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For a list of current user-made accessories, see Category:UGC items.

Fresh Red Baseball Cap, the first official user-generated accessory.

User-generated content (UGC for short) is a feature that allows selected users to publish their items and sell them to other users. It is mainly associated with accessories in the Avatar shop, but can also apply to clothing (Shirts, Pants, and T-Shirts), and assets in the Develop Library such as Models, Decals, Audio, and Plugins.


User-created accessories can be viewed under the Community Creations category in the Avatar Shop. It was released on August 15, 2019, to certified users on the site.

Roblox has reached out to reveal that they will sometime in the future depend on content created by eligible users rather than prioritizing assets made by the official Roblox account, which is managed by admins to publish items as a default.

Currently, users are allowed the ability to create accessories through applications that are opened at some times on the Developer Forum. They must submit a portfolio of items, along with some examples of creation process documentation. After applications are closed, they are reviewed and certain users are chosen for that application.[1]


The feature was initially announced at RDC 2015[citation needed], but its confirmation was declared at RDC 2019.[2] Before its release, Roblox had confirmed that this feature will only be allowed to certain users who had previously worked with Roblox for modeling and texturing purposes, with many suspecting that popular Roblox video content creators in the official Roblox Video Stars Program will have access to it.

On December 6, 2019, it was revealed that star creators will be given the ability to request user-generated content items to be created per TheMeganPlays' tweet.[3] Some select star creators were given the ability to request an item early to test the feature. Roblox catalog managers originally let MeganPlays' item be created to test the feature[4], but her item was quickly turned into a blank item uploaded by the ROBLOX account. A copy of the item was later re-uploaded onto the catalog the afternoon that the original was deleted, and can currently be purchased. Currently, star creators can only create one accessory per month.[citation needed] The items are uploaded by the Roblox staff account hornsword after being approved, and are transferred under the star creators' assets.

Uploading and managing accessories

It costs 750 Robux to upload any type of accessory.[5] When uploading, the accessory must have Plastic material.[citation needed] Whenever a user publishes an accessory, they can input customized descriptions, a Robux price, and much more. However, releasing limited unique items and making existing items limited is still restricted to Roblox.

Creators cannot currently add scripts and particles such as ExplorerImageIndex 42.pngSparkles, ExplorerImageIndex 61.pngFire and ExplorerImageIndex 59.pngSmoke to their accessories.

On April 13, 2020, Roblox began testing for the support of Thumbnail Cameras in UGC items. The feature is currently not public.[citation needed]

Glitches and bugs with UGC accessories

On June 30th, a glitch affecting most (if not all) UGC accessories caused them to sporadically go offsale. This was patched the same day, and all accessories went back on sale.

For months, a bug existed where having your Roblox Premium membership expire would cause all of the user's on-sale accessories to go off-sale. As of October 9, 2020, however, it has been patched.

List of UGC accessory items

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Selected Developers

Currently, there are only 91 known creators who are allowed to upload their accessory creations without request. Those selected users are:

Also, 9 selected accounts were/are used for testing accessories. These are:


Accessories criticism

Copying from pre-existing items

The UGC accessories feature has mostly been criticized due to potential copies of pre-existing catalog items by ROBLOX, low effort, or unoriginal ideas. Some notable example being some early hats by tarabyte (BiggestHead, Illuminati, Despacito Spider, and Triple Headstack).

UGC has also specifically been criticized by the trading community for fears of limited and limited unique items dropping in value. This originally began when the Downtown Denizen Fedora was uploaded by WhoToTrus and had subsequently been claimed by a portion of the community to be a ripoff of The Classic ROBLOX Fedora, despite the Downtown Denizen Fedora using a noticeably different mesh and texture on closer inspection.


In addition, some items can also be oversaturated, like the Cartoony Rainbow items by CodyDevv. Not only that, but more recently, due to the rising popularity of the game Friday Night Funkin', the catalog also saw a rise in items relating to the game, including a whopping 8 hats out of the same character (Tricky, who was actually from Madness Combat, but had his own Friday Night Funkin' mod).

Cancellation of Roblox's official sales

Another concern about UGC from traders and collectors in general is the fact that Roblox appears to have canceled their official sales, which were known for bringing back popular 'classic' items such as the Workclock Headphones and Bighead as well as releasing new retextures of popular item meshes like Domini and Valkyrie Helms among other highly demanded items such as limited unique colored faces. The lack of these has led to disappointment from many users including prominent community members such as Younite and even some UGC creators who used to participate in sales themselves.

Waist accessories

A trend among UGC items are waist accessories designed to look like a giant object, so a user can disguise your avatar as that object and fool other users into thinking their avatars in-game are part of the game map. A notable example is BOX. Because of how this can disrupt gameplay, scripts have been published in which they remove these kinds of accessories from avatars wearing them. As of recent, many of these items have been taken off-sale, and a new rule was added that items may not cover more than 80% of a player's body.[citation needed]

Copyrighted Items

There is also a rising concern of certain items being extremely similar to other intellectual properties, or IPs, in a sense that they end up being similar enough to potentially warrant legal actions under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). This, however, is ultimately at the discretion of the IP holder.

Two notable examples in relation to user-created accessories include the Demon Plushy Bear and Demon Plushy Bunny back accessories by LuxEyes, which are based on the characters Monokuma and Monomi respectively from the Danganronpa franchise. The items had received a mixed reception, with many Danganronpa fans praising the items for being created, while other players were concerned about the extremely strong semblance to the characters, including being from a mature-rated and sometimes adult-rated franchise. The two accessories are currently content deleted and he is now banned due to violating the copyright rules, and LuxEyes' publishing abilities for UGC items have subsequently been revoked, leading to their departure from Roblox entirely.[citation needed]

Recently, as of 2021, due to the rising popularity of the game Friday Night Funkin', there have been items relating to the game and mods for the game. While they were mainly criticized for oversaturating the catalog, they were also thought to have been a copyright violation. However, the creators of Friday Night Funkin' and creators of the mods allow the use of their characters, or permission was obtained to use the characters.

UGC accessory creator concerns

On December 14, 2019, users in the Roblox Video Stars Program were granted the ability to publish UGC items at a slower rate than selected developers, presumably in response to YouTube's regulation changes regarding COPPA (effectively reducing ad revenue by a sizeable amount for kid-friendly content creators). This has been met with disdain by some users as they feel that Roblox is favoring video creators as opposed to developers, big and small alike. Additionally, some Star Program creators have been accused of uploading low effort items, with the most notable instance being the Golden Parrot by AntRavioli.

The user JohnAvia was accepted as part of the UGC program, after posting many UGC concepts onto Twitter. It was then discovered all of their UGC concepts were plagiarized from other artists[6], which resulted in backlash against them. Their items were quickly content deleted and they were removed from accessing further accessory uploads.



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