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Winter Sale 2019 was focused on two minor Avatar Shop sales on Roblox, preceded by the Black Friday 2019 sale. Its purpose was to celebrate the holidays Christmas and the New Year. It began on December 19, 2019 and ended on January 3, 2020. Many winter-themed items were having their prices discounted with some items going back on-sale for Robux.


December 19

To begin the sale, four items had their prices discounted by 50%:

December 23

One item was discounted by 50% and a Roblox card item was brought back on-sale exclusively for Amazon users:

New Year

December 27

Three items were discounted and one item went back on-sale:

December 28

One item was brought back on-sale:



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  • Roblox posted an official description on the Microsoft Store version of the Roblox app.[1]


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