synoan Falsewarrior000
2015 UCR Victory Growncool7 Falsewarrior000
2015 VAK Draw Vaktus Falsewarrior000
2016 TCD Loss Kroxon Falsewarrior000
2016 CONEX Victory Campy Falsewarrior000
2016 VOID Victory ISOLAYTOR Falsewarrior000
2016 JC Victory SteffJonez Falsewarrior000
2016 TC Victory Tadcool Falsewarrior000
2016 VE Victory CrushingPower Falsewarrior000
2016 NAK Victory EmperorRektus MOOJL
2017 UCR Draw Vertillian Bakuganchamp7
2017 SCOMP Victory Cirivio


2018 NB Draw Lametta


2019 3ID Victory IotaHunter


2019 USN Victory Calm_Hand




This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Over the years, the majority of UAF's logos, uniforms, and other assets have been colored red. This hasn't always been the case, though. Originally, UAF's primary color under its founder Sellethore was green, and under Flaminquo the group's primary color was changed to blue.
  • SunShine321 claims that benblue9 promised her Robux for building Fort Kopervich, but he never paid her after she built it.
  • Despite popular belief, "Pro Patria" isn't an error, but comes from "dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" which was written by Horace.
  • Fort Sapphire II was the first UAF fort to implement the ROBLOX Player Point (PP) System, offering 150 PP for 5 KOs, up to 35 KOs.
  • MOOJL/DiscoHeaven is the only leader in UAF's history to have three terms leading.
  • Falsewarrior000 currently holds the record for the longest period of time leading UAF: two years and 10 months.
  • Under Emperor Bakuganchamp7, UAF's first swords only fort was commissioned, Katyusha.
  • Under Chancellor Flaminquo, UAF's first fort utilizing Roblox's smooth terrain feature was created, which came to be known as Outpost Genesis II.