This is a question and answer section of my profile, where I will answer questions that I believe many people will have to ask me. If you believe your question should be added, please create a new thread on my message wall.


Question: Can you give me free Robux and create hundreds of promotional codes?

Answer: No, I can't because I am not a Roblox staff member and we are not affiliated with Roblox staff. This means I can not give you free Robux or create, activate, or deactivate promotional codes.

Question: Why did you create a thread on my message wall?

Answer: If I created a thread on your message wall, it is likely I am warning you about violation of the Roblox Wikia's policies and guidelines. If not, then I was probably trying to have a normal discussion with you.

Question: How are you so fast at creating catalog item articles?

Answer: I use a popular item notifier known as Roblox+, which lets me get instant notifications when new catalog items release, or are updated in general.

Question: When were you promoted to Content & Discussions Moderator?

Answer: I was promoted on the afternoon of September 7, 2019.

Question: How did you find the Roblox Wikia?

Answer: I found the Roblox Wikia a few years back when I used to watch a Roblox YouTuber's videos, where they viewed articles on the wiki. I then rediscovered this wiki in December 2018, when I did a simple Google search for a catalog item, and that's when I decided to become a real editor.

Question: What do you do outside of the Roblox Wikia?

Answer: Outside of the Roblox Wikia, I usually develop my Roblox game named Default Obby. I also sometimes play a cool game named Just Shapes & Beats in some of my spare time.

Question: What is your favorite color?

Answer: My favorite color is purple.

Question: Is "Michael" your first name in real life?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why did you request to become a content & discussions Moderator on the Roblox Wikia in the first place?

Answer: I requested moderator powers because I felt that the wiki had a lack of active staff members, and I felt like I would be a great addition to the staff team, being very active and helpful throughout the wiki's community. More of my reasoning can be found here, on my request thread.

Question: How did you become a Content & Discussions Moderator on the Roblox Wikia?

Answer: I became a moderator after I created a request thread and gained feedback from the community, and was soon granted the moderator powers because the majority of the users who voted supported me becoming a moderator. In case of curiosity, there was only one real oppose reply, while the other oppose replies were jokes and were quickly removed by administrators.

Question: What is your Roblox username?

Answer: My Roblox username is Michael105YT.

Question: Do you accept friend requests on Roblox?

Answer: No, I don't, because there is a limit of 200 friends and if I friended you it wouldn't be fair to anyone else who wants to be friends with me because the amount of friend requests I receive surpass 200. I only friend users who I know well from the Roblox Wikia itself, friends I have in real life, and players who I am developing projects with.

Question: What time zone are you currently in?

Answer: As of May 17, 2020, I am in the EDT (Eastern Daylight) time zone.

Question: Where can I find out more information about you, other than this Q&A?

Answer: You can find out more information about me by reading my user page and a "community" page which I created under my user namespace.

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