ROBLOX Visor 2014 This user joined Roblox in 2014.

I am online

game history is far down of my profile page

My name is jason

my last name is highland

my full name is jason highland

I joined roblox in september 12 2014


This user joined September 11 2014 9/11

he also make obbys

but here the obbys


Escape Prison Obby

Rob The Bank Obby

Escape The Dentist Obby

Climb A Giant Tree Obby

The Funhouse Obby

The Haunted House Obby

The Jungle Obby

Army Training Obby

The Crazy Adventure Obby

Dr.Zombie Slime Slide

Mr.Squid Runaway Train

Giant Waterslides

Extreme Snow Board

The HotRod Ultimate Coaster


Santa's Crazy Workshop Obby

Ancient Pyramid Obby

Escape The Pirate Island Obby

Giant Fat Guy Obby

Escape The Supermarket Obby

Escape The Barber Shop Obby

Escape The Butcher Shop Obby

Escape the laundrette Obby

The Circus Obby

Rob a bank obby

Escape A Giant Burger Obby

Escape The Evil Farm Obby

Escape The Evil Bakery Obby

Escape The Construction Yard Obby

Escape The Pizzeria Obby

Escape Fast Food Restaurant Obby

Prison Breakout Obby

Escape The Gym Obby

Escape The Subway Train Obby

Escape The Ship Obby

Rob the Jewellery Store Obby

Escape the Diner Obby

Escape the Mall Obby

Escape The Dentists Obby

Escape School Obby

Obby Creators Games

the game has already here

Escape From The Office Obby V.2

Escape the Construction Site Obby

Escape The Dentist Obby V.2

Escape The Haunted Cemetery Obby

Escape The Giant Fat Guy Obby

The Wacky And Crazy Adventure Obby

The Haunted House Obby

Rob The Bank Obby

Escape The Evil Restaurant Obby

Escape Space Obby

Escape Santa Obby

Escape Zombie Asylum Obby


Escape School Obby

Escape The Bathroom Obby

Escape The EVIL Baby Obby

Escape The Movie Theater Obby

The Crazy Elevator Obby

Escape The Evil Workshop Obby

Escape The Dentist Obby Re-Made

Time Travel Obby

Mario Adventure Obby

Escape The Iphone Obby

Super Checkpoint Note: i played that on XBOX 360

Escape The Iphone 7

Escape Jail Obby

Code for door 613

Escape Jail 2

Escape Memes Obby

Packstaber Obby Games

Escape the theater obby

Escape The Daycare Obby

Escape the pet shop obby


Escape the museum obby

Escape the mail man obby

Escape the supermarket obby

Escape Alex's Evil Dentist Obby

Escape The Bookstore Obby

Escape The Beach Obby

Escape The Hotel Obby

Escape The Junkyard Obby

Escape the easter bunny obby

The Day The Noobs Took Over Roblox Original (ive played this during 2014)

The Day The Noobs Took Over Roblox Redone (played during summer 2015)

The Day The Noobs Took Over Roblox 2 (played this during october 2017 and my favorite music is at chapter 3 you can found here




Egg hunt 2015 (This is a joke egg hunt i played this as a devhunt)

Egg hunt 2016

Egg hunt 2017

Hallowseve Tale of lost souls

Giftsplosion 2014

Giftsplosion 2015

Bloxtober 2014 unfinished

Game History

In September 12 2014 that time was 7 am i woke up i was playing minecraft and someone says "Hey you should play roblox its a game website" and i search for roblox it does exist and click on it it has me to sign up

i tried many usernames and login not work too so i played as a guest The first game ever played Super Blocky Ball By Maelstormer i forgot his usernamed i saved the game link

September 12 2014-September 28 2014

1 Super Blocky Ball Maelstromner

2 Nautral Disaster Survival Stickmasterluke

3 Speed Run lolbunnyface

4 Prison Life v0.5

5 Flood Escape

6 Sword Fight on The Heights IV

7 Lando Ski Resort


Famous Obby Creators

  • PlatinumFalls
  • KieranChamberlain AKA Obby Creators
  • not-famous
  • 1xPolarisx1
  • MarioFalls
  • ODIE96
  • Noobsterdup
  • monkrymonkry (He Got terminated)
  • cloakedyoshi (MOST AWESOMESS)
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