aka Nick

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is 3D Modeller
  • I am Male


Hey there! My name is Nick and I am one of the people playing roblox, I started playing roblox in July 2012 as a guest and after that, I have made an actual account that I use every day now, the first time I opened roblox studio was back in 2016, and I could barely understand anything and since then, I started taking 3D Modeling courses along with Javascript/HTML/CSS Courses and I am glad that all of that paid off and now I am helping people make models or making them for myself in general!

Social Accounts

- Discord: AmusingDesigner#0001
- Roblox: AmusingDev
- Devforums: AmusingDev

Main groups

- Musical Devs
- Frostbite Cafe


- Piano
- 3D Modeling
- Building
- Translating || ✏️Portfolio  
- Graphics Designing
- UI Designing
- QA Testing

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