This is a list of the richest terminated players on Roblox, updated as of February 1, 2019. It will not include any traces of their limiteds as their API's have been removed unless the user is wearing them.



Username Approximated Value Info/Source of wealth Avatar
RobloxHeadQuarter 37,000,000 Was most likely given free limiteds by his brother Luigi0204, the former richest player on Roblox.
DragonWant 36,000,000

Was the game developer of Boxing Simulator 2 and an active trader. He is wearing the Classic Fedora, Void Star, and Clockwork's Shades, all three very expensive limiteds.  A player by the name of STR4T ended up getting him terminated.

Trapball 34,000,000

A volunteer who reported major bugs within the Roblox console/client, was given limiteds as a reward  He was terminated for owning a poison Dominus Infernus.

Wore the Dominus Frigidus before his termination.

Knittedsweater 32,000,000

Was a reckless hacker that keylogged and compromised many players through a fake version of the ROBLOX Mobile application, users unknowingly logged in to their account in this app, and had all of their limiteds stolen as well as their Robux.

He also made a popular game known as Roblox's Second Working Arcade

ContentCool 26,000,000

A user who participated in the foul act of deceptive advertising, most specifically known for creating bait and switch games. He abused this on his alternate accounts Jamie23 and ContentJamie. He was later terminated for owning poison items when Linkmon99 was compromised.

He is wearing the infamous Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora and the Bling $$ Necklace, two extremely expensive limiteds.

MapX 23,500,000

Same as Trapball, reported major bugs to Roblox.  He seemed to be hacked when terminated.

Wore the Dominus Empyreus before his termination.

Vorfi 22,500,000

Mostly known for hoarding an absurd amount of 58 total copies of the WC Ultimates: Aquamarine Attitude. All of them were deleted when he was terminated for owning poison items when Linkmon99 was compromised.

Wore the ): Red Grind, a very rare and expensive limited.

Caleb244 18,000,000

During the 2012 April Fools Incident he had gained access to the admin panel and obtained many very expensive limiteds, was later caught by Roblox who rollbacked all of the items he bought and banned him.

Wore the Dominus Empyreus (not shown in this image) and the Illuminia before his termination.

Chamintly 17,500,000

Unknown for why he got banned, but he was most notable for owning a total of 243 copies of the Super Super Happy Face. Was also an active forumer and trader on the LMAD subforum.

Wore the Dominus Aureus before his termination.

Voozy 17,000,000

Banned for owning poison items when Linkmon99 was compromised, was an active trader.

Wore the Arctic Commando before his termination.






He password guessed (or PGed for short) inactive and old Roblox accounts that held a high amount of wealth, was later banned for account theft.

About a few months later after the ban, Gyzr teamed up with coobana and Gooiz to compromise Linkmon99 and other famous ROBLOX players. Wore The Ice Crown and Bling $$ Necklace before his termination. He could have also been wearing Eerie Pumpkin Head.

Meowmixxed was a popular clanner in 2010 to 2012 and won the Worlds of Wood Contest on his alternate account SinisterAlex.  He was terminated because he scammed a scammer named Astrae, a known and infamous scammer at the time.

Ellernate 14,000,000

Teamed up with Caleb244 and gained access to the admin panel during the 2012 April Fools Incident to duplicate the Domino Crown a numerous amount of times, was later caught and deleted.

Wore the Dominus Infernus before his termination.

iTrapped 12,000,000

Also gained access to the admin panel during the 2012 April Fools incident, he is infamous for stealing lots of Robux leading to Roblox's economic failure at the time. He also compromised famous players such as TheGamer101 and streetx. On May 4th, 2012, he was caught and indefinitely banned forever.

Wore the Dominus Frigidus, Ice Crown and Darkheart before his termination.

Coolboy10000 11,500,000 Was amongst one of the richest players in his time alongside Pieperson50 and a very fluent scripter. He owned multiple expensive limiteds. On August 25, 2012, he was unjustly banned for being involved in activites with a scammer named agemo4.
Joseei 10,500,000 Unknown for why he got banned, most notable for being the owner of one of the most popular medieval games, called "Village Life" which accumulated almost one-million place visits. He took multiple attempts to try and get his account back but his appeals were denied.
AlexValentinoCrown 10,000,000 He was a popular hacker that breached lots of accounts and a rampant scammer who stole many expensive limiteds from people. Shockingly, he compromised Linkmon99 twice and resulted in many users getting banned due to poisoned limiteds. His termination was not took into consideration as he had gained trust and respect from Roblox officials for reporting bugs but soon he was terminated on August 16, 2018 for account thievery and trade scamming.
Melankholy 9,000,000 A former LMADer and active trader, she owned The Kleos Apthiton and many other expensive limiteds. On September 27, 2018, she was falsely deleted for making a trade deal with a user by the name of "STR4T" who was known for blackmarketing (USD selling and purchasing), whom proceeded the deal on a different account causing the staff to reach suspicion and terminate both accounts, nothing was done to remind moderators that this was a misunderstanding and her account remains banned.

Other users

  • Astrae - 14,500,000 Value - Terminated for scamming (emp, dc, illumina, darkheart)
  • Ra1nb0wzz - 11,000,000 Value - Active trader, was hacked
  • Doii - 10,700,000 Value - Game developer, terminated for unknown reasons
  • MyNewROBLOXAccount - Dominus Infernus and Eccentric Shop Teacher
  • Lance7 - Dominus Empyreus (on alternate account)
  • Monsterman994 - 10,000,000 Value - Owned a copy of the Dominus Empyreus, terminated for unknown reasons
  • ThreeGods - 9,900,000 Value -¬†Active trader, terminated for unknown reasons
  • IShadowGT
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