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Hello there user, I'm BundleofYoy; welcome to my userpage! Have an issue, need help, or just want to say hi? Leave a message on my message wall if you need any assistance. Don't forget to review Project:Rules before editing on the Roblox Wikia.
If you wish to contact me on other social media platforms (or check my dead YouTube channel out):
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About me
I originally joined Roblox on August 23, 2009 on my first account. I made 5 - 6 different accounts until I landed on my main account, created by the end of December 2009. If you're an old friend from back then, don't worry I still remember the fun times we had :)

On the Roblox Wikia, I am a Content Moderator, and I mainly focus on making sure Special:Images and Special:Videos are clear of spam.

Outside of the Roblox Wikia, I am a Moderator for Typical Games. I was featured in the background of the thumbnail for Epic Minigames during the 2019 Egg Hunt, and currently have 1 map in Epic Minigames: the Manic Mining map, which replaced the original map.

I also collect badges in my free time. I currently have about 40k badges.
Enjoy this random video :)


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