Spectrum Secuirty was an old animations sword clan on ROBLOX from October 3rd, 2013 to September 29th, 2015. SS was founded by PreciseLogic, a popular uniform designer.


Anything notable in the group didn't happen until mid 2014 when PreciseLogic and-second-in-command A1killzonea began building a relative large member base in the clan. A large community driven clan in an already small community made way for easy success for the leaders. Spectrum Security became one of the largest old animations sword fighting clans in 2015 when original member Crenatus replaced A1killzonea as second-in-command. After the shift of leadership Spectrum Security transitioned from being community driven to a powerclan peaking as a top old animations sword clan. With the old animations community experiencing a decline, leaders PreciseLogic and Crenatus lost interest and shutdown the clan in September 2015.

Notable Members

- A1killzonea

- iAliquam

- Crenatus


- cuthroats

- HeyItsSassy

- Kuas

- mapleaaron

- Naaslarum

- SLPboy

- Valorite

- Voslarum

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