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Hey guys, this is Zaldy, AKA iNaurto04. EX-Member of Pinewood Builders and Pinewood Games, and member of Innovation Security and Innovation Inc. So this is my first time, when I'm creating the account, due to some edits or something. So yeah, this is my account. Come to see, and check it out. I've been playing Roblox for the first time, since 2012. My first playing was Sandbox. I played as a guest, back in early 2013, and I played Natural Disaster Survival, Survive the Disasters, Build to Survive Monster, and more, since I used my account called, iNaurto04.

The Things I Do for...


  • Play simulator games
  • Listen to old electronic musics like Kraftwerk, etc., and listens old musics around in 1960s-1980s or something like that, even retro-style songs nowadays (Formely)
  • Hip-Hop musics
  • Building stuffs in Studio (Barely)


  • Werewolves (My addiction to werewolves due to too much Werewolf Ellexen, Viwolf from Databrawl RP, etc. lol)
  • Play every games in Roblox (Barely)


  • Roblox Community


  • ODers

My Roblox Alts

These are my alts, when I was stupid to sign up too much in Roblox. This is my main alt, but I don't remember my actual first main account to get the Love Pink Shirt or Hot Wheels Spinning Tops gear.

  • iNaurto05 (Inactive)
  • Jonals (I don't remember the number.)
  • Xaer43 (Inactive)
  • jeffthekiller (I don't remember the number.)
  • Not_Cuteboy3672 (Inactive)
  • zaldy12 (Inactive, if I have an alt or not)

My Rank Date

This is my rank date for Innovation Inc. and Innovation Security. I don't remember the date from older ranks.

Innovation Security

  • 5/8/2018: Tier 4 Guardsman by RHYSTHECOOL
  • Promoted to ETG: Unknown Date
  • Exiled for "Alt" reasons: 7/18/2018

Innovation Inc.

  • Promoted to Builder L1 Beginner: 7/18/2018