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  • I live in Space
  • My occupation is editing on several wiki projects
  • I am Male - he/him
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nov 22 2018.png|November 2018
nov 22 2018.png|November 2018
oct 24 18.png|October 2018
oct 24 18.png|October 2018
July 4 2018.png|July 2018
2018-July-Michael.png|July 2018
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over june.png|June 2018 (2)
june 18.png|June 2018
june 18.png|June 2018

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Welcome to my profile

I am...


Hello there, I'm Michael!

I joined Roblox in March 2017 on my old account named "Michael105Gaming", but I used 2-step verification on it and didn't have access to the email address I used for the account anymore. Then, I created a new account named "Michael105YT", and that is the account I use on Roblox today. You can also read this page if you wish to learn more information about me.

I am active in the Roblox Wikia's Discord server and was given the "Reporter" role at the beginning of September 2019. Having this role let me report content & users which broke rules to the Roblox Wikia staff directly. A few days later, I requested for Content & Discussions Moderator (my request can be viewed here) and it was soon accepted, giving me the moderation powers.

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More information

    My progress on Roblox events

    These are in order from newest to oldest events.

    List of my favorite Roblox games

    These are not in any specific order.

    List of my user pages

    User:0Michael105YT/List of my user pages

    List of cool people

    These are in alphabetical order.


    Did you know that...

    Please do not use my media below (except Discord) to contact me about Roblox Wikia matters.

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