aka Affrak Af

  • I live in Hong Kong
  • I was born on October 26
  • I am Male

Here comes AffrakAf. An oridnary gamer with nothing special. I am not very good at editing but I will still try my very best to improve this community. My favourite games on ROBLOX are Adventure Forward: Star Savior, Base Wars: The Land and Chaos Washer. You may encounter me when playing these games! You may call me Affrak or Af.

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FAQ & Answers

Q: Are you an Asian?

A: Yes, you may notice that I am an Hong Konger. Hong Kong is an administrative region under China.

Q: When have you started playing ROBLOX?

A: At early 2014. One of my friend recommended me to try playing ROBLOX at that time. I found ROBLOX is addicting and I quickly immersed myself into the game!

Q: Why do you enjoy adventure games so much?

A: Because I found them have an impressive plot and immersive gameplay. I cannot help but keep playing it!

Q: Will you try out scripting or building places?

A: Unfortunately, no. I know nothing about scripting or building nor I think I will ever understand them.

Q: What do you think of ROBLOX?

A: I just joined ROBLOX for two years and I can tell nothing much about it. But I felt relaxing when playing it.

If you have more to ask, feel free to leave questions!

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