aka Anzu

Wiki Administrator Content Moderator
  • I live in the ocean depths
  • My occupation is digital artist
  • I am an official fluffy boy - pref. he/him or they/them

~ Anzu ~
Everyone's (least) favourite administrator

Hi there, you!
I'm an administrator on this wiki, and a clothing designer & artist on Roblox.

please do NOT use my other media to contact me about wiki matters, thank you~!

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Avoid feeding the trolls by not minimodding.

I am NOT Roblox Staff and do NOT work for Roblox.
I cannot assist you with your account, ban, or give you anything for free.
Please use for contacting Roblox with these issues.

Please be patient when waiting for responses from wiki staff.
Response time may be faster if you grab our attention in our wiki Discord.
You must be 13+ to edit on Wikia/Fandom.
If we learn you're <13, you will be blocked.
There is no such thing as Free Robux or BC.
These are scams - don't fall for them!

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