aka Anthony Regner OR Red278+

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on December 9
  • My occupation is graduate from high school (going to college)
  • I am a toy
AnthonyAnything Logo v2
Real life
Also known as AnthonyAJ4783Pro
Real Age 14.855 years of age
Nationality Filipino-American
ROBLOX economy
TC Trades 41,709 Ticket New Style trades
78,546 Robuck New Style trades
Currency 118,597 Robuck New Style
RAP 643 Robuck New Style
ROBLOX miscellaneous
Join Date July 3, 2011
Place visits 31
User Order # 17,862,592
# of Badges 434
BC Type None
Information accurate as of 10/17/2015 9:11PM EST

AnthonyAnything (AnthonyAJ4783Pro in ROBLOX) is the one of the very few users who uses ROBLOX primarily for trading currency, rathering than building. Although, his primary place "Anthony's Fun Place" only got 29 visits, he still manages to make his way to DevEx by trading currency for profit. Additionally, he is the one in the 0.15% of the NBC users on ROBLOX that has at least 100,000 ROBUX in the account. He is planning to get OBC for 1 month upon reaching 200,000 ROBUX or on July 2016.

AnthonyAnything has 2 alts. But, this first alternative account has been compromised.

  • His first alt is NewAnthonyAJ4783. This account obtained approx. 36,000 tickets.
  • His second alt is AnthonyTestAcc. This account obtained approx. 1,830 tickets.
  • His newest alt is Anthony2nd278. This account obtained 20 tickets.
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