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Users are represented by profiles on Roblox.

On Roblox, the term user refers to a person who has signed up on the platform, and may also refer to a user account. Users are also sometimes referred to as Robloxians. In the context of experiences, they are known as visitors (formerly players). Users can take part in numerous activities on Roblox. Users may also interact with the community, which may be limited by their account settings. To partake in Roblox, users must sign up for a user account.


On September 26, 2008, Guests were introduced. Guests were temporary accounts designed to allow people new to Roblox to try the platform before making an account. A Guest has no other abilities of a user except to visit experiences. Guests are also unable to chat in an experience. On October 2, 2017, Roblox dropped support for Guests. They were still available through alternate methods until November 2018.

In November 2008, parent accounts were introduced, which were intended to be used by parents and allowed management of child accounts, including enforcing privacy settings and viewing various details of the accounts. Parent accounts were discontinued in May 2012 and now are similar to >13 accounts.


Users may take part in numerous activities within the community, including buying/selling items, editing their avatars, visiting experiences, and trading items (if they have an active Roblox Premium subscription). Users may also interact with other users. Their ability to chat depends on both the account settings set and safety measures in effect on the account (usually for people who are below 13 years of age).

User account[]

A user account is created for a user who has signed up. Each user account is given a unique ID as well as a Profile page which shows information about the user. Each account also has a username which must be unique and a display name that can be shared with others. Accounts are permanent in most circumstances. Each account has a customizable entity that represents the user known as an avatar.

A user may receive an account suspension if the user is believed to have violated the Roblox Terms of Use. In addition, users can report others for rule violations through Report Abuse. Accounts may also be permanently deleted if a Right to Erasure request is made.

Signing up[]

To sign up for an account, the signup page is found by accessing the website itself. Signing up requires a birth date to be entered, as well as a username and password. Gender is optional. Signing up requires the user to agree to Roblox's terms of use and privacy policy.

Alternate account[]

A user can also sign up more than once for more accounts, which are known as alternate accounts to distinguish them from the user's original account.

Several reasons exist for creating alt accounts, including:

    • Name sniping or user ID sniping.
    • Getting locked out of their main account.
    • To play Roblox without being followed by other users, if the main account is well known to some degree.
    • To complete multiplayer challenges with the owner (done on two separate devices).
    • As a group account, though technically not allowed by Roblox rules, to own a group place or group information.
    • To make an inappropriate game.
    • To troll other users or evade possible server and/or game bans.
    • To circumvent account bans. This is a bannable offence if caught.
    • To get another account if the user forgot their password, had their account compromised, or was banned.
    • To store limited items, quite often when the user does not want to trade them on their main account.
    • To show a free Robux/Premium scam without being banned.
    • To do a task in a game that might require two or more players. Either done on different tabs or devices.
    • To exploit without getting their main account banned.
    • <13 users that want a 13+ account, or vice versa.
    • To make the player look like a noob (both in external appearance and username) but are good at the games they play. This practice is commonly referred to as "smurfing".
    • To test certain aspects of the main account's game.
    • To get more friends, such as adding the main account on the alt account as a friend.
    • To buy a limited then sell it to give to the main account in Robux to not get banned forever if the item is Poisoned.
    • Stock up tickets, to give to the main's group (2007-2016).
    • To advertise group games to have Robux payments and advertisement Robux separated on different accounts.
    • To bypass swear words and other inappropriate language.
    • To experiment with features on Roblox.
    • To create a roleplay character.
    • To replay a game they have already beaten.

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