i have 2 accounts on this wiki and my other account is called "nisfornick67" but this is my main account my roblox account is "nisfornick1" and "nisfornick67" and my old account is "nisfornick67" and my even older account is "nickandrainbow" i also have a group on roblox called "sog group" yes

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Noobfanity Noob V2 This user is a fan of Noobfanity.
NoobfanityNoob This user is a noob just like Noobfanity.
2016 ROBLOX Visor This user joined Roblox in 2016.
Roblox O This user LOVES Roblox.
Epic-face-1hi0cq4-300x300 This user is EPIC!
Angryfaic This user wants to outlaw vandalism.
Erik Cassel This user will remember Erik Cassel after February 11, 2013.

Penguin Friend This user is a fan of penguins!
Infobox This user's birthday is on a Holiday.
No promocodes lol This user supports the removal of active promocodes. lol
Flamingo's Profile Picture This user is a fan of mrflimflam (Flamingo).

Love is Love - LGBT This user supports the LGBT community!
Clock It is 7:31 PM in this user's timezone. (Pacific Standard) CDL-Refresher
100 This user has made 100 edits.
Mark Sandiego This user is wondering where in the world Mark is.
Gurt This user supports our Gurt Overlord.
FOOF This user knows that oof backwards + f = foof.


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