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Google Play Blox Hunt Promotion was an event that took place solely in Blox Hunt and was sponsored by Google through the Google Play store exclusive to Android devices.

Users could purchase the Gilded Triad Crown in the Avatar Shop via the aforementioned Google Play store on Android devices, then they could join a server of Blox Hunt. While in the server, you would then go to the shop in the lobby and equip the item to your in-game avatar. After doing so, every round you participated in afterward while wearing the crown would give you an extra fifteen tokens.


Google Play Exclusive Gilded Triad Crown Blox Hunt Promotion

Google Play Exclusive Gilded Triad Crown Blox Hunt Promotion

The teaser trailer about the sponsored event.


Name Image Creator/Group
Blox Hunt Blox Hunt 2v Aqualotl

Avatar Shop item

This item was only purchasable through any Amazon device or a device that was using the Roblox app from the Amazon Appstore.

Name Image Price
Gilded Triad Crown
Gilded Triad Crown
40 Robux
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