aka iIsaiahq

  • I live in your house
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is None
  • I am Skeleton

Hi, im iIHQ/iIsaiahq!

Hi who see this one

i have a YT channel on this link!

YT Name: iIHQ

My Roblox:

I Play Roblox Games so many like: Tycoons, Obbys, Survive the disasters, And other more.

Heres is my roblox profile in this link!

My Roblox history:

I Join Roblox from Febuary 10, 2017, I join that 2 years ago.

Games i loved from 2017-2018

  1. Natural Disaster Survival By stickmasterluke
  2. Survive the disasters By V_yriss
  3. Tycoons
  4. Obbys

From Sept.? 2018, My account got scammed because im trying to get free robux/R$ like some other players

Jan, 2019, i retrived my account from reseting my password and i played again on roblox

July-Aug 2019, i got my first warning from roblox by uploading an animation face by other player made

the second was i swear on roblox and got warned again

thats now i can type :3

thanks for looking this

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