Template:Infobox DetailsMetro Simulator is a group on ROBLOX founded by IvanRBX back in 2018. The projects were postponed for a couple of months but after they were back on track again. CEO of the group is IvanRBX . Deputy CEO of the group is BPilot253. As of December 2019, they have over 60 members. Metro Simulator is intended to recreate subway systems around the world on ROBLOX.


You can see the projects they are planning or working on below.

Metro Simulator Logo

  • Metro Simulator - Barcelona

You can see the metros they have below.

  • TMB 2000 Series - Spain
  • TMB 5000 Series - Spain
  • TMB 9000 Series - Spain
  • U-Bahn DT3-E - Germany
  • Metrovagonmash Class 81717 - Russia
  • Vienna Siemens U-Bahn V type - Austria

Social Media

You can see their social media below.

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