Hello! I am a demi bisexual software developer, 3D modeler, and information scientist, known for developing multiple unofficial egg hunt games, making UGC concepts from time to time, and developing programs, such as roAssets06_15, TwitchPlaysRoblox, and OwnerCount. I'm most familar with Python,  but I also know Java, Lua, and C++.

I've been playing Roblox since July 24, 2011, but I took a year-long hiatus in June 2016. Before my hiatus, I developed several unofficial Egg Hunt games, retextured hundreds of hats, and unconsciously helped catalog leaking become mainstream. After my return, I attempted to develop more games, but could never get any ideas for features in the game that would keep my newer entries different from my past games. Thus, I stopped developing games, returned to retexturing and started learning Blender.

At the same time, I began experimenting with Python web scraping and used the Roblox APIs to test its capabilities. By August 2017, I had developed one of the fastest Roblox leaking programs, and two years later I utilized the program to download 370,000,000 pages from the Roblox catalog to find every lost or unused asset ever uploaded to the Roblox website. The fruits of my labor can be seen on the Cancelled items page. After downloading terabytes of pages, the roAssets06_15 Project concluded on May 4, 2020, nearly one year after it started.

On the UGC catalog, I have gotten two UGC concepts published: the Snow Globe Egg and the Buddy and Blake Shoulder Bunnies. Unfortunately, I do not make royalties on either.


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  • My pronouns are he/they!
  • I am a Marxist.
  • I am a member of the Retexture Artists Official Channel Union. Ask me for an invite if your retextures have ever been published to the Roblox catalog.
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