aka Baran

  • I live in Turkey
  • I was born on January 15

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I AM DEAD! I mean...
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About me

I was going to say "hi" to my user page. :) I have played a lot from Roblox, which I am a no-lifer and played a lot over and over again. But... I am being like adult-teen, which I am becoming 18. When I was going to find the event name, I found this wiki, which I am surprised to see it and I have started to edit this wiki, because that's my first creation of my account. I gave a lot of about this wiki without doing bad things. On July 2019, I was blocked from this wiki for bypassing the Roblox Wikia Discord server and I was too bored without editing so I have started to edit Flood Escape 2 Wiki, which I became Content Moderator from that wiki. I have helped everything about that wiki than this wiki and this is not my only edit, I have translated Flood Escape 2 Wiki Turkish completely. Actually, translating is really so cool, because my main language is Turkish. I am editing/translating Fandom a lot. Arsenal Wiki is also my favorite wiki, I am 100 or high from that game and I am also translating to Arsenal Wiki as Turkish language. Thank you for reading about my description, which is making me so happy. :)

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