aka Dom Blox

  • I live in Lithuania
  • I was born on August 24
  • I am Male


Ahoy, Team Dom Blox! Dom here!

And welcome to My Profile!

[Facts about me]

  • I'm 14 years old.
  • I am a Veteran ROBLOX player. I started playing ROBLOX since 2012.
  • I attend the 8th grade.
  • I'm Lithuanian.
  • My favorite classes are Art and English.
  • My first best cyberfriend on ROBLOX is GOODKEVIN111 (Click here for his ROBLOX and click here for his YouTube). We met on a game, which (if I remember correctly) is called Build a Raft and Survive the Tsunami.
  • My first ever YouTube account focused on Pivot dinosaur animations and it had 50 subscribers, before it was stolen by a guy, named Tyranno King (Please don't go to his channel, as it is full of inappropriate content.) Since then, he renamed all of my videos to something obscene and changed my YouTube avatar and my channel art. I created multiple alt accounts, but they were taken away by the same guy over and over again. And guess what - he did the same thing he did to that other channel. A while later, I created a new channel, called Pivot Dinosaur Animator, where I restarted doing my Pivot animating job. Then, I quit working on that channel and moved to my current YouTube channel - Dom Blox.

[Social media]

[Twitter]: @Dom_Blox

[YouTube]: Dom Blox

[ROBLOX accounts]

  • 184135 (First ROBLOX account I've ever created)


That about covers it. Thank you for visiting My Profile.

And peace out!

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