Hello, Guest!! I Am Nick, 15.
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Hat: not much, but its top hatPlatinum Sparkle Time Top Hat or maybe this one?Full Metal Tophatplus50px Hair: Fabulous HairFabuloushair Crazy Game DevCrazy Game Dev Hair Roblohunk HairRoblohunkhair Gear: Any Face : Serious scar face Red Serious Scar Face Package:

  • Superhero package
  • Jacob the 111!!1!1!1!one!!!Jacob
  • Sun slayer
    Sun Slayer package
  • Tilt
  • Tipover
  • Rush Hour
  • Mirror Game
  • Any other Puzzle Games
My Trash Can(but they are good)
  • Check it face (it's FREE)
  • Roblox is gr-- community (Some of them make sense through)
  • Brick planet (more free than roblox)+(lenny)
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2016 ROBLOX Visor This user joined Roblox in 2016.

Mark Sandiego This user is wondering where in the world Mark is.
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COFFEELove This user LOVES coffee. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!! ☕☕☕
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Epikrika This user is a fan of Epikrika.

Jacob THiS USeR HAS A CrUSH on


Rubik's This user can solve twisty puzzles like a Rubik's Cube.
Serious Scar Face This user likes action.
Berry This user loves blueberries.Blueberries, Please!
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Q:How Did you find Roblox? A:From my friends.

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  • Favorite Scripter.
  • Good Aesthetic.
  • BLAME ME!!! I FAIL!!!(chicken also please.)
  • Hi
  • Hai GurlZ Im No0b
  • Im singing I believe that you can rescue meeeGo to
  • I'm Not Elsa please
  • ƃuᴉʇɐʇᴉʌǝl ɯɐ I
  • AC - 343

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