aka Robot Destroyer

  • I live in The city of England
  • My occupation is Editing the wikia
  • I am an editor

Hello you! I am a person who is interested in FANDOM communites. So much that I decided to create an account to help with editing. You can call me RobotEx99 also. Please do not call me Robot, as I do not like that name. I usually do rewrites and improve pages with the Multiple issues template, though I often do minor edits too.

To do

Get five badges Done

Get a life Done

Get 50 edits Done

Get 3000 place visits Done

Get 500 edits Done

Get 700 edits Not done

Get 1000 edits Not done

Get 2000 edits Not done

Become discussion moderator Not done

Become content moderator (Not started yet)

My favorite pages

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(I played as a guest until 2014 when I decided to create my account)
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My edits

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124 Catalog page edits:


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