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I'm an artist that does stuff. I guess I'm a wiki administrator too.

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please do NOT use my other media to contact me about wiki matters, thank you~!



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As an administrator, I am able to moderate the wiki with tools like changing article edit permissions and deleting things, and block (ban) accounts from editing on this wiki if they cause too many problems. I am also able to advise on editing disputes or answer questions. Please don't be afraid to send me a message for questions, concerns, reports or advisory!

Talk page

For wiki-related content, myself or another staff member will respond to you (or maybe even a helpful editor!), depending on capability of response. You can also ask in the wiki discussion board for a more general answer. If you ever need a quick response, consider joining this wiki's Discord.

  • Reports should always link contributions and/or diffs!
  • Please title your section and sign with four tildes so we know who left a message and when.
  • Have a point and some detail to your message if it's not a report. I don't need unnecessary notifications for "hi". Not that I'm disallowing anything that isn't wiki-related, just make sure I have something to respond to.

And so you don't have to ask:

  • My profile pics/avatars are almost always my own artwork.
  • I am not for hire. (I do not have open commissions. No idea why you'd ask me here anyway.)
  • I am not looking for new wikis to edit/mod, or groups to join.
  • You can find my clothing here.

About me

I do have a normal article at Community:Karasuneth!
  • I mainly make various forms of digital artwork, usually regular doodles and paintings.
  • I make and sell 2D clothing on Roblox, a form of UGC. You can find my onsale clothing here.
  • I experiment with 3D models from time to time but don't do anything dedicatedly yet.
  • I use he/him or they/them pronouns.
  • My Roblox avatar (which is an approximation of my persona) is a catboy that has grey skin for no reason, because I don't make good character design decisions.

Other Roblox wikis I contribute to

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