Hey! I'm Chris12902. I am a gigantic nerd (avoid me at all costs).

I don't make edits on this wiki, but when I do, the updates are very small and often have to do with the grammar and sentence structure of the pages.

Other than making wiki pages grammatically correct, I also create and run applications to help other users. The programs I've created include: leakers, crawlers, and data collectors.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Select Users July 24, 2011 Still available


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  • Chris12902 referenced a meme in his Roblox Wikia bio! Does this make him cool yet?[1]
    • He also referenced himself in the third person which makes him incredibly lame. Avoid him at all costs!
    • He also likes to make grammatical changes! Ewwwww!! Nerds are so gross...
  • Chris12902 likes to poke fun at himself, sometimes in an undermining way.
  • Chris12902 knows four languages: Lua, Python, Java, and TIbasic.
    • The TI-basic language is only used on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, so him knowing this language is absolutely useless outside of school.
  • Although he makes robots, he won't make you one (for free).
  • Wow, you really read his whole page? Either that, or you just skipped to the bottom of the page for some reason. Who knows.


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