• I live in Somewhere North
  • I am the walrus

You might remember me from the early days of this Wiki. Name's Dronian. Nice to meet you.

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Questions that I shall answer

(I'm only keeping this up for posterity purposes.)

  • Why was my page deleted?: It's either because it was spam, was about a non-celebrity user, or a non-famous place/group.
  • Are you a brony?: No. Shocking, isn't it?
  • Did you write Happy Appy?: Unfortunately, yes.
  • YOU SUCK!!! I HATE YU!!!!!!!! I HOP U DIE IN FIRE!!!!!: Cool.
  • Why does the Wiki editor userbox say you were on the wiki before than your actual join date?: I lost the password to my first account, which was made in October 2008.

Stock post message

To-Do List for Dronian: 

  • Go through and fix up pages in the Maintenance supercategory
  • Improve the appearance of Catalog pages, like I was doing before the hiatus
  • Look over Community pages too.

Note: Please remove tasks from this list as they are completed.

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