• I live in N/A
  • I was born on January 1
  • I am N/A
I have been on the ROBLOX Wikia for a few months and would love to give some information for some cool items that I would be inspired to edit.

I work hard here, my goal is to become Top 10 in the editors list. I believe I can make it. Welcome to my profile, my ROBLOX player is mogoon.

I joined May 6, 2011 and am proud of being a 7 year ROBLOX veteran. I bought a lot of hats when I was little, I used to buy a lot of Robux cards to buy new hats. I used to be someone who played ROBLOX everyday on my laptop, but that reality has soon faded away after I got bored of ROBLOX for a while. I am a known person in the LMAD and ATR forum community but the forums are gone now so I'm mostly wandering about the website. I had 14,700+ forum posts.


  • My favorite game is Kohls Admin House NBC.
  • My favorite hat is Dominus Praefectus.
  • My favorite avatar is this one, featured in my infobox.
  • My favorite hobby is working at the ROBLOX Wikia site!
  • My favorite color is purple and blue.
  • My favorite page that I made on the Wikia is the List of items with the most favorites.

Trading Career

Being a trader are one of the most major points in playing Roblox. I got into trading back in 2013 but didn't know anything about value and RAP. Mostly just traded items for items and had no idea If I was winning a trading or losing a trade. I started to learn more about trading when I got into the LMAD forum, at the first few weeks I was unknown and mostly just called names because of how much RAP I had. But I became known after a few months on LMAD but just looked down at due to my poorness.

Being at ROBLOX Wikia

I met ROBLOX WIkia when I was searching for the origins of some items like Beautiful Space Hair because I was a trader at the time and wanted to know how much value I could get with how many Limited items had come out when I had quit for a while. I now come to the wikia daily and make some updates on some cool items. I don't know how long I will be here but I am currently very active here. The name FrostFist comes from when I made up a name back in the day when I was playing a game, I put a cool word before Fist and came up with this name "FrostFist" and made a nice profile picture to match my name. Proud creator of all Shirt articles on Roblox wikia.

Some pages I made:

Biggest Edit I've done on a page

Series articles

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