aka BlueEyes_Wyvern

  • I was born on August 21
  • My occupation is Random Game Dev who does random stuff
  • I am Male

Hello there, you.

I am Dragonzlayer80, although my actual Roblox username is BlueEyes_Wyvern. You can probably see me add/delete some stuff on the Roblox Wikia. I haven't actually been on the Wikia for very long, but I know what can and cannot be done. Please DO NOT leave things on my Message Wall, as they are very likely to go unnoticed.

Things you'd generally see me do

  • I edit pages that contain misinformation/bias towards one side.
  • I add in obscure trivia that hadn't been listed yet on some pages I come across.
  • I delete irrelevant segments that basically have nothing to do with the topic.

About Me

I first played Roblox around 2011-2012, however I never had an account. It wasn't until 2013 where I actually signed up for Roblox under the name 'dragonzlayer80' (my Wikia name). It was around 2017 when I changed my name to 'BlueEyes_Wyvern'.

I used to be the developer of 2 games known as 'Sonic: Classic' and 'Sonic: Imminent', both of them adding up to almost 500k place visits. Unfortunately, due to severe lack of interest and stress from the game, they were promptly shut down. I never developed any further things on Roblox, and while I do have motives in development, on Roblox, not so much.

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