Evilpuffle is a well known Captain in the group of UCR. Relatively, he is known to be one of the oldest members of UCR still in the group, joining on the first day UCR was created (in 2009). Evilpuffle joined ROBLOX on January the 13th 2007 on another account. That account was banned in 2011. "Evilpuffle" was created after the account deletion was administered. Evilpuffle is not that popular outside of UCR.

Alternate accounts:



Evilpuffle is famous for wearing his trademark Silverthorn Antlers and Brighteyed Steampunk. His skin color (in-game) is all white. He is known for wearing the Purple UCR Jacket and Purple pants. At UCR fort ORION, he commented: "My favorite color is purple, which explains why I always wear purple pants and shirts".


Current number of friends: 46

Forum posts: 2290

Place visits: 2453

Places: 1

Knockouts: 4447

Wipeouts: 17510

Highest ever voting accuracy: 50%


Evilpuffle once created an unpopular game called "3 teams". It was mildly popular when it first came out, but certain scripts broke after a ROBLOX update. This game was created in 2009 (after joining UCR).

In 2011-2012, he created a training facility for UCR which he named "Cryke". It was later shut down by former UCR high rank lumidas, claiming that it was "poorly built" and "merely compatible" with all new UCR training place requirements. Refusing to update it, evilpuffle abandoned all his projects for Cryke, and shortly thereafter, the place itself.

After losing Cryke, evilpuffle quickly began the development for a simulator training place. On June the 3rd, 2012, evilpuffle released a test version of his new place. It worked, but it came with minor bugs. He repaired the bugs and got his place approved. He later named it "Mysterium", which is Latin for "Mystery". When asked why the simulator was named "Mysterium", he replied: "When I was building new things for it, I noticed a brick that I recently placed disappear. I later decided to call it Mysterium, because I never understood the mystery of the disappearing brick".

Simulator Mysterium was always updated, due to the constant change in UCR training place requirements. The Mysterium Obby was rendered undo-able when a ROBLOX update rendered some bricks impossible to step on. The obby was abandoned.

The current version of Mysterium is 1.3.5.


Evilpuffle's Blurb:

UCR Captain.

I wont donate to you, join your group, play your place, accept your friend request or reply to your message asking me to do anything I said that I wouldn't do for you.

xfire: -------------- (censored on wikia)

My only alternate is z0mgMateo.


Evilpuffle is known for his extremely strict trainings in UCR.

Sometimes he administers punishments on members. This leads him to be infamous from time to time. Most UCR members consider him a power abuser (Admin abuser).

When evilpuffle was asked about the matter, he replied: "Let them cry. I always give them orders, they always disobey them. If they hate the way I hold events, they should just stop attending them when I hold 'em. I do not abuse admin".

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