Arctic_F0xy (formerly known as iidog_omg or nat47512009) was a developer, he is mostly well-known as of model maker with alot sales. However his models was stolen from another developers, mostly Brutez. He was being popular for participate many games over millions visits.


On July 2019, he was currently terminated for uploading a model very distrubing, which it was very inappropriate for Roblox moderations. He returned to nat476 even though he apologized that people care about him.


Test Game

A game called "Test Place." it's a baseplate where he can insert model and stuffs with using admin commands then testing them if is good or not (This is his opinion). His models are simply looking like "creatures" an example of this is a model insertables named "Squeezie." or even giving a shoutout to his friends as creatures, another example: "Anthony." by asking as requests.

Susie Avatar

"Susie" avatar is from another main account from Arctic_F0xy with two "y". She is the one of theses creatures disasters characters from the game named "Bloxikin Hotel ". 

Alternative accounts


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  • His model named "Sans (Oofing version)." was/is added from a game called The Scary Mansion a game who has over 14.5M+ visits.
  • His models and audios is added from The Horror School and make them popular. Which his models are still onsale today
  • There's a famous developer named "Nate_Nate08" stole all of Arctic's models and transfer to his own model without crediting. Here's an Example: "Crazy 63il " supposedly to be "Crazy Hector ".
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